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Zylight Has New Lighting Products at NAB

Zylight LogoZylight has been providing industry-leading lighting products for television, film, and theatrical production since 2003. And the company is still going strong, arriving at this year’s NAB with some cool new lighting solutions in tow.

Jeff Hamel from Zylight visited with Don Baine to talk about some of these new products. Principal among them is the new Zylight Newz lighting system. Newz is designed specifically for electronic news gathering and it has been beta tested for for over six months by French TV producers. Newz is meant to replace Zylight’s workhorse Z90 light. Newz features a compact design but it’s still a very versatile and powerful piece of kit. It has two onboard dials that allow for full control of dimness and output color.

Teradek Has Many Video Encoding Solutions at NAB

Teradek logoIf you face any kind of challenge in terms of your video production rig/workflow, Teradek probably has a product or two that’ll help you out.

Topher Delancy from Teradek came by to chat with Don Baine and show off some cool devices. First up was the VidiU Mini which is a streaming video encoder that can work with a GoPro camera or any other HDMI video source. Next up was the VidiU Pro which is a versatile encoder that can bond multiple Internet connections (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, USB) into one big pipe to maximize remote connections. Last but not least, Topher talked about Teradek’s full-featured iPad video production suite that can be used to overlay text, graphics, chromakey, titles and more onto live video from multiple cameras, then send that video to any major CDN.

PESA Brings a New Video Streaming Service to NAB

PESA logoIt might seem like live video streaming is truly ubiquitous in 2015. But there are still many hurdles to overcome for video producers. Fortunately, companies like PESA are out there designing new products and services to help bridge the gap.

Don Baine got to speak with Christopher Thomas and Howard Sutton from PESA. Christopher talked about PESA’s new broadcast video routers that are designed to integrate flawlessly with a number of different video products, including those made by NewTek, Datavideo, and Livestream.

Then Howard took over to demonstrate PESA’s new cloud-based video control offering. This service will allow producers at remote location (such as sporting events) to send their video signals to the cloud where PESA can help with troubleshooting problems like video lag and sync, then push that video to CDN’s for live distribution.


Next Computing Builds Custom Computers for Broadcasters at NAB

Next Computing LogoThere are a lot of options out there for producers when it comes to gear. That includes the computers they use. Sometimes, buying off-the-shelf machines does the job. But many times, it doesn’t. That’s where Next Computing comes in.

Aaron Sherman from Next Computing came by to talk with Don Baine about what Next Computing does. He explained that, even tho Next has designed and built computers for many companies you’ve probably heard of, you may not have been aware that Next was even involved. That’s because Next Computing specializes in building custom computers that meet the specialized needs of broadcasters and media producers.

The next time some cool new piece of broadcasting hardware hits the market, regardless of whose name is on the box, it may have actually be designed by Next Computing all along.

Don Baine Interviews Niki Mustain from Schneider Optics

Schneider Optics logoNiki Mustain, from Schneider Optics, was interviewed by Don Baine. They discussed the new additions to the iPro Lens system.

Their iPro Lens system now includes the 6 and 6+ case. They teamed up with Element Case in order to create a more rugged case that is video and photo centric. Another reason they went with Element Case is because it is really critical that their lenses are being placed over the iPhone lens and that it stays perfectly centered.

The mini-input on the side of the case allows you easily screw in a handle. The handle is light and is where the lenses are stored when they are not in use. You can also add 1/4-20” threads on either side of the case. The cases for the 6 and 6+ range in price from $30.00 to $75.00.

They have five lenses to choose from, that range in price from $39.00 to $99.00. Those lenses include Macro Lens, Super Wide Lens, Wide Lens, Fisheye Lens, and 2X Tele Lens. You can buy the lenses individually and select the ones you need.

One of the cool things about the iPro Lens system is that as you upgrade your phones, you only need to buy the case. The lenses continue from phone to phone.

NewBlueFX Debuts new Titler Pro 4 application at NAB

NewBlueFX logoWhen it comes to video titling, special effects and enhancements, nobody does it better than NewBlueFX. The company has had a long standing with video producers across all platforms.

At this year’s NAB, Travis White from NewBlueFX sat down to have a chat with Don Baine about the company’s latest creation, Titler Pro 4. Travis said that the newest Titler Pro was built on an entirely new engine with much better performance. He also said that the application can run as a plugin and should be compatible with most major video editing suites (Apple, Avid, etc.). Titler Pro has many new features. For example, the program can now import PSD files to be used in animations. Titler Pro also now offers support for Open FX.

Titler Pro offers three different versions as varying price points, depending on the needs of video producers.

Fuji Has 4K 2/3 Lenses at NAB

Fuji Film LogoFujinon is a well respected manufacturer of camera lenses. Fujinon was recently tied more heavily to its parent company, Fuji Film. It’s a small change in name only. The Fuji folks are still hard at work creating new top of the line products.

Thom Calabro from Fuji Film stopped by to speak with Don Baine about Fuji Film’s latest 4K lenses. These lenses were designed with 2/3 sized camera bodies in mind. The company has developed both handheld and box lenses that were on display in the Sony, Hitachi and Grass Valley booths at NAB.

These new 4K lenses are built sturdy and will last for years. They also use Fuji Film’s new high transmittance encoding to ensure the best image reproduction.

MXL Shows Off Prototype Mini Mixer at NAB

MXL LogoOn-the-spot media production can be tricky. There’s a lot of moving parts to consider; cameras, microphones, mixers, and all of their accessories. Traditionally, crews would head out with all kinds of bags and cases to haul their gear. But more and more, people are producing with smaller rigs like mobile phones or tablets.

Perry Goldstein of Marshall Electronics stopped by Don Baine’s booth to talk about audio production. While he was there, he broke out a prototype device made by MXL called the Mini Mixer. The device has four independent 1/8″ TRS inputs for microphones with separate gain controls. Output options include a standard analog connector as well as USB for connecting to a computer or mobile device. The Mini Mixer can be powered by two AA batteries or the USB bus.

No information is available yet as to when this product will be available for purchase.


Livestream Brings an Array of Products to NAB

Livestream logoLivestream has been a leader in Internet broadcasting since the early days of the medium. The company’s continued success has been built on its willingness to respond to customer feedback and evolve with new trends.

Phil Worthington from Livestream had a chat with Don Baine about several of the company’s products. First up was the Broadcaster Mini and Broadcaster Pro. Both of these units are ideal for mobile video producers. At the simplest level, all you’d need to start live streaming is a camera and one of Lifestream’s Broadcasters. Of course, it’s entirely possible to expand from there depending on your needs.

Next up, Phil brought out the new Livestream Studio Surface Go control surface. This compact but rugged control surface is designed to handle all of the crucial functions included in Livestream’s Producer 3.0 production suite. Studio Surface Go is perfect for producers who need a compact but powerful setup for video switching and control.

Phil saved the best for the last with the impressive Livestream Studio HD550. The HD550 is an all-in-one video production system that includes all of the video and audio I/O you’ll need to handle multiple cameras and video sources. It’s also a self-contained switcher and full production suite that works with Livestream Studio 3.0 software. Check the above link for full details. There’s too much to try and list them all here!

Broadcast Pix Roadie is a Powerful Integrated Mobile Switcher at NAB

Broadcast Pix logoIn the world of modern video production, having a powerful switcher is essential. Especially for producers who are dealing with mobile and/or remote situations. Broadcast Pix brought its latest mobile integrated switcher, the Roadie, to NAB to show off its many features.

Don Baine sat down with Lee Griffin from Broadcast Pix. Lee gave more information about the Roadie than I could keep track of! But here are some important points:

  • Integrates with live streaming services like Ustream, Livestream and YouTube live
  • Integrates with social media sites like Twitter, making it easy to interact with an audience in real time
  • Support for HDMI, SDI and IP inputs
  • Support for native Apple and Avid video and graphics codecs
  • Save “virtual sets” for setups that are used frequently, virtual sets can also be easily shared between multiple Roadies
  • Scratch resistant screen
  • Roadie comes with a protective case
  • Weighs 20 pounds for easy portability, may fit into some overhead bins on airlines
  • Uses dual band Wi-Fi for wireless connectivity
  • Can be used with an optional iPad controller app

This barely scratches the surface of the Roadie’s feature set. It’s an incredibly versatile piece of gear and it normally retails for around $12,500.00.