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Zoom Introduces the PodTrak P4

Zoom has introduced the PodTrak P4 – the ultimate recorder for podcasting. Compact, affordable, and loaded with features, PodTrak P4 makes it easy to capture professional quality audio wherever you’re recording your podcasts.

The P4’s mic inputs feature Zoom’s professional quality preamps. Providing up to 70dB of gain, the P4 can be used with the most demanding microphones. The P4 has 4 independent headphone outputs, each with a dedicated volume control, everyone can hear it all.

The P4 makes it easy to incorporate call-in guests for remote interviews. Just connect your phone to the P4 with a TRRS cable. Or, connect your computer via USB to your favorite conferencing software. With the P4’s built-in mix-minus feature, echo and feedback will automatically be eliminated.

The P4 operates up to 4 hours on 2 AA batteries, or you can also use a USB battery for extended recording time. The P4’s mic inputs features Zoom’s professional quality preamps. Providing up to 70dB of gain, the P4 can be used with the most demanding microphones.

PodTrak P4 Features:

  • Four mic inputs with XLR connectors
  • Four headphone outputs with individual volume control
  • Gain control knobs and mute buttons for each input
  • Phantom power for all XLR inputs
  • Automatically prevent feedback from call audio using the Mix-Minus function
  • Easily connect your phone using the TRRS connection
  • Trigger sound effects using four assignable Sound Pads with 11preset sounds
  • All input sources can be recorded on separate tracks
  • 16-bit / 44.1kHz audio WAV
  • Records directly to SD, SDHC and SDXC cards up to 512 GB
  • 2-input, 2-output USB audio interface
  • Class-compliant mode for iOS compatibility
  • Up to four hours of use with just two AA batteries or a USB power supply

Fujifilm Launches Fujifilm Shoe Mount Flash EF-60

Fujifilm Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of Fujifilm Shoe Mount Flash EF-60 (EF-60) in August 2020, adding another accessory for the X Series and GFX Series of digital cameras.

The EF-60 is a compact yet powerful hot-shoe mount flash, offering the maximum guide number of 60. It can be combined with the Fujifilm Wireless Commander EF-W1 (EF-W1), to be released at the same time, to enable wireless off-camera flash operation. This allows users to control lighting with their inspiration to suit a variety of shooting situations for creative photographic effects.

The EF-60 is a compact hot-shoe mount flash measuring 97mm x 73mm and weighing just 300g despite its powerful output with the maximum guide number of 60. The output can be precisely adjusted to add dimensions to various situations with light and shade. The flash can be combined with the EF-W1 to enable wireless off-camera flash operation. This allows users to position the flash beside or behind a main subject to provide lighting from various directions, or synch and fire multiple flash units simultaneously for multi-flash photography, facilitating diverse photographic expression. The flashhead can be manually angled 180 degrees left-to-right and 90 degrees upward so that the light can be bounced off a ceiling or wall to create indirect lighting, which provides natural lights to capture the subject’s facial expressions and the ambience of the scene with greater nuance.

Fujifilm will continue to expand the X and GFX Series of digital cameras and the extensive range of interchangeable lenses as well as camera accessories including the new EF-60 to deliver the joy of photography and photographic pleasure.

Sony Announced the Alpha 7S III Camera

Sony Electronics announced the long-awaited addition to its acclaimed Alpha 7S full-frame mirrorless camera series – the Alpha 7S III (model ILCE-75M3).

Featuring a brand new 12.1MP (approx., effective) back-illuminated full-frame image sensor with ultra-high sensitivity and 15+ stop wide dynamic range, a host of impressive video recording capabilities including 4K 120p and 10-bit 4:2:2 color depth, a new heat dissipating mechanism, dual slot relay recording enabling over one-hour of 4K 60p movie shooting, a new autofocus system, and touch screen interface and side flip LED screen, the new Alpha 7S III will become the ultimate creative tool for video professionals and all types of hybrid still/video shooters.

The system architecture for the new Alpha 7S III has been completely redesigned to deliver exceptional video and still shooting performance. The new 35mm full-frame 12.1MP (approx., effective) back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS image sensor reduces rolling shutter by up to three times and utilizes a variety of advanced light-gathering techniques to ensure high-sensitivity with low noise, allowing users to shoot in low-light situations without needing large-scale lighting setups.

In addition to improved image quality, this new image sensor includes a focal plane phase-detection AF system for the first time in an S-series camera. To compliment the new sensor, the Alpha 7S III also includes a new BIONZ XR™ image processing engine that provides up to eight times more processing power, minimizes processing latency, and enables many of the hallmark still and imaging features of the camera. The new system also includes the world’s brightest and largest 9.44 million-dot (approx.) OLED electronic eye-level viewfinder and is the world’s first camera with dual CFexpress Type A card slots, enabling high-speed data transfer in a compact size.

The Alpha 7S III offers in-camera 4K recording up to 120 frames per second, 10-bit depth and 4:2:2 color sampling, producing stunning video recording. The new camera offers a more flexible and efficient post-production workflow with a variety of advanced movie recording modes such as All-Intra and MPEG-H HEVC/H.265 coding (XAVC HS™)xiv. The Alpha 7S III makes it easy to integrate video recordings with other professional camcorders by providing three color gamut settings S-Gamut, S-Gamut3, and S-Gamut3.Cine, allowing users to easily match footage shot on the Alpha 7S III with footage shot on the professional camcorders simplifying multi-camera post-production workflow. In addition to S-Log3 gamma curves, the Alpha 7S III supports an HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma) picture profile with minimum post-production. The Alpha 7S III also allows up to 4K 60p 16-bit RAW output to an external recorder via HDMI Type-A connector, offering additional post-production flexibility.

The new Alpha 7S III Full-frame Interchangeable Lens Camera will be available in September 2020 for approximately $3,499.99 USD and $4,799.99 CAD. It will be sold at a variety of Sony’s authorized dealers throughout North America.

Fender Debuts Shawn Mendes Foundation Musicmaster Guitar

Fender released the all-new Shawn Mendes Foundation Musicmaster, a collaboration between The Foundation and Fender, which features fan-inspired art and classic Fender tone.

Fender is a proud supporter of The Shawn Mendes Foundation, which seeks to inspire Shawn’s audience, the youth generation of today – to learn about those causes that they are passionate about, and help empower them to use the voice they have to bring change to the world by taking action and giving back.

The Signature Musicmaster features specs including a Tex-Mex Single-Coil Strat, a Player Series humbucking pickup, medium jumbo frets and a custom neckplate adorned with his Foundation’s “Solar Burst” icon and Shawn’s signature. The Shawn Mendes Foundation Musicmaster is a special guitar where Shawn pays homage to his followers with a fan-inspired artwork on the body. Now, fans around the world can play their very own Shawn Mendes guitar while learning songs like “Stitches” on Fender Play, the complete learning app for guitar, bass and ukulele.

“I am so excited to release this guitar collaboration between Fender and The Shawn Mendes Foundation,” says Shawn. “I hope it inspires some of my fans to pick up and learn guitar for the first time, and to give back while doing so.”

Originally introduced into Fender’s history in 1965, the solid body Musicmaster, envisioned for beginner players, has been a quintessential entry for many guitarists. Mendes himself began his musical journey at the age of 13, picking up an old classical guitar from his father and learning through YouTube tutorials, never giving up and, at times, practicing till his fingers bled. From there Mendes was inspired to pick up his first electric guitar, a black Fender Telecaster, at the age of 14 after hearing the likes of legends and still his current musical influences, such as David Bowie and Bruce Springsteen.

He wanted to bring this same inspiration to his fans and anyone ready to embark on their musical journey with his very own signature model emulating his own guitar playing specifications that have created his tone today. The Shawn Mendes Foundation Musicmaster, adorned with striking floral design art recreated by one of his fans, is a highly personal take on the popular ‘60s short-scale model, featuring an alder body, “C”-shaped maple neck with 9.5” radius, 22 medium jumbo frets, 3-position toggle, 6-saddle string through body Strat hardtail with bent steel saddles and a unique single/hum pickup configuration including Tex-Mex Single-Coil Strat (Bridge) and Player Series Humbucking (Neck) pickups, providing a wide range of Fender tones.

The Shawn Mendes Foundation Musicmaster is priced at $749.99.

Eventide Introduced ShimmerVerb

Eventide introduced ShimmerVerb. It is a unique reverb plug-in with parallel pitch-shifters for ethereal ambience. It is on sale now. You can download a free 30-day demo from the Eventide website.

ShimmerVerb combines a massively lustrous reverb with parallel pitch shifters to add ethereal layers masking any signal, well, “shimmer.” Oftentimes, producers would achieve the effect by using pitch shifting hardware such as Eventide’s H910, H949, or H3000 (or other rack mount units) in combination with a reverb.

This production technique was popularized by Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno on U2’s The Unforgettable Fire. Now, this iconic sound has been has been refined and extended with a modern, unified interface that is great for adding dreamy ambiance to guitars, keys, synths, samples, and vocals.

ShimmerVerb shines via its playable, performance-based parameters. THE RIBBON is an easy to program performance macro allowing users to morph between two settings with one control. Desktop users can plug in a MIDI keyboard and gain tactile command over this function via the modulation wheel. Ribbon mappings are great for Feedback swells, moving the Pitch knobs, or changing the Size for a massive detuning result.

ShimmerVerb also boasts a HOTSWITCH for calling up another state of parameters inside the same preset. Use this for changing octaves, turning off/on the pitch shifters, or simply turning the Mix up or down while crafting your performance. Finally, the FREEZE button allows you to make smeared textures out of single voices, full pads, or percussive elements resulting in metallic “shimmers.”


  • Unique reverb plug-in with parallel pitch-shifters on the reverb tail
  • Easily pitch with perfect fourths, fifths, and octaves
  • MicroPitch tuning available around perfect intervals
  • Four octaves of pitch shifting (from two octaves down to two octaves up)
  • Delay pitched signals up to one second or sync them to your DAW’s tempo
  • FEEDBACK determines how much delayed signal is fed back into the input of the reverb
  • Low, Mid, and High cross-over network determines which frequencies are fed back
  • FREEZE holds the current state of the reverb in a smeared texture
  • The RIBBON allows for real-time modification of several parameters at once
  • HOTSWITCH allows for instant switching between two sets of parameters within one preset

Sweetwater’s Monthly Gear Giveaway is $5000 ddrum Recording Kit

Sweetwater’s July 2020 Monthly Giveaway is a $5,000 ddrum complete drum recording rig. The entry period has already begun, and ends on July 31, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. EST. You can enter this giveaway through the Sweetwater website.

Ready to win? It’s time for a new monthly giveaway! This July, we’re giving away this larger-than-life ddrum kit with matching snare, hardware, and Meinl cymbals! In this giveaway package, you’ll find everything you need to play and record in the studio or at home – a 7-piece Shure drum mic kit, Focusrite Claret 8 Pre, and 7 Pro Co XLR cables. Entries are accepted all month long, so fill out the form for your chance to win this exclusive $5,000 set!

This giveaway includes:

  • ddrum Dios Exotic Zebra Wood-Natural 5-piece Drum Set
  • Focusrite Clarett 8Pre USB 18×20 Audio Interface
  • Schure PGADRUMKIT7 7-piece Drum Microphone Kit
  • 7 x Pro Co EXM-20 Excellines Microphone Cable
  • ddrum Dios Natural Zebra Wood Snare – 6.5” x 14” Maple
  • ddrum RX Series RXHP Hardware Pack
  • ddrum 2 x ddrum RXDTS RX Series Double Tom Stand
  • ddrum RX Series RXB3 Pro Boom Stand
  • Meinl Classics Custom Dark Cymbal Box Set with Free 18” Crash

As always there are official rules to be aware of, which you can find on the Sweetwater website where the July 2020 Monthly Giveaway is posted.

Sony Announces Update Version for their Camera Remote Software Dev Kit

Sony Electronics has released an updated version 1.01 for their Camera Remote Software Development Kit, expanding the functionality and versatility of the SDK for developers and integrators. This decision was based on extensive interest in their camera lineup from commercial customers sine this February, and Sony has been further expanding the solution since its launch.

The new SDK Version 1.01 allows for improved functionality with professional drone applications, thanks to the addition of Linux comparability. Additionally, the new software will increase remote control capabilities over camera settings. New functions, which are appealing to the workflow for a wide variety of professional and commercial industries including security, entertainment and many others, include:

  • Ability to set Focus Magnifier Setting
  • Utilize expanded Focus Area setting when using AF Area Position
  • Zoom will be adjustable through Zoom Type Status, Zoom Scale, and Zoom Bar Information functions
  • Operate detailed White Balance (WB) settings including: Custom WB, AutoWB (AWB) Lock, Biaxial Fine Tuning and Picture First
  • Control Media Format, Flash, and interval shooting
  • Adjustable frame rate or file format for video shooting

Support for Sony’s SDK is also being expanded to Canada, due to launch from July 16th. SDK Version 1.01 is available now and can be downloaded HERE.

Leica Presents the New Leica M 10-R Camera

Leica presents the new Leica M 10-R, the 40-megapixel variant of its legendary rangefinder camera.

With the new Leica M10-R, Leica Camera AG introduces a high-resolution variant of the company’s legendary rangefinder camera. The M10-R’s newly developed sensor offers a resolution of over 40 megapixels, which represents a considerable increase compared to the M10. As a result, the the M10-R delivers a significantly enhanced rendition of details.

The new sensor of the M10-R opens up a host of possibilities that are unprecedented within M photography. Along with the clear visibility of even the finest details, the sensor provides extensive performance reserves for cropping and larger formats. In addition, the contrast-rich rendition of subtle structures leads to an even lower risk of moiré patterns. The M10-R is therefore well suited for landscape and architectural photography.

Despite its high resolution, the M10-R offers significantly reduced image noise as well as a wider dynamic range. The M10-R completes the Leica M10 family, which also includes the M10, M10-P, M10-D and M10 Monochrom.

The M10-R’s base sensitivity of ISO 100 and goes up to ISO 50000. The maximum exposure time has been increased to 16 minutes, enabling extraordinary night-time shots with the user of a tripod. The Leica M10-R is equipped with the same shutter as the Leica M10-P. It is not only exceptionally quiet (allowing for an unobtrusive way of working) but also operates with minimal vibration. This reduces the risk of camera shake.

The Leica M10-R is best able to reach its full potential when paired with Leica M lenses. Equally, the camera has the capacity to fully utilize the outstanding imaging performance that distinguishes this legendary lens range. Particularly in combination with the newest generation, such as the APO-Summicron-M 50 f/2 ASPH, the M10-R delivers photographs of a truly exceptional quality. At the same time, the camera emphasizes the distinctive characteristics of older M lenses cherished by photography enthusiasts all over the world.

The Leica M10-R will be delivered worldwide as of July 20, 2020.

Sony Announces HDC-P31 Multi-Purpose Point of View System Camera

Sony Electronics’ latest camera, the HDC-P31, is a point of view (POV) system camera with remote functionality and 1080/60p HDR capability that complements the company’s versatile lineup of box and portable system camera options.

As the demand to streamline media production workflow increases, the model’s remote menu setting and status monitoring minimizes the time and personnel needed on-site during a production, since POV cameras are often mounted in inaccessible or hard to reach locations or used on a crane, rail, or robotics system. The flexible and lightweight HDC-P31 is ideal for studio, faith, and rental applications, and sports production.

The new HD model incorporates a global shutter three 2/3-inch CMOS sensor system for enhanced optical performance that provides high sensitivity and low noise. In addition, the camera is designed to be used as an integral part of Sony’s popular HDC series ecosystem, creating the same stunning images and look and using the same workflow, but in a smaller, POV form factor. The camera creates a comprehensive system while working alongside Sony’s XVS series of switchers for a powerful ELC Live Production Control Automation system.

Enhanced Remote Features Enable Efficiency

POV cameras are frequently located in difficult to access or isolated positions, so remote functionality helps promote production efficiency by saving time and money and reducing the need for staff on-site. Remote access using a Web UI is planned for winter 2020 via a software update that will allow for menu setting, status monitoring, log files and firmware updates to be done offsite.The web-based application is easy to setup and does not require dedicated software. In addition, when using compatible lenses, operators can adjust the back focus of the camera remotely. For enhanced flexibility, tally can be supported through an IP network cable.

Superb Image Quality with High Sensitivity and Low Noise

The HDC-P31 provides superb HD imagery with exceptionally high sensitivity of F12 (at 1080/60i, 1080/60p), F13 (at 1080/50i, 1080/50p). It boasts impressively low noise (62dB), making it possible to capture content even in challenging lighting conditions.

Ready for HDR Workflows

The HDC-P31 meets the increasing demand for HDR production by supporting HDR with a choice of S-Log3 / HLG. Additionally, the camera accommodates Sony’s SR Live workflow, offering simultaneous production in HDR and SDR, which can be done by one production team to reduce cost and complexity. The HDC-P31 also supports SR Live metadata, which is embedded in the SDI signal feed and ensures consistent quality of both HDR and SDR signals throughout the live production pipeline.
The HDC-P31 is planned to be available in November of 2020. 

For more information about this new POV model, please visit

Eventide has a Special Offer on Undulator

Eventide Audio is offering Undulator, on a special offer of $19. Eventide Audio is committed to supporting the fight against systemic racism and violence. They will be donating 100% of the proceeds of the Undulator desktop plug-in to the Equal Justice Initiative & NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund.

Undulator is a unique, rhythmic effect combining ethereal feedback and detuned echos running through an AM/FM modulated tremolo. Transform ordinary synths, keys, guitars, and vocals into evolving pads, tempo synched production elements, or ethereal and fluctuant delays. Add Undulator into your plug-ins collection for the most playable tremolo-style effect on your DAW or iOS device.

Features include:

  • Turn up the MIX to increase the dry/effect ratio
  • Utilize multiple modulation waveform shapes and sources to alter the rhythmic feel
  • Subtly finesse detuning of delays by using SPREAD
  • Add FEEDBACK to accentuate delays or create infinite loops
  • The Secondary LFO determines how fast the depth and speed modulation “wiggle” their targets
  • Lock the tremolo to tempo using SYNC
  • RETRIG at the top of the wavform for a more predictable effect
  • RIBBON lets you ‘play’ the effect in real-time and provides dynamic and fluid control to morph back and forth between the settings of your choice.
  • SLOW/FAST button toggles on a “Slow LFO” mode. Holding it down to “BRAKE” temporarily slows down the LFOs at a constant rate until released.
  • Use MIDI to control the Ribbon (CC#1), Active/Bypass (CC#2), Slow/Fast (#CC3), or Tap (#CC4)
  • Available for Mac and Windows as a VST, AAX, and AU plug-in
  • iOS version available on App Store works as a standalone app, AudioUnit v3 plug-in, or Inter-App Audio effect.