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Big Ear Pedals Introduces ALBIE

Big Ear Pedals introduced ALBIE an ambient modulator pedal. It is priced at $199.00 and can be ordered now. Big Ear Pedals will be shipping out ALBIE as soon as they can, but you should expect 2 to 4 weeks for delivery. All Big Ear Pedals are assembled by-hand in the USA.

ALBIE is an ambient modulator featuring eight settings specifically built and curated to cover the jangly, shimmering, modulated sounds associated with the New Wave & Post Punk music of the ’70s and ’80s.

ALBIE has two knobs, “Effect” and “Blend.” The “Effect” knob allows the user to change between eight different pedal-chains or “stacks” of effects (the LEDs light up with the corresponding effect). These effects chains consist of several kinds of modulation as well as reverbs and delays, even some compression. The “Blend” knob mixes the chosen effect setting into the clean-tone of the guitar, making this pedal especially perfect for those with option-paralysis.

The clicking momentary footswitch operates like a standard footswitch, but when held down provides a secondary setting for each effects chain. These extra settings are called the “Neil Modes” – named after Neil Graham of Dr. Scientist who programmed the code for ALBIE, as well as these secondary settings. These modes can be accessed with latching functionality, meaning they will stay on even after lifting your foot off the footswitch!

ALBIE does not contain a battery snap and requires a 9v (111ma minimum) power supply with a 2.1mm barrel connector (negative center). This pedal does not come with a power adaptor. Big Ear Pedals recommends using an isolated DC power supply.

BOSS Introduces Pocket GT Guitar Effects Processor

BOSS introduces Pocket GT, a powerful and innovative new solution for learning and jamming with guitar. Combining premium BOSS guitar tones with integrated YouTube learning, this pocket-size amp/effects processor pairs wirelessly with a smartphone or tablet to create the ultimate go-everywhere lesson studio.

Pocket GT works seamlessly with the companion BOSS Tone Studio app for iOS and Android, which feature a YouTube browser and deep editing tools for crafting tones with over 100 amps and effects. Adding in Bluetooth music streaming, USB audio interface capability, and more, Pocket GT is a must-have companion that no guitar player should be without.

YouTube has become the most popular music learning source for guitarists around the world, and Pocket GT makes working with the platform’s content easier and more productive than ever. The Pocket GT hardware provides the sound engine and audio connections, while the BOSS Tone Studio app offers a YouTube browser that streams sound to Pocket GT, plus an intuitive interface for shaping sounds. This integrated approach simplifies set up and eliminates switching between apps, giving players a hassle-free way to enjoy premium guitar tones while watching online lessons and jamming with videos.

BOSS Tone Studio comes loaded with tools to supercharge practice sessions. Users can create YouTube song lists for quick recall, and loop sections for focused study. They can also set up markers to automatically switch Pocket GT memories as a video plays back, perfect for jamming with backing tracks and other songs on YouTube.

Equipped with the same sound engine as the GT-1 floor processor, Pocket GT puts over 100 world-class amps and effects in an ultra compact package. The 99 user memories come filled with ready-to-play sounds, but players can customize them or craft their own from scratch. And since Pocket GT and the GT-1 share the same DNA, stored amp and effects setups can be exchanged via their respective BOSS Tone Studio editors.

Pocket GT doesn’t only work with YouTube. Users can wirelessly stream nearly any music app over Bluetooth and play along, and there’s also an Aux in jack for connecting a non-Bluetooth music player, drum machine, or other device. Pocket GT functions as a Mac/Windows USB audio interface too, ready to record mix-ready guitar tracks in a computer DAW. And for that fresh sonic inspiration, players can find a wide selection of free patches for download at BOSS Tone Central.

Nikon Introduces NIKKOR Z 14-24mm f/2.8S Lens

Nikon unveiled two exciting additions to the rapidly expanding NIKKOR Z lens lineup, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to the evolving Nikon Z series. These new full-frame S-Line lenses showcase the superior optical performance and capabilities of the Nikon Z mount for photographers and creators.

The ultra-wide angle NIKKOR Z 14-24mm f/2.8 S is the world’s shortest and lightest full-frame f/2.8 zoom lens with a 14mm field of view, enabling a versatile range to capture expansive views including cityscapes, landscapes, astrophotography and more. Meanwhile, the NIKKOR Z 50mm f/1.2 S is the paramount fast-aperture prime lens engineered for optical excellence to help Z series users achieve unrivaled power, exceptional sharpness and show-stopping bokeh.

The much anticipated NIKKOR Z 14-24mm f/2.8 S is the shortest and lightest full-frame zoom lens of its kind, offering unique user benefits and incredible rendering capabilities across the wide zoom range. Joining the previously announced NIKKOR Z 24-70mm f/2.8 S and NIKKOR Z 70-200mm f/2.8 VR S lenses, this lens completes the trinity of coveted fast aperture Z series zooms.

The 14-24mm is a versatile lens that proves the optical superiority of the Nikon Z mount, producing excellent edge-to-edge sharpness, minimal distortion and exceptional photo and video capabilities for creators. The new optical design allows for a significantly shorter lens that is nearly 35 percent lighter than its predecessor, the popular AF-S NIKKOR 14-24mm f/2.8, making this lightweight lens ideal for a trek into the field. Meanwhile, its wide-angle zoom range offers video content creators a new option for capturing tack-sharp establishing shots, interiors or POV angles.

The NIKKOR Z 14-24mm f/2.8 S lens is engineered to deliver unrivaled optical excellence and maximum usability. This thoroughly modernized lens design features a nearly flat front lens element, which allows the attachment of a threaded filter to the included additional lens hood (HB-97). This design provides users the ability to attach a Neutral density (ND) filter, as well as the new Neutral Color NC Filter 112mm or Circular Polarizing Filter II 112mm3, while a rear filter holder also accepts a trimmable filter gel.

FujiFilm Launches FUJINON Lens XF50mmF1.0 R WR

Fujifilm Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of the FUJINON Lens XF50mmF1.0 R WR (XF50mmF1.0 R WR) in late September 2020 for the X Series of digital cameras, renowned for their outstanding image quality with Fujifilm’s proprietary color reproduction technology. It is the world’s first F1.0 lens with autofocus (AF) capability.

The XF50mmF1.0 R WR is a large-diameter mid-telephoto prime lens with the focal length of 50mm (equivalent to 76mm in the 35mm film format). The maximum aperture of F1.0 produces creamy and beautiful bokeh. Its high-performance AF system can focus on a subject swiftly and accurately, making the subject stand out on a background to create artistic portrait photography. The XF50mmF1.0 R WR is the 35th interchangeable lens for the X Series.

With its large-diameter structure, the XF50mmF1.0 R WR is a prime lens boasting the fastest maximum aperture of F1.0 in the history of interchangeable lenses for Fujifilm’s digital cameras. The use of advanced optical technology controls spherical aberration, thereby capturing pictures with creamy and beautiful bokeh.

The lens is also equipped with a fast and accurate AF mechanism to capture the photographic moment for high-quality portrait photography. Designed based on the compact and lightweight “X Mount system” this ultra-bright F1.0 lens weighs only 845g and measures just 103.5mm for excellent portability. Its dust and weather resistance and ability to operate at temperatures of down to -10℃ makes it highly practical.

With the XF50mmF1.0 R WR joining the extensive lens lineup, Fujifilm offers lenses that cover a broad range of focal lengths to complement photographic pleasure delivered by the X Series.

Sony Electronics Introduces Alpha 7C Camera and Zoom Lens

Sony Electronics announced several additions to an already impressive imaging lineup – the Alpha 7C full-frame camera (model ILCE-7C), the FE 28-60mm F4.56 (model SEL2860) zoom lens and HVL-F28RM flash.

The Alpha 7C is the world’s smallest and lightest full-frame body with uncompromising performance, featuring advanced AF (autofocus), high-resolution 4K video capabilities and more. When paired with the world’s smallest and lightest FE 28-60mm F4-5.6 standard zoom lens, this versatile combination delivers an experience unlike any other, maximizing portability and versatility without sacrificing any of the power of full-frame imaging. The HVL-F28RM flash allows users to broaden their photo expressions with outstanding compactness, and an intelligent light intensity control linked to camera face detection.

The new Alpha 7C combines Sony’s full-frame image quality, advanced AF capabilities and versatile video shooting functions in a stunningly light and compact design. The new camera features a 24.2MP (approx. effective) 33mm full-frame back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS sensor and BIONZ X image processing engine, offering high sensitivity, outstanding resolution, 15-stop wide dynamic range and high-speed image data processing.

Measuring only 4.9 inches x 2.8 inches and weighing just 18oz, the Alpha 7C is similar in size and weight to an APS-C camera, with only 1 percent more weight than the Alpha 6600. The Alpha 7C achieves the world’s smallest and lightest compact body through upgraded 5-axis in-body stabilization and shutter units, and the utilization of magnesium alloy monocoque construction, often used in the bodies of cars and aircraft.

Even in this compact body, the Alpha 7C features a 5-step stabilization effect that allows for shooting snaps without a tripod. Moreover, despite the compact body, the Alpha 7C provides enough power for long shooting durations and to capture up to an industry-leading 740 images when using the LCD monitor, or 680 images when using the viewfinder.

The new Alpha 7C compact full-frame camera will be available in late October and will be sold for approximately $1,799.99 USD and $2,399.99 CAD. It will be sold at a variety of Sony’s authorized dealers throughout North America.

Gretch Announced Two All-New Guitars

Gretch announced the all-new G6128T Players Edition Jet DS With Bigsby and the all-new G2215-P90 Streamliner Junior Jet Club.

For over 65 years the Gretch Jet has fueled stages and studios producing some of the greatest sounds in rock ‘n’ roll history. The G6128T Players Edition Jet DS With Bigsby is the culmination of over half a century of tonal and performance magic.

The G6128T Jet DS begins with a select mahogany body with maple top that produces the signature strong, punchy response that has made the Jet famous. For this model, Gretch chose a 1.85” depth along with vintage chambering to complement the chambered body to produce amplified bright, shimmering highs and a defined, rich bass for distinct tone that cuts through the mix.

Responding to player needs for increased comfort, the G6138T features a lowered neck set that greatly improves fret-hand mobility while also giving the picking hand a closer approach, increasing comfort and accuracy. The new full-access rolled cutaway and tapered heel allows the free access frets without awkward pivoting or palm obstruction. This sleek design remains hidden, preserving a vintage aesthetic, a critical feature that is meant to be felt, not seen.

The G6T128T also comes equipped with additional Players Edition features that give total control of tone and performance, including no-load master tone pot with Squeezebox paper-in-oil capacitor, master volume with treble bleed circuit and individual pickup volume controls.

Designed for the working professional, the G6128T Players Edition Jet DS with Bigsby is available in Black, Dark Cherry Metallic, Lotus Ivory or Sahara Metallic, with nickel hardware. The Black and Dark Cherry Metallic finishes sport a silver pickguard, the Lotus Ivory comes with a charcoal grey pickguard, and the Sahara Metallic features a tortoise pickguard.

An exciting new addition to the Streamliner Collection, the G2215-P90 Streamline Junior Jet Club is a stylish workhorse that’s ready to brawl.

Powered by BroadTron, BT-2S bridge and P90 Soap Bar neck pickups, this Streamliner delivers tight lows with a throaty midrange that is harnessed and shaped by a master tone control, master volume control, and three-way pickup switching.

Bound nato bodies with stunning Mint Metallic, Sahara Metallic, and Single Barrel Stain finishes are complemented by effortless mahogany-stained necks that feature 12”-radius laurel fingerboards, elegant and pearloid Neo-Classic inlays and 22 medium jumbo frets.

The G2215-P90 also features an anchored compensated wrap-around bridge, gold Electro-style control knobs, cream pickguard and nickel hardware.

Behringer Introduces BIGFOOT Condenser Microphone

Behringer has introduced BIGFOOT, an all in one USB Studio Condenser Microphone. Behringer describes BIGFOOT as “your own home studio”.

The BIGFOOT is a digital home recording, gaming, streaming or podcasting enthusiast’s dream come true. This professional-quality condenser microphone comes loaded with 3 high-quality capsules and awesome features: with digital USB interface you are ready to record faster than ever – and with minimal preparation and equipment – just plug it into your computer and start recording. Record with your favorite software (Logic Pro, Audacity and that you can use it even for Twitch and YouTube streams) you don’t need to download any extra software.

BIGFOOT has four pickup modes to suit versatile recording environments:

  • Stereo pickup mode – is ideal for capturing a realistic spacious audio effect.
  • Cardioid pickup mode – delivers a rich, full-bodied sound. Well-suited for podcasts, vocals, gamers, video calls and sound sources that are directly in front of the microphone.
  • Omni-directional pickup mode – picks up sound equally from all directions, best suited for multi-person podcasts and to capture the ambience of ‘being there’ – like a lie recording of a band’s performance.
  • Bi-directional pickup mode – records from both the front and the rear of the microphone. Ideal for capturing every nuance of a musical instrument and face to face recording.

Monitor and Control – Connect your headphone via 3.5mm audio out jack provided at bottom of the microphone. Monitor your voice while you speak via easy volume control knob. There is a built in hard mute switch that is very handy in some live streaming situations!

Highly Compatible – Plug and play USB interface works with a variety of USB enabled desktop computers, laptops, tablet PC and USB power supported mobile phones. Ultra-low latency ASIO driver for PC audio optimization available at You’ll also be ready to go live on your PC or Mac right out of the box!

Sennheiser Adds the New MKE 200 Microphone

Sennheiser adds the new MKE 200 to its portfolio of audio-for-video microphones. The mini-microphone is designed for easy on-camera use with DSLRs and mirrorless cameras as well as mobile devices, where it ensures clean and crisp audio and gives that professional touch to video clips.

“With the MKE 200, we are offering creators the first step to upgrading their sound,” said Tobias von Allwörden, Head of Portfolio Management – Audio for Video at Sennheiser. “Improved audio significantly increases the overall quality of your content. The MKE 200 makes this possible with is unique design which minimizes handling and wind noise. Simply attach it to the shoe mount, select the appropriate cable for your device and you’re good to go!”

The MKE 200 features a directional design which captures the sound of your subject while rejecting unwanted background noise. To minimize any handling noise, the microphone is fitted with a clever internal shock-mount which automatically decouples the capsule from the housing. This protection is further enhanced by using the included furry windshield when filming outdoors.

The MKE 200 comes complete with a furry windshield, two locking connection cables for DSLRs or mirrorless cameras (3.5 mm TRS cable) and mobile devices (3.5 mm TRRS cable) plus a draw-string pouch for storage.

The MKE 200 is available from September 1 and retails at USD $99.95 (MSRP).

Panasonic Announced the LUMIX S5 Hybrid Mirrorless Camera

Panasonic announced the new LUMIX S5, a new hybrid full-frame mirrorless camera that achieves both excellent performance in photo/video and stunning mobility for serious photographers and videographers.

At the heart of the camera, the LUMIX S5 contains a 24.2-megapixel 35mm full-frame CMOS sensor that boasts a wide dynamic range and sensitivity performance. The LUMIX S5 further realizes recording maximum ISO 51,200 crystal-clear high sensitivity video with the adoption of the Dual Native ISO technology.

As a pioneer of photo/video hybrid mirrorless cameras, LUMIX has the largest lineup of cameras that record 4K 10-bit video. As the latest member of the family, the LUMIX S5 is capable of 4K 60p/50p 4:2:0 10-bit internal recording. It is also capable of 4K 30p/25p 4:2:2 bit HDMI output. For 4K 30p 4:2:0 8-bit internal recording, there is no time limit.

Panasonic’s exceptional heat dispersion technology delivers stable, long-time video recording. The LUMIX S5 provides 14+ stops of dynamic range, which is as wide as those of cinema cameras, and V-Log/V-Gamut compatibility with popular colorimetry called “VariCam Look”. A variety of recording formats and modes including 4:3 Anamorphic mode, Slow & Quick Motion, 4K/60p interval shooting and 4K HDR are also provided.

The LUMIX S5 boasts high-speed, high-precision AF (Auto Focus) in both photo shooting and video recording that are made possible with advanced deep-learning technology featuring real-time detection of the subject’s type and features such as human eye, face, head and body.

The Lumix S5 will be available at valued channel partners in mid-September for $1999.99 for the body only and $2299.99 with a 20-60 kit lens.

Fujifilm Launches FUJINON Premista 19-45mm Lens

Fujifilm Corporation announced the development of the wide-angle zoom lens Premista 19-45mmT2.9 (Premista 19-45mm) with a focal length of 19-45mm. It will be the third model to join the Premista Series of zoom lenses for cinema cameras that support large format sensors and deliver outstanding high resolution, natural and beautiful bokeh and rich gradation with HDR (high dynamic range).

The Premista 19-45mm effectively reduces the distortion that tends to occur when shooting at wide-angle focal lengths. A natural image with little distortion is achieved throughout the entire zoom range, lightening the burden of correcting video after shooting and allowing high quality video to be created more efficiently. The Premista 19-45 is scheduled for release in early 2021.

The newly developed Premista19-45mm is a wide-angle zoom lens that covers focal lengths from 19mm to 45mm with a constant T-stop of 2.9. Featuring large-diameter aspherical lens elements and a unique zooming system, the lens achieves an astonishing level of edge-to-edge sharpness. Additionally, the distortion is effectively reduced throughout the entire zoom range even at the widest focal lengths. Furthermore, compact design, an overall length of 230mm and a weight of 3.3kg, and excellent robustness have been achieved.

These were accomplished through mechanical design perfected with simulation technology cultivated over many years and production technology for assembling parts processed in the order of microns with high precision. The new zoom lens can be utilized for handheld shooting using a steadicam 4 or high-angle shooting using a crane. Similar to the standard and telephoto zoom types, the Premista19-45mm supports “ZEISS eXtended Data”, which can record lens metadata 5 when shooting, supporting efficient video production.

Fujifilm will be launching this product in early 2021, expanding both the Premista Series lineup and the shooting range for high-quality video.