Empress Effects Introduces Heavy Menace Pedal

Empress Effects introduced the Heavy Menace distortion pedal. It is their most versatile distortion pedal, ever. Get any high-gain tone from crunch to crushing, with advanced EQ and gaiting for total control over sound and silence.

The Heavy Menace is the most versatile distortion pedal we’ve ever created. It’s an evolution of our original Heavy with new features and a compact enclosure. In addition to the original Heavy and Heavier modes, the Heavy Menace adds a new Lite(ish) mode, covering any high-gain sound from classic hard rock to searing modern metal.

Key Features:

  • Three versatile distortion modes – Light(ish), Heavy, and Heavier
  • Footswitchable noise gate
  • Three-band EQ with sweepable mid frequency
  • Weight control to sculpt low frequency response
  • Linked or independent switching of the distortion and gate
  • Gate key input (1/8” TS or TRS)
  • True bypass or buffered bypass
  • All-analog signal path

Enhanced EQ

We’re obsessed with EQ, and the 3-band circuit on Heavy Menace is one of our best.

Our Weight control adjusts a high-pass filter in the distortion circuit to shape low-end character. Turn it up for a thick, full sound, or turn counterclockwise for a tight response that’s perfect for palm muting and extended-range guitars.

Midrange is a key element of a great distorted sound, so the mid frequency is sweepable from 200 Hz to 2.5 kHz to dial in the sweet spot for your guitar and amp. Scoop for a tight, aggressive sound, or push to add definition and cut through a mix.

True Or Buffered Bypass

The Heavy Menace offers both tru bypass for maximum transparency, and buffered bypass to protect against signal loss over long cable runs.

Adaptive Gate

Players loved the gate on the original Heavy. Envelope followers in the circuit respond to your playing, letting sustained notes decay naturally but clamping down quickly during fast stops.

On the Heavy Menace, this gate is now footswitchable, with two available modes of operation. In normal bypass mode, the gate doesn’t affect the signal if the distortion is off, while independent bypass mode is like having separate distortion and gate pedals.

We’ve also added a key input so you can operationally trigger the gate with an external signal. This is particularly useful if you have added additional pedals before the Heavy Menace in your signal chain, such as a low-gain pedal for stacking. Split a clean signal with a pedal like our Buffer+ and connect it to the Gate Key Input, and the gate will behave consistently regardless of changes at the main input.

The Heavy Menace Pedal is priced at $249.99 USD.

Roland Introduces The S-1 Tweak Synth

Roland introduces the S-1 Tweak Synth, and latest addition to the AIRA Compact family of pocket-sized instruments for modern music creators, which also includes the T-8 Beat Machine, J-6 Chord Synthesizer, and E-4 Voice Tweaker. Inspired by the legendary Roland SH-101 from the 1980s, the S-1 is a potent micro polysynth with futuristic wave manipulation, onboard sequencing, and a range of unique performance features. With its inspiring tactile controls and intuitive workflow, this powerful instrument provides a fund and satisfying creative experience for beginners and serious synth advertisers alike.

The S-1 merges retro spirit and advanced capabilities in an ultra-compact package ready to travel anywhere. The latest generation of Roland’s Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) technology delivers the authentic tone and response of the SH-101, a classic monophonic synth embraced for its characterful sound and simple, direct-access panel. Extending the original’s design four-vice polyphony and a slate of innovative features for next-level music creation, the S-1 makes it easy for musicians at any level to explore the power of synthesis through a friendly, uncomplicated interface.

Filled with hands-on controls, the S-1 is a sound design and performance powerhouse in miniature. Users can create lavish tones with oscillator, envelope, filter, and LFO sections, adjust effects with dedicated knobs, and dive into deeper design tools with quick combo button presses. The bottom section of the panel features 26 multi-function pads, providing access to a keyboard with a two-plus octave range, a step sequencer interface, and a wealth of creative options to spark fresh ideas.

The S-1 is primed to push classic SH tones into new dimensions. Users can build from square, saw, sub, and noise oscillators or craft custom wave shapes on the step pads using the powerful OSC Draw function. OSC Chop unlocks even more harmonic potential with the ability to cut waveforms into sections for a labyrinth of metallic timbres. It’s also possible to use the noise oscillator as an independent riser to add sweeps and pulsing sound effects.

With its 64-step sequencer and 64 pattern, the S-1 is made for the on-the-spot music capture and song development. Users can record live with the onboard keyboard or switch to step mode for detailed not entry and editing. Motion recording, probability settings, sub steps, and other features like velocity, shuffle, and portamento are also available to bring sounds to life.

The S-1 include a wide selection of classic Roland effects to enhance sounds. Users can add shimmering dimension with lush choruses derived from the iconic JUNO and JX-3P synths, introduce spaciousness and moment with manual and tempo-synced delays, and envelop sounds with studio-grade reverb effects and a variety of adjustable parameters.

About the AIRA Compact Series

The growing lineup of AIRA Compact instruments lets anyone jam, perform, and develop ideas on the go with friendly controls, inspiring sounds, and loads of intuitive music tools. Users can realize complete compositions with a single unit expand their possibilities by connecting and synchronizing with other AIRA Compact models. From one master unit, multiple AIRA Compacts can be mixed with monitored with headphones or an external speaker system. It’s also possible to interface with computer DAWS, mobile music apps, and hardware instruments via USB-C or MIDI.

Nikon Introduces The NIKKON Z 8

Nikon Inc. announced the highly anticipated Nikon Z 8, a full frame mirrorless camera made to needs of imaging professionals, serious photographers, videographers and advance creators.

The Z 8 defines the concept of versatile agility, featuring the latest innovations and speed inherited from the flagship mirrorless Z 9, in a lighter, more compact form factor that’s ready for action in the field, the studio, the ceremony, the street or on-set.

The Z 8 is packed with massive technology and user-focused features, providing impressive high-resolution images and video up 8K 60p with overwhelming detail, sharpness and precise color. Engineered to be nimble, it’s approximately 30% smaller than the Nikon Z 9, and 15% smaller than the venerable D850 to which is the true successor. As the final word in workflow efficiency, the Z 8 gives professionals the confidence to capture without boundaries while yielding stellar flies and uncompromising Nikon color science that can minimize time needed for post-production or editing.

“We continue to expand the entire mirrorless ecosystem to support users, and with every Z series camera added to the line, the advantages of the next-generation Z mount became clearly apparent,” said Jay Vannatter, Executive Vice President, Nikon Inc. “As Nikon continues to roll out more Z series cameras and NIKKOR Z lenses, we push forward and continue to read new ground in optical and technological innovation.”

Ready for Action

Like the flagship Nikon Z 9, the Z 8 is at the industry apex of speed and versatility. At its core, Nikon’s powerful EXPEED 7 image procession engine has been combined with the proven full-frame (FX-format), 45.7-megapixel BSI stacked sensor with a scan rate so fast that no mechanical shutter is needed.

This configuration can be completely silent and has virtually no rolling shutter distortion, while the removal of moving parts reduces wear and tear. Other favorite flagship features include the truly blackout-free Real-live viewfinder, internal 12-bit RAW video recording in a variety of formats and frame rates, along with additional new feature for portrait photographers.

The Z 9 brings together speed and precision like no other, embracing the extremes to create a camera that can focus in candlelight during a first dance, yet is enough to freeze a falcon in flight. Like the Z 9, this new camera uses Nikon’s most powerful and precise AF system, which has been developed with deep learning technology.

The focus immediately responsive and reliable, offering a range of functions from fully Auto-Area AF, Nikon’s acclaimed 3D tracking and a fully customizable Wide Area AF. These modes take advantage of the enhanced Subject Detection capability for photo and video that recognizes humans, pets, birds, trains, cars, motorbikes and bicycles, and now various types of airplanes.

Ready for Production

The Z 8 is an extremely capable video camera for a diverse mix of productions, enhancing the process from capture to post by providing cleaner files from a variety of frame rates and resolution. Because of its reduced body size and internal recording, it’s ideal for gimbal use, but also suitable as an A-cam for extended events and weddings, corporate clients, documentaries or even independent cinema. Benefits don’t stop at image quality, as users will modern multimedia professional’s workflow.

Prices and Availability

The new Nikon Z 8 will be available on May 25, 2023 for a suggested retail price of $3,999.95. The MB-N12 battery grip will be available in May for an SRP of $349.95. For more information about the latest the latest Nikon products, including the vast collection of NIKKOR Z lenses and the entire collection of Z series cameras, please visit nikonusa.com.

Sony Electronics Launches New Xperia 1 V Smartphone

Sony Electronics Inc. introduces the Xperia 1 V, its’ first flagship smartphone equipped with a newly developed stacked CMOS image sensor with 2-layer Transistor Pixel. The Xperia 1V packed with Sony’s cutting-edge technology, meeting the high-level needs of creators, while at the same time, supporting future creators who want to shoot or deliver their content with pride.

“We continue to prioritize the needs of our customers and the new Xperia 1 V allows for the next level of content creation, viewing experience, gaming performance, battery life and audio capabilities,” says Yang Cheng, Vice President, Imaging Solutions, Sony Electronics Inc. “The opportunities and needs for smartphones are increasing and with the Xperia 1 V the possibilities for both photo and video creation is truly endless.”

Elevating Content Capture

The Xperia 1 V is raising the bar with its’ newly developed image sensor which depicts rich colors and textures of people, landscapes, and scenes in even dark locations. Due to the combination of the low-light performance, which is approximately double compared to the previous model and the high-speed multi frame overlay procession technology of the Xperia 1 V, it is possible to shoot a noise resistant photo with wider dynamic range that is equivalent to a full-frame camera.

The 24mm lens on the back of the Xperia 1 V equipped with a 2-layer Transistor Pixel CMOS image sensor “Exmore T for mobile” which is about 1.7 times larger than the Xperia 1 IV’s image sensor. In addition, the 85-125mm (F2.3-F2.8) optical zoom lens enables bright portraits with little distortion.

S-Cinetone, designed for cinematographers, has been adjusted and installed for mobile. Sine the texture of the human skin can be beautifully expressed when shooting, it is possible to record as an impressive cinematic image as it is, without color grading. In addition, the new sensor has approximately three times the saturation signal level compared to the conventional sensor, and unique image quality processing suppresses noise that tends to occur in dark scenes, resulting in beautiful images with soft colors.

The Xperia 1 V has a multitude of functions including color presets such as Creative Look, also found in Alpha series cameras, and high-performance AF (auto focus). Various color settings are preset, such as colorful flowers and a clear blue sky, or creating a soft, transparent finish.

Xperia’s high performance Real-time Eye AF and Real-time tracking allows shooting with the focus on the eyes of a person or a specified subject. With AI depth that analyzes distance information, even distant subjects can be clearly focused. Additionally, high-speed continuous shooting of up to 30 frames per second with AF/AE tracking is newly available, so no moment will be missed.

Immersive Experience

Packed into the newest compact smartphone is a 6.5-inch 4K OLED display with a refresh rate of 120Hz and less blur. The powerful and low-noise speaker amplifier improves the spread and depth of the sound, and the extension of the low and high frequencies, creating a more dynamic and clear sound. Xperia 1 V offers an authentic viewing experience of movies and music without the need for an additional speaker. On the backside, it has a functional tactile design that uses a uniquely developed texture glass. Combined with fine slits on the side, it provides a stable grip and prevents from slipping when you hold the smartphone during shooting or viewing.

Best in Class Gaming Performance

The game assist function “Game Enhancer” provides visual and auditory support for game players. In addition to simply playing, players can also livestream their playing scene on YouTube. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen2 Mobile Platform and Elite Gaming optimizes the experience of shooting, viewing and playing games with superior level.

Pricing and Availability

The Xperia 1 V will be available for pre-order on May 11, 2023 for approximately $1399.99 with first customer deliveries July 28, 2023. It will be some unlocked in black at a variety of Sony’s authorized dealers throughout the United States. A khaki green color variation will be available exclusively at www.electronics.sony.com.

Fujifilm Wins Multiple Awards At 2023 NAB Show

On May 4, 2023, Fujifilm North American Corporation’s Electronic Imaging and Optical Devices Divisions announced they had earned top honors in a variety of award categories as part of their presence at the 2023 National Association of Broadcasters Show (NAB Show), which occurred April 16-19, 2023, in Las Vegas. This official awards program recognized some of the most significant and promising new products and technologies showcased by exhibitors at the NAB Show.

The NAB Show Product of the Year Awards are divided into three categories – Create, Connect, an Capitalize. Winners were selected by a panel of industry experts and announced in a live awards ceremony at NAB Show on April 18. To be eligible for an award, nominated products had to come from companies exhibiting at the 2023 NAB Show and be available for delivery within the 2023 calendar year.

Fujifilm was named a winner in the following areas of the awards’ “Create” category:

Cameras: FUJIFILM X-H2 Mirrorless Digital Camera

Remote Production: FUJIFILM X-H2 and X-H2S Integrations for frame.io Camera to Cloud

Camera Support, Control, and Accessories: FUJINON Duvo HZJ25 – 1000mmF2.8-5.0 CineBox PL Lens (Duvo 25-1000)

Fujifilm also won BEST OVERALL in the Create category for DUVO 15-1000.

“One of our overarching goals is to make the creation process as seamless as possible for content creators, whether their speciality is broadcast, cinema, still photography, or any other visual medium,” said Victor Ha, vice president, Electronic Imaging and Optical Devices Divisions, FUJIFILM North American Corporation.

“With the new products and workflows we introduced this year at the 2023 NAB Show, we’re confident we have achieved exactly that; letting creators focus on what they do best – creating. Being recognized for products and technology that makes it easier for people to get out and create is a true honor, and for products from both divisions to be included makes this even more special, especially as the synergies between our two Divisions continue to expand. We are so appreciative of the recognitions and encourage you to stay tuned for what’s coming next!”

“During our centennial year, NAB continues to recognize the products that are transforming how content is being created, connected and capitalized throughout the broadcast, media and entertainment industry,” said NAB senior vice president and chief customer success officer Eric Trabb. “Congratulations to Fujifilm for winning multiple 2023 NAB Show Product of the Year Awards, demonstrating its ability to help storytellers face the challenges of the present and future by revolutionizing a critical stage of the content lifecycle.

About the Winning Mirrorless Digital Camera

FUJIFILM X-H2 Mirrorless Digital Camera

The world’s first APS-C camera to enable 8K/30P Apple ProRes internal recording, FUJIFILM X-H2 takes content creation to the next level. Packing features including its back-illuminated 40.2MP X-Trans CMOS 5 HR sensor and the highest resolution in the X Series lineup in both stills and videos

FUJIFILM X-H2 and X-H2S Integrations for frame.io Camera to Cloud

With the frame.io Camera to Cloud integration for FUJIFILM X-H2S and X-H2 cameras, users with the FT-XH file transmitter accessory will have the ability to use their paid Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions – and any active internet connection – to deliver any combination of still or video files to Frame.io, directly from the camera. This will accelerate production workflows and create opportunities to remotely collaborate in near real-time by providing centralized access to still and video assets as they are being created – even across multiple users.

FUJINON Duvo 25-1000

A new category of lens, the development of which was first announced in October 2022, Duvo 25-1000 is a native PL-mount box lens that combines broadcast functionality with beautiful token, delivering a cinematic look to live, as well as scripted, productions. Duvo 25-1000 utilizes innovative optical design technology to achieve a maximum aperture of F2.8 and 40x zoom ratio.

This ultra-high zoom ration lens is compatible with the large sensors of digital cinema cameras, yet provides a brightness of F2.8 at the wide angle. Not only does it enable filming in low light environments such as indoor concerts or nighttime events, but the shallow depth-of-field creates the bokeh that delivers the highly-sought-after cinematic look.

Yamaha Announces New DM3 Series-22 Digital Mixing Consoles

Yahmaha, the world’s largest manufacturer of musical instruments and audio solutions, today introduced the DM3 Series, a professional audio lineup that makes it easy for users to build a mix in any situation, empowering musicians serious about turning their music into a career.

There are two DM3 mixers in the Series- the DM3-D features Dante audio networking for quick and flexible connection to a wide range of compatible audio devices, and the DM3 Standard without Dante. Other than Dante provision, the features on both models are identical, highlighting 16 mono, one stereo and two FX Return input mixing channels, plus six Mix Send, two FX Send, one stereo and two matrix output mixing channels.

As the new standard in compact mixers, the DM3 Series offers up to 96kHz sound quality, powerful features, a fast, simple setup and ease of operation in an ultra-compact chassis. The supremely portable mixers feature a combination unmatched by any other mixing console of this size.

Offering low latency and two high-quality processors featuring 18 types of effects, a simple, intuitive user interface is centered around a large 9” screen with multi-touch control. Though small but thoughtful features can choose from multiple languages for channel names (using the DM3 Editor or DM3StageMix applications) displayed on the user’s choice of a light or dark background, making the DM3 Series easy to use in any space, lighting conditions and by users of different nationalities.

With custom fader banks and MonitorMix support for personal monitor mixing, it has various live sound applications, from simple presentations and conferences to live bands and multi-performer events. The DM3 is also ideal as a sub-mixer for a Dante-compatible main console.

“Whether performing live onstage or streaming online, it just makes sense to trust a company that lives and breathes music to ensure every note is heard as intended.” Says Preston Gray, director of marketing for professional audio at Yamaha Corporation of America.

The DM3 Series is a portable, full-specification music production tool that covers all the bases for recording and editing needs, thanks to an 18in/18out USB audio interface and DAW Remote functionality.

Pricing and Availability

The DM3S will be available in April, with DM3-D to follow this summer.

DM3-D: $1,999.99
DM3 Standard: $1,699.99

For more information and to purchase DM3, visit SHOP YAMAHA

Panasonic Connect Expands PTZ And Switcher Line-Ups

To provide production teams with the flexibility and reliability they need to capture and produce content in any type of environment, Panasonic Connect North America launched its AW-UR100 Outdoor PTZ camera and AV-HSW10 compact switcher. The company also announced updated to its Premium Series PTZ camera lineup, to bring a built-in auto-tracking feature to corporate and educational settings.

AW-UR100 Outdoor PTZ Camera

Sports production teams and broadcast crews operate in challenging outdoor environments. To create dynamic productions that capture a game from different angles and make fans feel as if they are present in person, or give broadcast news viewers comprehensive glimpse into current traffic or on location weather conditions, they need high-quality camera solutions that can stand up to the elements.

The AW-UR100 builds off the success of the AW-HR140, a camera known for its durability in outdoor environments, and will eventually replace the AW-HR140 in the PZ lineup later this year. Key features of the AW-UR100 include:

An 1P65 rating, along with a wiper, heater, defroster, enhanced stabilization, and the ability to mount it upright or upside down for versatile installation options.

A newly designed 4K imager that allows production teams to capture crisp, clear content even in the harshest conditions.

A compact size that offers SRT, Fiber connectivity, and 4K streaming.

The IP65 rating distinguishes the AW-UR100 with its salt resistant coating. The camera uses advanced technology for superior vibration and stabilization, as well as wind pressure resistance. These features are a direct response to customer demand for a camera that can stand up to the rigors of extreme weather without compromising on the quality of captured content.

An integrated 4K/60P camera, AW-UR100 offers enhanced picture quality with a newly developed 4K sensor and strong optical zoom of 24x, ensuring high resolution even when iZoom is utilized to zoom closer into a scene. To capture the full length of a playing field, the camera’s increased 74.1 degree field of view will be particularly helpful in sports settings. The new camera supports workflow flexibility with IP protocols, including SRT, NDI, and NDI|HX2 for secure 4K streaming even over a public network. It also supports Fiber connectivity and new workflows such as AR/VR/XR productions with FreeD built in.

AV-HWS10 Compact Switcher

Smaller university production departments and houses of worship don’t have the space for large scale production equipment. They need a switcher that’s compact and easy to learn and operate for their volunteer production teams. Similarly, rental and staging professionals and production crews in smaller corporate venues need portable solutions when producing livestreams for events and webinars. There’s also increased demand for IP workflows and to stream directly from the switcher.

The AV-HSW10 bridges the gap between a baseband and IP workflow for great flexibility and performance with 10bit processing.

The AV-HSW10 is a compact, notebook-sized and reasonably priced high reliability switcher with SDI/HDMI/NDI/SRT/UVC/RTMP input/output. Its wide variety of inputs and outputs offers a simplified connection with an IP-compatible PTZ camera. It supports RTMP for direct upload to streaming services, and USB Video Class for compatibility with web conferencing services, and USB Video Class for compatibility with web conferencing services.

Further, its user-friendly buttons, T-shaped fader, and intuitive on-screen display ensure error-free operation. Despite its compact size, the switcher supports broadcast image quality and high performance. With direct streaming output and audio support, it can power a one-person operation from production to distribution.

And when there is a full production team, it offers compatibility with the Panasonic Software Control Panel for viewing video and images, as well as for easy, direct switching from a PC. This way, multiple people can work simultaneously for an efficient operation.

Fujifilm Announces New Fujinon Duvo HZK25 Mount Cinema Box Lens

FUJIFILM North America Corporation announced the availability of its new, ground-breaking FUJINON Duvo HK25-1000mm F2.8-F5.0 PL Mount Cinema Box Lens (“Duvo 25-1000”). As noted in Fujifilm’s prior October 2022 development announcement, this native PL-mount cinema box lens achieves a zoom ratio of 40x and a telephoto focal length of 1000mm, the highest combination of magnification and telephoto reach available to date for large cinema censors. Fujifilm North America Corporation expects to begin shipping initial orders of Duvo 25-1000 to its customers later this week.

Duvo 25-1000 is the first in Fujifilm’s new “Duvo” series of cinema lenses. Duvo 25-1000’s ability to provide telephoto filming with high magnification makes it suitable not only for sports broadcasts and live concerts, but also for movies, commercials, and other production users.

“In actively observing and gathering feedback from professionals about the emerging world of cinema-sized imagers in live production, our customers helped us identify a very clear need for a long and fast cinema lens that can produce cinematic results in a live production environment,” said Stosh Durbacz, national sales manager, Optical Devices Division, FUJIFILM North America Corporation. “With a pedigree that hails from the highly respected FUJINON PREMIER Series, Duvo 25-1000 provides production with unmatched flexibility and reach while producing the highly sought-after cinema look to live audiences.”

Duvo 25-1000 deploys a dual-format system that supports two single sensor sizes: a large format sensor size and a traditional super 35mm sensor. Duvo 25-1000’s use of Fujifilm’s newly developed 1.5x expander shifts the focal length of the telephoto side, enabling super telephoto image capture of 1500, (1000×1.5) Duo 25-1,000 enables filming with the same field of view in both formats and produces rich image expression by taking advantage of the camera’s cinematic look.

Camera operators can operate Duvo 25-1000 in a setup specialized for live broadcasting, since existing FUJINON box lens’ focus / iris / zoom features can also be remotely controlled by connecting to compatible wireless lens controllers. Duvo 25-1000 also features Breathing Compensation Technology, ensuring the subject framing does not change during focusing, helping to ensure natural-looking images.

To maximize portability, the upper grip of Duvo 25-1000 is designed to be slightly longer than conventional box-type broadcast lenses. As a result, it can be lifted stably near the center of gravity. In addition, a new lower grip has been integrated to improve portability.

Fujifilm will exhibit Duvo 25-1000 at booth C5725 at the 2023 NAB Show, the world’s largest international broadcast equipment exhibition, to be held in Las Vegas April 15 to April 19, 2023.

Fujifilm will continue its efforts to enhance the world of cinematic image expression by expanding its lineup of lenses that employ its dual-format system to accommodate two large sensors.

Sony Electronics Announces ZV-E1 Lens Camera For Video Creators

Sony Electronics announced the new ZV-E1, an interchangeable lens camera with a high performance 35mm full-frame image sensor for the ultimate video creation experience.

Newly positioned in Sony’s ZV vlog camera line-up, the ZV-E1 boasts a 12MP full-frame image sensor, Sony’s latest BIONZ XR image processing engine, a dedicated AI (artificial intelligence) processing unit, compatibility with over 70 Sony E-mount lenses, and other advanced technologies for capturing cinematic imagery with rich colors, low noise and high precision. The world’s most compact, lightweight full frame interchangeable lens camera, the ZV-E1 offers outstanding mobility, with refined operation to give video creators maximum creative freedom and versatility.

“The ZV-E1 has been designed to deliver a premium content creation tool for video creators who want to elevate their content,” says Yang Cheng, Vice President, Imaging Solutions, Sony Electronics Inc. “We are constantly listening to feedback from our customers, pushing to innovate to meet their demands. We have taken all the information into mind with our development of this new camera – with even more sophisticated video features, a streamlined user experience and an extremely compact design, the ZV-E1 offers a while new way for today’s creators to create top level video content.”

Expressive imagery that emphasizes the subject

The ZV-E1 is a dedicated content creation camera that features a 35mm full-frame back-illuminated CMOS Exmor R sensor, with approximately 12.1 effective megapixels, delivering high sensitivity, low noise, and gorgeous bokeh.

With up to eight times more processing power than previous Sony processors, the new BIONZ XR image processing engine markedly boosts high-sensitivity performance, gradation rendering, color reproduction, low-noise performance and more. The high volume of data generated by the image sensor can be processed in real time, even when shooting 4K (QFHD: 3840 x 2160) footage at 120p. The BIONX XR processor also contributed significantly to improved AF speed and precision.

High quality 4K (QFHD) video can be recorded with full pixel readout at 10-bit 4:2:2, without the need for pixel binning and with very high speed to minimize rolling shutter. This makes the expressive advantages of the full-frame format available for video recording while delivering high-resolution 4K footage. Users can upgrade from 4K 60p to 4K 120p through the Creators’ Cloud for extraordinarily smooth 5x (max.) slow-motion imagery. Direct playback for video in slow or quick motion in the S&Q mode boasts outstanding image quality.

With 15+ stop latitude, it’s possible to capture natural looking images in a wide variety of lighting to capture natural looking images even in extraordinarily low light situations without losing highlight or shadow detail. The standard ISO range extends from 80 to 102400 for both stills and movies. The expanded range for stills is 40 to 409600, and the expanded range for movies is 80 to 409600.

Advanced Audio for winning content

The ZV-E1 features a high performance 3-capsule microphone with variable directivity to optimize clear and crisp audio recordings. Front, all directions, and rear directivity settings are available to match a variety of environments, and for the first time, automatically switches to a direction in line with face recognition, so users can easily make optimal recordings. The new Auto setting allows [Front] or [All Directions] directivity to be automatically selected according to the current subject recognition and tracking status. The camera also includes a Multi Interface (MI) shoe with digital audio interface and mic and headphone jacks offer expanded audio capabilities. Supplies with the camera, is a windscreen that can significantly reduce noise when shooting in windy conditions.

Pricing and Availability

The new ZV-E1 will be available in May 2023 at variety of Sony’s authorized dealers, for an estimated retail price of $2,199.99 USD and $2,999.99 CAN. A kit variation including the compact full-frame 28-60 mm F4.5-5.6 zoom lens is also available for an estimated retail price of $2,499.99 USD and $3,399.99 CAN.

Jackson Celebrates Collaboration With Anthrax Founder Scott Ian

Jackson today launches the X Series Signature IAN KVX King VTM, an update to the Anthrax co-founder’s signature King VTM model with added flourishes that pay homage to his close friend and inspiration – Pantera guitarist, Dimebag Darrell.

Having played Jackson guitars almost exclusively through his storied career, Ian’s unique blend of precision and high octane rhythm playing has become synonymous with the brand. Now, with the latest iteration in this ongoing partnership, guitarists everywhere can tap into the powerful sonic capabilities unique to Jackson’s line of signature instruments while celebrating the kinship between two of metal’s most legendary players.

Scott Ian and Dimebag Darrell first crossed paths when the two shared a bill together in 1986 at a club called Cardi’s in Houston, TX. The two became fast friends and it wasn’t long before they left an indelible imprint on one another as players. In 2019, Ian paid tribute to his late friend with a custom shop King VTM that he referred to as “Baldini” – the nickname Dimebag gave Ian in the 90s after years of touring and collaboration. This revamped striking King V model is more than just a nod to these two iconic players, but to the miraculous ways in which like minded musicians can powerfully impact each others craft.

The Jackson X Series Signature Scott Ian KVX King VTM is built for optimal performance above all else. Thanks to a through-body maple neck with graphite reinforcement, 12”-16” compound radius rosewood fingerboard and 22 jumbo frets, this instrument makes quick work out of even the most dizzying licks.

A pair of Jackson high output humbucking pickups will ensure that every riff will be heard from the front row all the way to the rafters. It wouldn’t be a nod to Dimebag without a tremolo system that can handle the deepest of dive bombs and the “Baldini” does not disappoint. The centerpiece of this signature instrument is the eye-popping finish: vibrant shades of yellow and green seamlessly blend into one another across a stunningly quilted maple top.

“Taking on the ‘Baldini’ was a tall order. We were essentially working double duty to honor two of the most important players of all time,” said Jon Romanowski, VP of Category Management at Jackson. “Everything players have asked for on this revamped model is all there. From the striking finish to the Floyd Rose tremolo that Scott’s fans have been pining for for years, this instrument stands up to the task.”

Introducing the all-new X Series Signature Scott Ian KVX King V finished in a eye-popping transparent green burst – affectionately nicknamed the “Baldini Burst” inspired by his late friend Dimebag Darrell’s iconic green guitar finishes.