Movo WebMic HD Pro is on Kickstarter

The Movo WebMic HD Pro is an all-in-one HD Webcam, Mic, and LED light. It is on Kickstarter and appears to have reached its initial funding goal in two hours. There is a new funding goal of $15,000. At the time I am writing this blog post, there are 36 days left to fund this project.

Achieve professional-quality audio, video, and lighting with the Movo WebMic HD Pro, an all-in-one HD web camera, condenser, microphone, and LED lighting solution.

As experts in audio and video equipment for content creators, we are excited to introduce our WebMic HD Pro – an all-in-one mic, camera, and light that makes it easier to produce high quality content without breaking the bank. Whether you’re live-streaming your games, taking meetings at home, or teaching a class, the WebMic HD Pro centralizes all of your gear into one compact, easy-to-use setup.

The Movo WebMic HD Pro comes with a cardioid condenser microphone that has an HD 1080p camera embedded in the middle of it. There is an integrated LED ring light surrounding the microphone. It also comes with a detachable mount, a portable stand / handheld grip and a headphone monitoring port.

The company that makes Movo is based in Los Angeles, California. Their goal is to empower creators of all creeds with the tools that they need to turn their next great idea into their next masterpiece. They believe that everyone has a story to tell and a voice that deserves to be heard and that access to quality equipment shouldn’t be a hurdle to that.

Line 6 Announces HX Stomp XL

Line 6 has announced the HX Stomp XL, which is described as “more foot switches to stomp”. The HX Stomp XL amp and effects processor delivers HX modeling in a performance-ready pedal with eight capacitive-touch foot switches. The same SHARX DSP chip found in Helix enables it to run up to eight processing blocks simultaneously, and the footswitches let you access and control those blocks in powerful ways.

HX Stomp XL delivers HX modeling in a performance-ready pedal with eight-capacitive-touch footswitches. The HX Stomp XL amp and effects processor runs up to eight processing blocks simultaneously, and the assignable footswitches let you access and control those blocks in powerful ways. Use it as a “super stompbox,” a backup or travel rig, an add-on tone expander with other modelers, a professional-quality audio interface, or even a complete guitar or bass rig. The HX Stomp XL processor’s Command Center functionality, MIDI capabilities, and dual expression pedal input also make it an ideal master controller for your entire setup.

Features include:

  • The power of HX-Stomp – now with eight footswitches
  • Exceptional sound quality of 123dB of dynamic range
  • Features the same SHARC DSP chip and HX Modeling as Helix processors
  • Eight capacitive-touch footswitches with color-coded LED rings
  • More than 300 HX and legacy amps, cabs, and effects – up to 8 simultaneous
  • Supports third-party impulse responses (IRs)
  • Split/parallel signal paths for maximum routing flexibility
  • Dual expression pedal/footswitch input for greater creative control
  • Stereo effects loop (mono/stereo TRS send + stereo returns)

LEHLE Introduced the LEHLE Dual Expression Pedal

Express yourself, twice! The LEHLE DUAL EXPRESSION is an active, wear-free expression pedal equipped with a precise magnetic sensor. Known from the LEHLE VOLUME pedals, this sensor uses the Hall effect, named after Edwin Hall, to measure the strength of magnetic fields.

In the LEHLE DUAL EXPRESSION the Hall sensor is accurately calibrated to the built-in magnet and the control range of the pedal – where the pedal moves only the magnet, whose distance is measured by the Hall sensor.

Two digital potentiometers, working with analogue voltages, are used for the precise and reliable generation of the expression data. This technology allows distinctly more accurate operation than is offered by conventional expression pedals with mechanical potentiometers. There is no mechanical wear, avoiding the need for maintenance or complicated adjustments.

Both outputs can control nearly all common devices with expression inputs from 5k to 100k, regardless if TS, TRS, or RTS – the polarity can be switched and stored using the soft-push buttons.

Alternatively, the 10k output can be set to work as a latching momentary switch, if the pedal is pushed in the fully toe position. Then e.g. the channel of an amp can be changed or, connected to a switch-input of a digital device, any desired function can be controlled.

Via the USB socket, you can send MIDI data to a computer, in order to control midi compatible software.

In use, the LEHLE DUAL EXPRESSION is extremely smooth and steady under foot, as it is equipped with low-friction bearings of a high-performance polymer. By means of an adjusting screw the mobility of the pedal can be modified with great precision.

Compared to the LEHLE MONO VOLUME we were able to reduce the weight by 50% and the size by 35% – with the same rugged stability. It’s even 2 cm flatter, however the pedal range stays the same – just as comfortable and responsive as the large models.

Panasonic Introduced New Interchangable Telephoto Zoom Lens

Panasonic is proud to introduce a new interchangeable telephoto zoom lens, the LUMIX 70-300mm F4.5-5.6 MACRO O.I.S. [S-R70300], based on the L-Mount system, for the LUMIX S Series Full-Frame Digital Single Lens Mirrorless Camera. Built with professional photographers in mind, the LUMIX-S Series pursues uncompromising photographic expression with its high-quality cameras and lenses.

The new LUMIX S 70-300mm boasts high descriptive performance and beautiful bokeh throughout the entire zoom range, which create exceptionally impressive photo and video. It also provides high-speed, high-precision AF and Dual Image Stabilizer [IS] for use in a wide-range of situations including sports, animals, portraits and vehicles.

Adopting the state-of-the-art optical technology, the optimum alignment of the 17 lens elements in 11 groups, including one ultra extra-low dispersion [UED] lens, two extra-low dispersion [ED] lenses and one ultra-high refractive index [UHR] lens, effectively suppresses axial chromatic aberration at tele-end, and chromatic aberration of magnification at wide-end. Specifically, the UHR lens achieves uniform image quality from the center to the edges of the image, while contributing to an overall smaller configuration of the lens unit.

With an outstanding minimum focusing distance of 0.54m, the LUMIX 70-300mm achieves maximum magnification of 0.5x [at 300mm] realizing half life-size macro photography and videography. Circular aperture with an 11-bladed iris diaphragm provides beautifully rounded bone for unfocused lights.

Combining the Optical Image Stabilizer [OIS] in the lens and the Body IS in the LUMIX S Series camera, the Dual IS system powerfully compensates for the handshake in telephoto shooting, making it possible to use a 5.5-stop slower shutter speed. The focus control with a maximum 480 fps high-speed sensor drive realizes fast, high-precision AF.

Despite being a telephoto zoom lens with macro capability, the LUMIX 70,300mm F4.5-5.6 MACRO O.I.S. is compact and light weight for stunning mobility. The rugged, dust/splash-resistant design withstands use under harsh conditions even at 14° / -10° C.

In addition, the fluorine coating on the front element repels water and oil. The filter diameter is 77mm.

The LUMIX 70-300mm, like all LUMIX S Series lenses, excels in video recording performance with a mechanism that minimizes focus breathing, a fatal problem in all interchangeable lenses designed for still image photography. Furthermore, focus shift is suppressed during zooming with an exceptional zoom tracking performance, with the subject always in sharp focus. As a result, the new lens meets the exceptionally high standards required to achieve professional-grade video footage.

The LUMIX S 70-300mm F4.-5.6 MACRO O.I.S [S-R70300] will be available at valued channel partners in April for $1249.99 MSRP.

Hartke Introduces New Lightweight HyDrive Series Bass Cabinets

Hartke is excited to introduce the new lightweight HL Series Bass Cabinets to their innovative line of HyDrive professional bass cabinets. All speaker configurations will be available Q2, 2021 at major music instrument retailers. The announcement was made for the NAMM 2021 Believe in Music Week virtual summit.

Lightweight Design

HL Series combine high-performance speakers with rugged construction using lightweight 16mm kiln-dried plywood which dramatically reduces the overall weight of the cabinets. A black textured paint finish, powder coated steel grille and chrome plated corners round out the robust build.

The HyDrive HL Series is available in four speaker configurations:

  • HL112: 1 x 12” HyDrive speaker + 1” HF / Lightweight Cabinet / 24.8 lb / 300 watts / 8 ohms
  • HL210: 2 x 10” HyDrive speaker +1 HF / Lightweight Cabinet / 29.5 lb / 500 watts / 8 ohms
  • HL115: 1 x 15” HyDrive speaker + 1” HF / Lightweight Cabinet / 39.8 lb / 500 watts / 8 ohms
  • HL410: 4 x 10” HyDrive speaker + 1” HF / Lightweight Cabinet / 47.6 lb / 1000 watts / 8 ohms

Classic Hartke Sound, Smoother Frequency Response

HL Series speakers feature Hartke’s patented HyDrive speaker with neodymium magnets which further reduce the weight. The outside curved, Kevlar-loaded paper cone delivers a smooth, even response with a deep tone, while the inner straight, anodized aluminum cone produces highly accurate, distortion-free output. The speakers include a 1” horn loaded tweeter, with a 3-position level switch, that adds the high frequencies. The result is a clean, full tone with the clear fundamental of each note and natural overtones.

Sony Electronics Launches FX3 Full-Frame Camera for Creators

Sony Electronics Inc. announced the FX3 (model ILME-FX3) camera that combines the best of Sony’s industry-leading digital cinema technology with advanced imaging features from Alpha brand mirrorless cameras to make Sony’s coveted cinematic look accessible to more creators.

As the latest addition to Sony’s Cinema Line, the FX3 delivers a cinematic look and professional operability and reliability in a camera that is accessible to early-career creators, as well as suitable to be used alongside Sony’s VENICE, FX9 and FX6 cameras. The new model provides outstanding image quality and usability for small scale and one-person shooting. The FX3 boasts industry-leading autofocus capabilities, 5-axis in-body image stabilization with Active mode, handheld shooting design and advanced heat dissipation for extended recording time. All this is combined in a compact, lightweight body that provides that provides the performance and mobility to meet the growing demands of today’s content creators.

The FX3 boasts Sony’s industry-leading image sensor technology to achieve high processing speeds and outstanding image quality. The full-frame, back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS sensor (approximately 10.2 effective megapixel count for video recording and approximately 12.1 effective megapixels count for stills) and the BIONZ XR image processing engine team up to ensure high sensitivity with low noise. The standard ISO range is 80 to 102,400 (expandable to 409,600 when shooting video), dynamic range is an impressively wide 15+ stops.

In response to a growing need for more expressive depth, the FX3, along with FX9 and FX6 Cinema Line cameras, allows users to create a cinematic look without post-production using the 5-Cinetone color matrix. Inspired by the color science used in Sony’s flagship VENICE camera, S-Cinetone delivers natural mid-tones, plus soft colors and smooth highlights that are essential to create a cinematic look.

Creators can record in 4K at up to 120 frames per second. Extraordinary smooth slow-motion imagery (up to 5x) at QFHD (3840 x 2160) resolution with autofocus provides new expressive capability.

Sony’s most compact and lightweight Cinema Line camera is ideal for handheld shooting, gimbal and drone-mounted work. It weights just 1.58 lbs. (715 g), including the battery and memory cards, and the body is only 5.11 in x 3.33 in x 3.06 in (77.8 mm x 129.7 mm x 84.5 mm). The camera grip has been carefully designed to provide optimum flexibility, stability, and comfort for long shoots.

The new FX3 full-frame Cinema Line camera will be available March 2021 for approximately $3,900 USD and $5,000 CAD. It will be sold at a variety of Sony’s authorized dealers throughout North America.

Gretch Expands Electromatic Center Block Lineup

Gretch expands its Electromatic Collection Center Block lineup with the brand new G5622 ELECTROMATIC CENTER BLOCK DOUBLE-CUT WITH V-STOPTAIL, as well as new finishes for the G5622T ELECTROMATIC CENTER BLOCK DOUBLE-CUT WITH BIGSBY.

Alive and loud, Electromatic Center Block guitars are designed for that purpose and powerful Gretch sound at high volume. The G5622T and G5622 models feature a double-cutaway maple body with chambered spruce center block dynamic resonance, high gain power and lightweight comfort.

Dual Black Top BroadTron humbucking pickups deliver chiming highs with dynamic and articulate tone for enhanced sonic punch. The instrument’s sonic power can be flexibly harnessed with a versatile control layout consisting of a master volume control with treble bleed circuit, master tone, individual pickup volume controls and three-position pickup toggle switch.

Other features include an anchored Adjusto-Matic bridge, Graph Tech NuBone nut and G-arrow knobs. The G5622T is equipped with a Bigsby B70 vibrato tailpiece, while the G5622 comes with a V-Stoptail.

Painstakingly crafted with essential Gretch sound, style and playability, G5622T now comes in two new remarkable finished – Single Barrel Bursts and Speyside – with gold pickguard, gold pickup bezels and nickel hardware, while the G5622 comes in Aged Walnut, Black Gold, or Bristol Fog with nickel hardware. The Aged Walnut with Black Gold finished feature a gold pickguard, while Bristol Fog comes with a black pick guard.

Jackson Releases Pro Series Signature Marty Friedman MF-1 Guitar

Jackson has introduced the Pro Series Signature Marty Friedman MF-1 Purple Mirror guitar. It is available in February of 2021.

One of the most influential and respected players in the world, Marty Friedman’s impactful and game-changing contributions to heavy metal and guitar in general continue to inspire generations of musicians and music fans to this day. He defined modern guitar playing with Jason Becker in Cacophony, was a key element in the widely successful rise of thrash pioneers Megadeth, and with his “Marty-esque” improvisations and exotic fusion of Eastern and Western music, has achieved global success as a solo artist.

Jackson continues their longstanding relationship with Friedman by collaborating with the virtuoso on the Pro Series Signature Marty Friedman MF-1. This 24.75”-scale signature model is loaded with great features to match the demanding needs of an elite and intricate player like Friedman – but at an affordable price.

Friedman’s signature MF-1 features a resonant mahogany with a striking cracked mirror top. A mahogany set-neck features a scarf joint and graphite-reinforcement rods to protect against environmental depredations. A 12”-radius bound ebony fingerboard with 22 jumbo frets and pearloid blocks inlays is an ideal playing surface for swift licks or articulate chord work.

Marty Friedman dual passive EMG MF signature humbucking pickups deliver a sound that sings and screams. This axe is also equipped with two volume and two tone controls as well as a three-way pickup toggle switch to wrangle all of the subtle nuances out of your guitar tone. The Jackson TOM-style adjustable bridge with anchored tailpiece and die-cast locking tuners creates improved intonation and enhanced sustain.

Never fear being upstaged with the all-new cracked Purple Mirror finish, complete with 3-ply white/abalone/white body binding, all-black hardware and reverse Jackson 3×3 (3 over, 3 under) AT-1 black headstock.

Ernie Ball Introduced the Pegwinder Plus

Ernie Ball introduced the Pegwinder Plus. It features an ultra-smooth ball bearing design for fast and easy string changes. Thanks to its universal peghead design and integrated bridge pin puller, the Pegwinder Plus is suitable for most electric and acoustic guitars and basses.

Features also include a soft, comfortable grip and a non-abrasive peghead to prevent unwanted damage during string installation. This compact pegwinder fits easily in most cases or gig bags and makes a great addition to any musician’s tool kit.

When it comes to live string changes, every second counts. Brightly colored and ergonomic, the Ernie Ball Pegwinder Plus is easy to find on a dark stage, and comfortable to grip in the heat of the gig. With the unique ball-bearing design, every turn is smooth and fluid, letting you bring your new string safely up to pitch and start the next song.

When you have multiple guitars in your studio or live rig, the Ernie Ball Pegwinder Plus is the one-stop solution. Featuring a universal peghead that’s compatible with most all major electric, acoustic and bass models, this standalone tool takes care of string changes for the whole band. Plus, with the Pegwinder’s non-abrasive peghead, you’ll never have to worry about damaging your finish.

Working musicians know that stubborn acoustic bridge pins can be the hardest part of a string change, but the Ernie Ball Pegwinder Plus gives peace of mind during unplugged sets. Featuring an integrated acoustic bridge pin puller at the base of the handle, this compact standalone tool’s got you covered.

Gretch Added New Limited Edition Models for 2021

Gretch adds new limited models for 2021 with the G6136T Limited Edition Falcon with Bigsby, G6119TG-62RW-LTD Limited Edition ‘62 Rosewood Tenny with Bigsby and Gold Hardware, and the G6134T Limited Edition Penguin Koa with Bigsby.

Gretch Limited Edition models elevate our most celebrated designs with striking finishes and upgraded features and appointments. Stunning in style and sound, these small batch runs are designed for players seeking a more individualized edge.

The Gretch Falcon is one of the most desired guitars in production today, and the all-new G6136T Limited Edition Falcon with Bigsby in an enchanting Two-Tone Copper/Sahara Metallic takes it to the next level.

This magnificent bird features a pair of TV Jones Ray Butts Ful-Fidelity pickups that generate powerful tone and unparalleled dynamic, as well as 1959 trestle bracing for that huge hollow body sound. The control complement – separate bridge and neck volume controls, three-way toggle pickup switching, no-load master tone and master volume – allows for infinite tonal variations. The new Gretch “Squeezebox” paper-in-oil caps add smooth vintage tone while the treble bleed circuit lets the guitar retain all of its tasty clarity when rolling the volume control down.

A 12”-radius ebony fingerboard with 22 medium jumbo frets and striking mother of pearl Neo-Classic thumbnail inlays tops a maple neck with a comfortably familiar standard “U”-shaped profile for fluidly easy playing. The Bigsby B6CP vibrato tailpiece and pinned “rocking” bar bridge with ebony base combine with the bone nut for maximum tuning stability. The Bigsby tailpiece is now string-through, making it quicker (and easier) to change strings as well as providing increased vibration transfer for enhanced sustain.

A bold visual and sonic statement, the G6136T presents total sophistication—from the Grover Imperial™ locking tuning machines and jeweled G-arrow control knobs to the silver sparkle bound neck, body and F-holes, gloss urethane finish, chrome hardware and silver vintage thick plexi pickguard with Gretsch and Falcon logos.

Available February 2021.

A nod to the early era of rock ‘n’ roll, the G6119TG-62RW-LTD Limited Edition ‘62 Rosewood Tenny with Bigsby and Gold Hardware is a solid performer with the standout sound and stunning style that have made Gretsch a household name. Highly resonant with rosewood top, back and sides, the unique voice of this guitar cuts through any mix, standing out from the crowd with That Great Gretsch Sound:

A pair of rich-sounding TV Jones TV Classic™ humbucking pickups creates unmistakable vintage snap and guttural growl with lively response, reflecting the natural voice of the guitar. Parallel tone bars connect the top and back of this guitar for authentic vintage tone. Traditional Gretsch controls—individual pickup volume controls, master volume, standby toggle switch and the classic three-position tone toggle switch—allows for blending and shaping the pickups’ sound for countless tonal variations. The new Gretsch “Squeezebox” paper-in-oil capacitors generate incredibly silky vintage high end. A “rocking” bar bridge with pinned rosewood base reacts in tandem with the Bigsby B6G vibrato tailpiece for stable tuning while the vintage-style bone nut lets the strings slide freely without binding in the slots. The standard “U”-shaped maple neck bears a 12”-radius rosewood fingerboard with 22 vintage small frets for a classic playing experience that works with any style.

An exquisite instrument inspired by one of guitar’s greatest eras, the G6119TG-62RW-LTD Limited Edition ‘62 Rosewood Tenny with Bigsby and Gold Hardware features the classic aesthetics true Gretsch fans love—gold G-arrow control knobs and Grover Sta-Tite open-back tuning machines, aged white binding with black purfling, aged pearloid Neo-Classic thumbnail inlays, rosewood headcap, durable gloss urethane finish and black pickguard with Gretsch logo.
Available March 2021.

The G6134T Limited Edition Penguin Koa with Bigsby offers a tastefully elegant take on the rarest of Gretsch birds.

The Penguin’s chambered mahogany body with arched figured koa top captures harmonic richness by letting air resonate between the top and body for livelier and more articulate tone, while a pair of TV Jones® TV Classic pickups beautifully project bright, twangy notes with a hint of growl similar to late-1950s Filter’Trons. The result is an extraordinary voice ideal for distinctive rock ‘n’ roll licks, chiming country rhythms or articulate rockabilly riffs. A three-position pickup toggle switch, individual pickup volume controls, master volume and three-position tone toggle switch open up endless tonal possibilities.

Its premium features also include a set mahogany neck, 12”-radius ebony fingerboard with 22 medium jumbo frets, Bigsby B3 tailpiece, rocking bar bridge with pinned ebony base, Grover Imperial™ tuners and bone nut.

Richly appointed, this limited edition beauty is decked out in a Natural finish with matching figured koa headstock, tortoiseshell body and neck binding, mother of pearl Neo-Classic™ thumbnail inlays, jeweled arrow control knobs, tortoise pickguard and gold hardware.

Available April 2021.