Chaos Audio Lowers Price of Stratus, Enjoys International Growth

With a change in its pricing and business model, Chaos Audio has reduced the cost to acquire Stratus, its multi-effect, app-enabled guitar pedal.

“We want to scale up by lowering the barrier to entry for people to get their hands on the hardware,” said Chaos Audio CEO Landon McCoy.

The Stratus pedal had been selling well at $380, but Chaos has dropped the price to $249 to grow the community of Stratus users more rapidly.

There is a bit of a tradeoff.

Chaos Audio has reduced the number of free effects included in Stratus purchases from 34 to 18. Paid effects may be acquired individually or in bundles, such as their new “TonePass” package.

We were charging more for a Stratus pedal than the cost of an iPad,” McCoy said. “We needed to make it more affordable.”

Chaos Audio is growing domestically and internationally. By securing a distributor based on Germany, the company has brought about greater affordability for European musicians with an interest in obtaining the uniquely versatile Stratus pedal.

“We have signed on with B4 Distribution in Remagen, Germany, and they made an initial purchase of 108 pedals,” McCoy said. “That’s huge because until now, anyone from outside of the United States had to buy from us directly.”

That meant purchasers were subject to shipping costs and import fees that totaled about half of the price of the pedal itself.

“Now, they are going to see a much lower price tag,” McCoy said. “They will be able to go to a local music store or order one from a dealer site like Thomann,” Europe’s largest online music gear retailer.

“The whole team at B4 Distribution looks forward to working with Chaos Audio and helping them achieve a successful future with their product portfolio,” said Volker Buchele, B4’s chief operating officer. “Their hardware and software will certainly find its way to many pedalboards, rehearsal rooms, studios and stages.”

For McCoy, having a European based pedal-pusher has been a big step. And he hasn’t stopped there. He has reached agreement with the MVM Company, which distributes musical equipment and software in efforts to “advance the music industry” in South Korea.

In a prepared statement, MVM enthusiastically described its relationship with Chaos.

“Imagine a world where learning guitar is as thrilling as performing on stage,” the statement begins. “At MVM, we’ve discovered just that with our latest partner: Chaos Audio.”

“We’re not just excited; we’re honored to join forces with Chaos. Their cutting-edge approach is set to redefine the music landscape, and we’re thrilled to be at the forefront of this sonic boom.”

Fender Musical Instruments Corp. Unveils New Product Innovations For Summer

2024 has already been a stellar year for Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC). The company not only celebrated 70 years of their iconic Stratocaster guitar, but also launched signature models from the likes of Blink 182’s Tom DeLonge, Clash legend Joe Strummer, and super-producer Raphael Saadiq, whilst continuing to cater to the everyday needs of seasoned guitarists and new players alike.

The guitar manufacturer announces a slate of new products that demonstrate the industry-leading innovation and craftsmanship the brand has been synonymous with for nearly eighty years. Key highlights include: expansion of the Squire Affinity Series, a new Antiqua colourway for California Vintage acoustics, and a range of trailblazing new accessories such as Telepath Wireless System, Bassman effects pedals and various Strat 70th memorabilia.

With ongoing dedication to innovate and expand their electric and acoustic guitars, alongside accessory offerings, FMIC continues to support and elevate players by providing them with all the tools they need to learn, create and hone their sound.

“2024 has already been an incredible year for innovation at Fender, and as you can see, we have no plans to slow down as we move into the second half of the year,” said Justin Norvell, Executive Vice President, Product at FMIC. 

“With our 70th Anniversary Stratocaster collection, we wanted to strike a balance between honoring tradition and catering to the needs of current players of all abilities and the same is true with these latest product introductions. Our new Antique California Vintage guitars, for example, are a nod to the past and caters to vintage aficionados as well as to players with modern sensibilities, whilst the Telepath Wireless System demonstrates that Fender is still at the cutting edge of development and craftsmanship, as it was in 1954.”

“At Fender, our commitment as always is to empower an ever-growing community of players and creators, wherever they are on their guitar-playing journey,” shared Tammy Van Donk, Executive Vice President FMIC Sales. “With that in mind, we’re very excited to announce this diverse range of new products, which we’re confident will provide our esteemed global dealer network with the catalog they need to cater to musicians of all kinds and across all genres.”

2024 New Product Introductions – Fender Electrics – Limited Edition American Performer Timber

Limited Edition American Performer Timber Stratocaster ($1499.99 USD)

Born in Corona, California, the Limited Edition American Performer Timber Stratocaster delivers the exceptional tone and feel you expect from an authentic Fender. This guitar features a trio of YosemiteTM single-coil pickups, designed for rich, expressive, tones. 

With flat-staggered pole pieces to increase output and a shellac coating that lets the coil breathe while controlling feedback, Yosemite pickups produce dynamic sounds ideal for any musical situation. A push-pull tone control adds the neck pickup in any switch position, unlocking new, musically useful tones.

The “Modern C” shaped neck sports a 9.5” -radius fingerboard that’s comfortable for almost any playing stride, along with 22 jumbo frets for effortless and accurate bending. 

The Limited Edition American Performer Timber Stratocaster is available in three beautiful tonewood options. Choose Sassafras with a satin Mocha finish, Sugar Pine with a satin 2-Color Sunburst finish, or Spruce with a satin Honey Burst finish.

Limited Edition American Performer Timber Telecaster ($1499.99 USD)

Born in Corona, California, the Limited Edition Performer Timber Telecaster combines exceptional Fender tone and authentic feel with modern materials and player-oriented features designed to inspire while propelling your playing to new heights. 

This guitar features a set of YosemiteTM single-coil pickups, designed for rich, expressive tones. With flat-staggered pole pieces to increase output and coatings that let the coil breathe while controlling feedback – a shellac coating for the neck pickup and wax potting for the bride pickup — Yosemite pickups produce dynamic sounds ideal for any musical situation.

The American Performer Telecaster also features GreasbucketTM tone circuitry to shape the highs without adding bass, preserving your sound. The “Modern C”-shaped neck sport a 9.5 radius fingerboard that’s comfortable for almost any playing style, along with 22 jumbo frets for effortless and accurate ending. 

The Limited Edition American Performer Timber Telecaster is available in three beautiful tonewood options. Chose Sassafras with a satin Mocha finish, Sugar Pine with a satin 2-Color Sunburst finish, or Spruce with a satin Honey Burst finish.

Available July 2024.

Doug Wimbish USA Signature Series From Spector

In its nearly 50-year history, the iconic Spector NS bass has been played by legendary bassists on countless recordings and stages. In the brand’s storied history, no bassist has become more synonymous with Spector than Doug Wimbish.

Upon receiving his first Spector NS basses in 1987, Doug has employed these instruments on legendary recordings and performances with the likes of Living Colour, Mick Jagger, Jeff Beck, Annie Lennox, Seal, Depshe Mode, Lee “Scratch” Perry, Madonna, and many many more.

Now, Spector’s USA Custom Shop is proud to debut the Doug Wimbish USA Signature Series. The collection includes a four-string model, the DW-4, and a 5 -string model, the DW-5. Each model has been carefully specified to match the unique properties of Doug’s vintage instruments including unique neck carves, nut widths, pickup locations, and even custom-wound EMG pickups that have been voiced alongside the pickups in Doug’s 1987 Spector instruments.

Experience the sound and feel that inspired Doug’s signature style with the new DW-4 and DW-5 models from the Spector USA Custom Shop.

“Spector took the time to get every little nuance right and that to me is dedication and being thoughtful enough to know “I want to nail it” and you did. I’m able to pick these instruments up for the first time and play them like I’ve already had them for years.” – Doug Wimbish.

Custom Neck Profiles

In the early days, Doug and Stuart went back and forth numerous times, shaving down the neck until it felt just right. In a true one-to-one recreation, the necks of the DW-4 and the DW-5 feature the exact same profiles and thicknesses found on Doug’s ’87 basses. These are the fastest-playing Spector necks yet!

Signature EMG Pickups

These models feature custom EMG pickups meticulously wound to match Doug’s ’87 spec. These pickups not only offer the vintage EMG tone that Spector fans have come to know and love, but also feature the period-correct EMG logo from the late 80’s. These pickups are found exclusively on the Spector DW-4 and DW-5.

Unique Headstock

Doug’s 5-string bass was the ninth 5-string bass that Spector every built. At that time, the headstock design was still being refined into what we know today. We’ve opted to keep this unique design in an effort to offer the most accurate recreation possible. This headstock shape is available exclusively on the Spector DW-5.

Timeless Beauty

Over the years, the finish on Doug’s 5-string has evolved from a brilliant Dark Blue Stain Glass to today’s Faded Natural Gloss. With the DW-5, players can select either the original ’87 Dark Blue Stain Gloss or the aged Faded Natural Gloss finish.

Crazy Tube Circuits Announces Unobtanium

A rare sonic element with alternate refinement — meet the new Unobtanium RAW edition!

The main composition has stayed the same as the standard version of the pedal: A recreation of the K-style overdrive true to the last detail finds its place at the right section of the pedal while the left section features two D-style amplifier voicing, the most unobtainable tube amplifiers in the world.

For the RAW edition, we have added a couple of magic ingredients to the clipping section of the K side: a set of hand selected New Old Stock Mullard/Valvo labelled OC45 germanium transistors from the 60s.

This is the first K-type circuit to feature germanium transistors! We have tried many germanium transistor types and found that the OC45 transistors added a supernatural feel with organic compression for increased gain and sustain. Fear not — the standard sounds are still there in the stock setting where you listen to germanium diodes clipping like the original unit.

The amp-in-a-box side of the RAW version is glassier and punchier than the standard version. Think of singing blues rock and classic rock sounds that cut through the mix, flawlessly performing with all kinds of different guitars / pickups combinations. Think of having the rock/jazz toggle switch set in the rock setting.

As with the standard version, Unobtanium Raw features a passive effects look to give you the option to connect your beloved pedals between your booster/overdrive and amp in a box or use the two sections as separate and independent effects when using an external bypass switcher/looper.

Note that all pedals inserted in the passive effects loop are still in the signal chain when any or both sections of are in bypass mode.

Unobtanium Raw features a power-up bypass/engage pre-set function for the footswitches. That way you can select which state your pedal will go to when you plug the power supply. This function comes in especially handy to people that use remote pedal switchers/loopers as they only set the state of the pedal once and then operate from the controller.



Standard version: MOD setting = silicon diodes added in combination with the stock germanium diodes in the clipping section for higher output / less compression.

Raw version: OC45 setting = New Old Stock Mullard/Valvo OC45 germanium transistors used instead of stock germanium diodes for clipping resulting in higher gain and sustain/ compression.


Standard version: Smoother jazz/blues oriented tones.

Raw version: Glassier blues rock oriented tones.

The RAW version will not replace the standard one, that will continue to thrive. It will be built in limited quantities and stay out there for as long as we have stock of the beautiful NOS Mullard/Valvo OC45.

Warning: This unit was designed for 9V DC input only. Do not use a higher voltage power supply.

Availability: ships in 3-4 weeks. €339.00

Electro-Harmonix Announces Lizard Bass Octave For Bass And Beyond

Electro-Harmonics introduced the Lizard King bass Octave & Fuzz pedal. It will become available in July of 2024.

Make way for the new heir to the octave fuzz throne, the Lizard King from Electro-Harmonix. Directly inspired by the EHX x JHS collaboration released in 2023, the Lizard King takes the gnarly and responsive octave fuzz circuit from the Lizard Queen and optimizes it for bass and beyond. With updated tone controls and a new Blend knob, the bass’s fundamental tone and low-end preserved while the top-end of the fuzz tone is shaped to fit or dominate any mix!

The EHX Lizard King is a fixed-gain fuzz that is dynamically responsive. Adjustments to you instruments volume affects the amount of fuzz. Lower instrument volumes create a clear, fuzzy, overdrive, while the full instrument volume sends the gain over the top for ripping riff and searing tones.

The familiar VOLUME and OCTAVE knobs control overall output and octave blend volume respectively. New to the Lizard King, the BLEND knob sets the mix between your clean and fuzz tones to create the perfect balance of fuzz while retaining your bass’s attack and low-end. 

The TONE knob is a low pass filter that rolls off the highs, while the SUN/SHADOW switch further enhances the tone of the octave fuzz and clean tones. SUN boosts the octave fuzz with a more driving midrange, and the clean tone accessed by the BLEND know has more treble and bass frequencies. When the switch is set to SHADOW, the clean tone is unchanged, and fuzz tone is tighter.

  • Vintage-style octave fuzz optimized for bass
  • Inspired by EHX x JHS Lizard Queen
  • BLEND knob mixes from 100% clean to 100% fuzz
  • TONE controls smooths out the fuzz’s high-end
  • Unique OCTAVE knob blends in retro octave tone
  • SUN / SHADOW toggle for enhanced tone
  • True-Bypass
  • 9V Battery included (9V adapter optional)

The Lizard King Bass Octave & Fuzz Pedal will be available in July 2024 at $129.00

Roland Announces V-80HD Direct Streaming Video Switcher and Roland Graphics Presenter Software

Roland announces multiple additions to its leading lineup of professional A/V products The V-80HD Direct Streaming Video Switcher is a compact hybrid even switcher with diverse video connectivity, advanced automation features, and SRT support. 

The companion Roland Graphics Presenter software provides an easy-to-use solution for creating professional titles and motion graphics for live productions with the V-80HD. Additional Roland video switcher models will receive Roland Graphics Presenter and SRT support with free system updates coming later in 2024.

V-80HD Direct Streaming Video Switcher

The versatile V-80HD covers comprehensive video production needs for in-person events, live-streaming, and studio productions in a compact device that’s easy to carry and set up. The flexible I/O features eight inputs for 3G. SDI, HDMI, and SRT video sources and seven outputs that support 3G SDI, HDMI, USB 3.0, and LAN (RTMP/SRT) connections. 

The V-80-HD also provides integrated control for PTZ cameras from various manufacturers, plus remote operation and video monitoring via a dedicated iPad app and computer control software for macOS and Windows.

The V-80HD comes loaded with helpful tools to streamline production workflows. Scene memory, macro, and sequencing functions simplify operation, allowing users to pre-program complicated actions and fire them off with simple commands. Professional audio features are also integrated, including multi-channel mixing, high-quality effect processing, flexible and aux routing options.

The V-80HD support SRT (Secure Reliable Transport), an open-source standard for AVoIP (Audio and Visual over Internet Protocol) created by Haivision. SRT realizes secure audio and video transmission over IP networks and provides future-proof connectivity within installed system configurations.

Roland Graphics Presenter

The new Roland Graphics Presenter software for Windows allows users to the V-80HD and other Roland switchers to easily create stunning titles and graphics, eliminating the need for expensive third-party graphic presentation solutions. The setup is quick and straightforward, requiring just a single HDMI connection to send fill and key signals from the computer to the switcher.

Roland Graphics Presenter features an intuitive workflow with a wide selection of ready-to-edit templates, including animated title text, sports scores, motion graphics, and more. The software and templates are available free of charge, and additional content will be periodically provided for download on Roland Cloud.

Upcoming System Updates for Roland Switchers

Free system updates will be released for several Roland video switchers later in 2024. Roland Graphic Presenter support will be added to V-8HD, V-160HD, VR-6HD, and VR-120HD models, and SRT support will be aded to the SR-20HD, VR-6HD, and VR-120HD models.

For more information, visit

Gibson Announces The Slash Collection

Gibson’s Global Brand Ambassador changed the face of rock guitar. Shop The Slash Collection for signature guitars, new music on Gibson Records, and more.

Paying tribute to the iconic guitars Slash has used throughout his career, inspiring generations of players. Slash approved, built by Gibson, and now, played by you.

Slash 1963 ES-335 Collector’s Edition, Vintage Sunburst

Slash’s Blues Muse – $14,999.00

Slash’s ES-335 is a super clean example from 1963 which proved inspirational when recording his latest solo record, the star-studded blues album Orgy of The Damned on Gibson Records. In celebration of the release of Orgy of the Damned, Gibson Custom is proud to release this limited Collector’s edition reproduction of Slash’s beautiful ES-335, a Bigsby B7 vibrator tailpiece, a custom made plaque, and a customized pair of unpotted Custombucker pickups constructed with constructed with Alinco 2 magnets. 

This special Collector’s Edition is limited to only 50 guitars, so the Slash 1963 ES-335 is destined to become a prized instrument for players, collectors, and Slash fans alike. In addition, buyers will receive a collection of case candy that includes a signed copy of Slash’s new album, Orgy of the Damned, a signed copy of The Collection: Slash coffee table book, and a Certificate of Authenticity and will be invited to attend an exclusive VIP experience at the Gibson Garage Nashville, the Slash and his Blues Band will treat fans to an intimate live performance and signing event.

Slash “Jessica” Les Paul Standard, Honey Burst with Red Back

A Hard-Rocking Tribute to Slash’s Number One Stage Guitar – $3,199.00

Guns N’ Roses and Velvet Revolver fans will undoubtedly be familiar with the guitar that Slash named “Jessica.” Jesica has been Slash’s main stage guitar since 1988. The original Jessica was a factory second and one of two Les Paul guitars that Gibson sent to Slash in the late 80’s. Now, Gibson is proud to introduce a new model based on Slash’s old favorite.

Jessica features a three-piece plain maple top and a non-weight-relieved mahogany body and a mahogany neck with a 50s Vintage neck profile. Jessica is powered by a pair of Custom Burstbucker pickups with Alinco 2 magnets that are hand-wired to Orange Drop capacitors.

Originally a bright Cherry Sunset, Slash had Jessica refinished, which is reflected, minus the considerable road wear on the original, the gloss nitrocellulose Honey Burst with Red Back finish used on the new model. Slash’s signature is reproduced on the truss rod cover, and Schallar Strap Locks are preinstalled on the guitar. Other extras include a Slash pick set, a USA leather strap, a multi-tool, and a blank truss rod cover in the included hardshell case.

Slash “Victoria” Les Paul Standard Goldtop, Gold – $3,199.00

Introducing, Victoria

Gibson and Slash are proud to present the Slash Collection. It represents Gibson guitars Slash has used during his career, inspiring multiple generations of players around the world. The Slash Collection of Gibson guitars can be seen live on stage with Slash today.

The Slash “Victoria” Les Paul Standard Goldtop features a maple top, a solid mahogany body with a dark finish on the back, and Slash’s personal touches, including a C-shape neck profile, Gibson Custom BurstBucker, Alinco 2 pickups, color-coordinated hardware appointments, hard-wired electronics with Orange Drop capacitors and a vintage-style hardshell case.

Exclusive to the Slash Collection is Slash’s “Skully” signature drawing on the back of the headstock, Slash’s signature on the truss rod cover, a blank truss rod cover in the case, Slash-approved Earnie Ball strings, and four Slash Jim Dunlop tortex picks.

Slash Les Paul Standard – $2,999.00

Satisfy Your Appetite for Destruction 

Gibson and Slash are proud to present the Slash Collection Gibson Les Paul Standard. It represents influential Gibson guitars Slash has used during his career, inspiring multiple generations of players around the word. The Slash Collection of Gibson guitars can be seen live on state with Slash today. Each Slash Collection Gibson Les Paul Standard features a AAA flamed maple top, a solid mahogany body, and Slash’s personal touches, including a 50s neck profile, Gibson Custom Burstbucker, Alinco 2 pickups, color-coordinated hardware appointments, hand-wired electronics with Orange Drop capacitors, and a vintage-style brown hardshell case.

Exclusive to the Slash Collection are Slash’s “Skully” signature drawing on the back of the headstock, Slash’s signature on the truss rod cover, a blank truss rod cover in the case. Slash-approved Ernie Ball strings, and four Slash Jim Dunlop Tortex picks. The Slash Les Paul Standers is available in November Burst and Appetite Burst.

Cannon Announces First Lens In Series Of Fixed Focal Length RF Hybrid Lenses

Canon U.S.A., Inc, a leader in digital imaging solutions, announced the RF35mm F1.4 L VCM lens and Speedlite EL-10 flash. The new RFmm lens is the first in a series of fixed focal length RF lenses with hybrid video and design, and the Speedlight EL-10 integrates with Canon’s new multi-function shoe design, for users of recent Canon EOS cameras.

Answering the needs of many professional high-level photographers, the new RF35m F1.4 VCM lens can be looked upon as a standard lens for video and still users — for example, those who use EOS R5 and EOS C70 cameras. 

This lens is the beginning of a new hybrid lens series with its fixed focal length, fills a gap as there is not a fixed focal length lens features a manual iris (aperture) ring which helps provide better control when shooting movies. The lens allows very little focus “breathing” as focus is moved, and it’s highlighted by two Aspherical lens elements and two ultra-low Dispersion glass elements. 

Overall, this lens has the outstanding L-series optical design many professionals have grown accustomed to. In addition, the lens can be used with the newly announced Canon EOS C400 cinema camera, further reinforcing Canon’s full support of the video market.

“The new RF35mm F1.4 L VCM lens is the answer for high-level video in the mirrorless market — while also providing still-imaging storytellers the durability and optical performance that is synonymous with Canon lenses,” said Brian Mahar, senior vice president & general manager, Canon U.S.A, Inc.

The Speedlite EL-10 flash is designed for the amateur photographer who is stepping into the mirrorless world, and the veteran user who is looking to get reacquainted with flash photography. The multi-function shoe helps the still imagery storyteller by providing immediate access to the flash control menu, and either an on-camera EL-10 or the optional super-compact Speedlite Transmitter ST-E10 assists with triggering from one through up to fifteen off-camera flashes.

The Speedlite EL-10 is a radio-based wireless flash with 2nd-curtain sync capabilities, and leverages four AA batteries instead of a separate battery that requires charging — making operation more streamlined for some users. 

In addition, it features a Custom Flash Mode function, allowing the end-user to register and store up to three sets of flash settings, and is approximately the same size and weight as its predecessor the Speedlite 430EX-III RT — while also pushing out the same amount of power.

Automatic balanced fill flash is a key benefit to using flash photography, whether during daytime or low-light with slow shutter speed, and the Speedlite EL-10 is an excellent gear bag addition to achieve that creative look in one’s photos.

“Flash photography is a simple yet versatile way to add drama to one’s photos and with Canon’s steadfast commitment to reliability, the Speedlight EL-10 provides a full-circle Canon shooting experience,” continued Brian Mahar, senior vice president & general manager, Canon U.S.A, Inc.

Price & Availability

RF35mm F1.4 L VCM lens is expert to be available in June for an estimated retail price of $1,499.00 and the Speedlite EL-10 is also expected to be available in June for an estimated retail price of $249.99. For more information, please visit

FRIEDMAN Announces BE Deluxe

For over a decade, Dave Friedman’s “BE” circuit has been hailed as the epitome of British tone.

In recent years, this tonal infusion has made the BE-100 the most popular and sought after 100 Watt boutique amp by a mile. The new BE-100 Deluxe, like its little brother the BE-50 Deluxe, takes this BE circuit to a whole new level.

All of the astoundingly flexible and gorgeous-sounding tonal characteristics of the original BE-100 are on tap with the new deluxe model. The deluxe version is now a fully featured three channel amp. An additional gain and master for the HBE channel; a new plexi clean channel borrowed from the coveted Smallbox amp; and new tone shaping tools including a response switch, thump frequency switch and thump knob are just some of the features at your disposal with Dave’s new flagship amp.


Friedman’s BE and HBE drive channels have earned their reputation for high-gain crunch, clarity and nuance. The deluxe model doubles this up with two separate gain and masters, allowing you to explore the wide spectrum of each circuit.


The BE-100 Deluxe boasts a completely new clean channel inspired by the plexi channel of the Smallbox amp. Not only does it clean up nicely, but it can bring out that iconic plexi grit which can be shaped using the gain, volume and three band EQ controls.


The BE-100 Deluxe not only grants you complete control of the three pre-amp channels, but the critical power section as well. This astounding flexibility starts on the front panel where you’re able to tune the amp’s overall character with a presence knob, three position switches for frequency and response, as well as a thump knob control. Every player is different in a variety of unique ways. These tools allow you to finely sculpt the overall tone of the power section to YOUR liking – think of it as an EQ for your power amp.


Effects loops can be suck tone. Dave has un-sucked this problem with the most transparent effects loop in the business. Plug into it and you won’t even know it’s there!


  • 100 Watt all-tube head
  • Three channels
  • Hand-wired in the USA
  • 4 x EL-34 power tubes
  • 5 x 12AX7 preamp tubes
  • BE channel – Gain, Master, Bass, Middle, Treble (shared with the HBE channel)
  • HBE channel – Gain, Master, Bass, Middle, Treble (shared with the BE channel)
  • Plexi channel – Gain, Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble and fat switch
  • C45 voicing switch (BE / HBE channel)
  • Saturation switch – adds saturation
  • Voice switch – varies top end response
  • Gain Structure switch – Lowers gain of BE / HBE channel
  • Ultra-transparent series effects loop
  • Response switch – varies negative feedback
  • Frequency switch – changes frequency of the Thump knob
  • Thump knob – varies lowered response of amp
  • Two button foot switch for channel selections
  • 4,8 and 16 ohm impedance selector switch
  • Dimensions 8.75” (D) x 29.25 (W) x 12.25”
  • Weight 43 lbs.

The BE 100 Deluxe is priced at $3,999.99

Magnatone Introduces the SLASH Signature Collection Blackout Edition

On the heals of its successful launch of its limited edition Slash Signature SL-100 Head and SL-4×12 Speaker Cabinet, Magnatone is very proud to announce the new Slash Signature Collection Blackout edition.

Wrapped in a sleek, stage-stunning black 100% cotton croc textile (that ages beautifully), this outstanding Slash-designed amp has the same, hand-built specs, components and features of the limited edition green anaconda SL-100 Head and SL-4×12 Speaker Cabinet, but comes out roaring with its own Blackout rock and roll attitude.

Like all Magnatone amps in the Master Collection (and Traditional Collection), the Magnatone Slash Signature SL-100 head is a 100-watt, made-in-the-USA, all-tube amp. Every single component – from caps and transformers to cabinets and handles – is sourced in the States. 

Those facts aren’t lost on Slash, a fervent tone alchemist, who, along with long-tome Magnatone engineer and tube amp guru, Obeid Khan, designed The SL-100. In short, it’s a monster – the most powerful Magnatone to date, delivering enough unbelievable tone, gain and headroom to fill a stadium (which you may get to experience for yourself on Slash’s next tour).

“I’ve become a big fan of the Magnatone sound, and it’s been an honor to help design a 100-watt amp with them. I thin we put the Magnatone tone and clarity together with some raw power and crunch. The combination is aggressive and sweet simultaneously, it’s pretty awesome,” said Slash.

The Blackout Edition is powered by four EL-34 tubes, delivering exceptional headroom, clarity, and the grit-n-grind tone Slash has made his own, both live and in the studio. The SL-100 pre-amp uses four 12AX7/ECC83 tubes with two distinct gain modes. Players can switch between the “LO” and “HI” settings via a control panel slide switch or one-button footswitch (included).

The LO gain mode is voiced with 60s Classic Rock tones in mind, and they’re slightly tweaked to better control the icepick highs in today’s music. Using a guitar with humbuckers fully cranked, the low gain control has a medium crunch that is sublime in depth and tonal quality.

The HI gain mode is designed with a cascaded gain pre-amp style that’ll bring back some 80’s modded memories, and it’s been fine-tuned to optimize the sound for Slash’s heavy-duty humbuckers sound. But the gain doesn’t mask the guitarists tone (like some amps), so clarity and the voice of the guitar stay true. The treble control boosts the highs for pick clarity, but without being overly harsh.

Magnatone and Khan developed the SL-100 to meet SLASH’s needs. A lot of thought went into the mods, which were made using a stock Super Fifty-Nine M-80.

The control panel of the SL-100 is a easy-to-adjust-on-the-fly four-band EQ with Treble, Middle, Bass, an Presence, so any player of any level can dial their guitar voice easily. The 100-watt power amp allows the EQ to have clarity and focus – essential in sound tweaking.

Now, Slash likes to play LOUD. So if you’re looking to blow out windows and get tons of noise complaints, you’re good to go. BUT, low-volume settings also benefit from the headroom available with a variety of tonal variation possible. The tube-buffered Effects loop has been optimized for pedal-level operation, too, if you just can’t bear to leave your board behind.

The Blackout 4×12 speaker cabinet is loaded with four Celestion Vintage 30 speakers – Slash’s speaker of choice. They deliver warm tone, smooth and creamy breakup and gutsy upper mid’s that are what Celestion’s are known for. 

They deliver warm tone, smooth and creamy breakup and gutsy upper mid’s that are what Celestion’s are known for. The cabinet is 3/4” Baltic Birch wood, handmade in the USA using finger joint woodworking craftsmanship. An internal sound post is used for the closed backboard design and the cool-as-hell Magnatone logo is lighted when connected to the midi jack on the back of the SL-100 head.

The Slash SL-100 and SL-412 Slash Signature Collection Blackout Edition is available to pre-order now, and will start shipping in July 2024.