Keeley Electronics Introduces Angry Orange, Blues Disorder, and Super Rodent Pedals

Keeley crammed two legendary distortion and fuzz circuits into one stompbox and gave you two new sounds in the process. The Keeley Angry Orange is a 4-in-1 pedal that gives you two well-known fizz and and distortion circuits and allows you to create two dope hybrid tones! 

It’s sort of like pedal-modeling except these are 100% old-school, analog circuits and you decided which tome control or clipping section you want to rock. Heavily saturate your guitar through either a legendary ’78 Japanese Orange Distortion or a ’91 Soviet Civil War Fuzz. 

Use Angry Orange to make your own fuzztortions with the hybrid modes, all with only three simple knobs. This pedal can be True Bypass or Buffered Bypass, it only takes two seconds to switch between the modes.

The Keeley Angry Orange is entirely manufactured at Keeley Electronics and is in our new aluminum enclosure. $199 Made In The USA.

Two classic distortion/fuzz circuits are combined into one pedal

Swap tome controls and/or distortion sections to create new sounds. By mixing the MF Fuzz and DS Distortion, you can create two unique Hybrid Fuzz Distortions

Silent Buffered Bypass or True Bypass – hold footswitch for one second to change

Professionally Engineered and Expertly Manufactured Pro Audio Gear — sounds developed in the Keeley tone lab and in the field, then entirely built in our factory.

Keeley Electronics also introduced Blues Disorder Overdrive and Distortion pedal. Keeley combined two completely different overdrive and distortion circuits to create four different drives in one box. The Blues Disorder has two switches that allow you to separate the tone control from the clipping section. By mixing and matching the Tone and Drive switches you get two hybrid sounds.

The BB side is a low gain, soft-clipping overdrive. With both switches down it’s a fuller sounding, hard-clipping OC Distortion. The clever design keeps the pedal a simple three knob overdrive with 4 unique sounds. Switch easily between buffered or true bypass; whichever sounds best in your rig. The Keeley Blues Disorder Overdrive and Distortion is designed and manufactured entirely by Keeley Electronics in our brand new aluminum enclosure.

The Blues Disorder is two complete analog drive circuits. It has both a hard-clipping distortion and a soft clipping overdrive

Toggle between tone stacks or gain stages. Create hybrid overdrives by swapping Drive and Tone circuits

True Bypass or Buffered Byapass — Use the buffer to improve your rig’s tone. Switch to true bypass in two seconds. Simply hold the stomp switch down to switch anytime.

Keeley pedals are engineered in our town lab and sonically perfected with the help of studio and touring musicians. These instruments are built entirely in our factory.

The Blues Disorder Overdrive is $199 and Made In The USA.

Keeley also announced the Super Rodent Overdrive and Distortion Pedal. Keeley put two very different overdrive & distortion pedals in one box and gave you two new sounds in the process. The Keeley Super Rodent is a 4-in-1 pedal that gives you two well-known distortion circuits and two brand new sounds by way of the toggle switches! It’s almost like pedal-modeling, except these are 100% analog circuits and you decide which tone-control or clipping-section you want to play through.

You can play through the classic yellow ‘Japanese Super O-Drive’ or a ‘Rodentia Michigander’ distortion circuit, or even better, you can Frankenstein new monster tones with the two hybrid modes. The creative design keeps the pedal a simple space-saving three-knob distortion pedal with amazing tone. 

It only takes two seconds to make the Super Rodent either buffered-bypass or true-bypass, whatever works best on your pedalboard. The Keeley Super Rodent Overdrive and Distortion is entirely designed and manufactured by Keeley Electronics in a new aluminum enclosure.

Two classic distortion/overdrive circuits are combined in one pedal

Swap tone and controls and/or distortion sections to create new sounds. By mixing the SD Overdrive and the RT Distortion, you can create two unique Hybrid Distortions

Silent Buffered Bypass or True Bypass — hold footswitch for one second to change

Professionally Engineered and Expertly Manufactured Pro Audio Gear — sounds developed in the Keeley tone lab and in the field, then built entirely in our factory.

Fender Honors Japanese Rock N Roll Legend Kiyoshiro Imawano

Fender Music Corporation Japan (FMCJ) and Fender Custom Shop unveils the Kiyoshiro Imawano 1963 Esquire Journeyman Relic — a meticulously crafted recreation of the beloved Fender Esquire that helped Imawano take over the airwaves and make an indelible impact on Japanese culture. The product will be made to order and will be available for order from March 5 to September 5, 2024 and will be delivered in 2025, on the 55th anniversary of Imawano’s debut.

Kiyoshiro Imawano has helped shape Japanese rock music with his raw musicianship, vibrant personality, and singular energy that he brings to every live performance and record. Influenced by a melange if different genres Imawano’s playing is a love letter to the music that helped shape him as a player— equal parts blues, rock ’n’ roll, and folk. This electric style coupled with his stunning live performances has captured the hearts of an ever-growing fanbase.

One of the most iconic guitars that Imawano owned was was a 1963 Esquire guitar. It is said that Hirofumi Kasuga acquired this guitar in Los Angeles and gave it to Imawano, and later, Reichi “CHABO” Nakaido, who joined Imawano in the influential rock band RC Succession, also played this legendary guitar for a time.

“I’ve worked on many of Kiyoshiro’s electric guitars over the years, but this Esquire remained his primary instrument until the very end” said Kiyoshi Yamamoto, who served as Imawano’s guitar technician for many years.

“The critical aspect of this reproduction lies in the neck grip. The nuanced feel of the grip has been faithfully recreated, evoking vivid memories of that era. This guitar truly deserves the titled of ‘Kiyoshiro Imawano’s signature model.’ I anticipate this guitar to gain scratches and change in color the more you play it, becoming a companion that matures alongside the player. It is a guitar that will resonate with Kiyoshiro’s fans. You can certainly feel close to Kiyoshiro playing this and my hope is that ten years from now, those who acquire this guitar will gather to share stories of each guitar’s journey after a decade of being played and cherished.”

The Kiyoshiro Imawano 1963 Esquire Journeyman Relic is a staggeringly faithful reproduction of Imawano’s iconic Esquire guitar – from the pick guard, painted pink by Imawano using a water-based pen, to the body’s striking natural color. Every detail – from the soap bar pickups to the guitar’s electronics have been replicated with the utmost care using Fender Custom Shop’s expert techniques.

This model is aged to perfection with Journeyman Relic finish, which is inspired by the condition of the guitar when Imawano first acquired it. This Esquire is as gorgeously designed as it sonically powerful, and as such is the perfect ode to an artist as influential and enduring as Kiyoshiro Imawano.

Kiyoshiro Imawano 1963 Esquire Journeyman Relic will be available at Fender Flagship Tokyo (Harajuku), FENDER SHOP in MIKI GAKKI AMERICAMURA (Osaka) and Fender Custom Shop dealers in Japan. * This product is made to order. Delivery times may vary depending on the production status. Please inquire with each retailer regarding the delivery schedule.

NEW: Leica Introduces SL3

The new mirrorless full-frame camera system from Leica is now available. In 2015, Leica Camera AG introduced the SL-System, uniquely combining two worlds of photography and videography. From the beginning, Leica has focused on partnering with its users and the photographic community to ensure that its products achieve exceptional standards. The result is a system that meets the highest user requirements in image quality, manufacturing quality, and ease of handling.

Now, the long-established company presents the next generation of the mirrorless full-frame system: the Leica SL3.

The rigorous demands of professional photographers have long served as a benchmark and inspiration for the development of the system, in particular the Leica SL3. The result is an extremely versatile camera, offering unprecedented image quality in both photography and videography. The SL3 combines state-of-the-art technology, extraordinary design, and masterly manufacturing quality – more compact, lighter, and even more user-friendly than its preceding model.

The new functions of the Leica SL3 are based on an ongoing dialogue with professionals, which is highly valued and cultivated by the company in the ever-changing world of photography.

At the core of the Leica SL3, you can find the BSI CMOS full-frame sensor with Triple Resolution Technology, which is safely protected in an solid all-metal body with elegant leather. To meet a variety of photographic requirements, the sensor records raw files in DNG or JPEG format with a resolution of either 60, 36, or 18 MP. In each case, the full sensor surface is used. Together with the dynamic range expanded to 15 f-stops and the impressive ISO range from 50 to 100,000, the SL3 delivers remarkably detailed images in outstanding quality – in all light conditions.

With phase detection (PDAF), depth mapping (Object Detection AF), and contrast recognition (Contrast Detection AF), the innovative autofocus system of the SL3 combines the strengths of three technologies to create razor-sharp pictures even in dim light. In addition, intelligent subject recognition supports the photography of dynamic scenes.

The lens bayonet, which is based on the L-Mount standard developed by Leica, facilitates the use of outstanding lenses from all of the Leica camera systems. Additionally, it is compatible with a diverse array of the ultra-wide to super-telephoto zoom lenses offered by L-Mount alliance partners.

Therefore, the lens bayonet guarantees extensive system compatibility for the Leica SL3. Specifically, the exceptional potential of the renowned Leica M-Lenses is fully harnessed, thanks to the design of the image sensor and an external light sensor. The integrated in-body image stabilization further broadens the scope of application for M-Lenses.

The EyeRes viewfinder of the Leica SL3 is equipped with an elaborately manufactured optical system made of glass lenses. It always shows the subject crystal clear with up to 120 frames per second and a resolution of 5.76 million pixels. The live preview enables full control over the exposure and composition of images even before releasing the shutter. Another new feature is the tillable 3-inch high-res touchscreen with a high-quality titling mechanism. Even more creative possibilities can be achieved thanks to its additional viewing angles.

The Leica SL3 is now available at all Leica Stores, the Leica Online Store, and authorized dealers. The retail price will be $6,995. Including VAT.

Line 6 Introduces POD Express

LINE 6 has introduced POD Express. There are two versions: one is for Guitar, and the other is for Bass Presets.

Take Them Anywhere

The ultra-portable POD Express Guitar and POD Express Bass amp and effects processors enable guitarists and bassists to take their tones whenever they choose. Simple controls make them easy to use, while models derived from the award-winning HX family of processors ensure exceptional sound quality and authentic feel. 


POD Express Guitar and POD Express Bass include seven amps, seven cabs, and 17 effects — including a looper — and both units may be powered by three AA batteries (included) or an optional 9-volt power supply. Additional features include stereo outputs, tap tempo, a tuner, a noise gate, a headphone output, and a USB-C audio interface with re-amping capabilities. Add an optional expression pedal for volume control, or up to two foot switches to select presets or turn effects on and off.


The ultra-portable and lightweight POD Go amp and effects processor boasts a simple plug-and-play user interface and professional-quality amp, cab, and effect models drawn from the acclaimed HX family of processors.


The POD GO | Limited Edition Red amp effects processor is identical in every way to the POD Go processor above – but it’s red!





Walrus Audio Announces Silt Harmonic Pedal

Walrus Audio unearthed the Walrus Audio Silt Harmonic Fuzz, a collaborative creation with tube expert Jim Hagerman. Wielding an internal pre-amp tube, the Silt is a two-in-one fuzz that creates massively rich fuzz tones perfect for chords and rhythmic parts or with the press of a switch, adds uniquely harmonic overtones to the signal before hitting the tube.


Unearth the Walrus Audio Silt Harmonic Fuzz, a collaborative creation with tube expert Jim Hagerman. Wielding an internal pre-amp tube, the Silt is a two-in-one fuzz that creates massively rich fuzz tones perfect for chords and rhythmic parts or with the press of a switch, adds uniquely harmonically rich fuzz experience, the Silt boasts an analog circuit with the distinctive warmth of a 12AU7 tube as its drive section, letting you explore a unique and wild sonic landscape.

Main Features:

12AU7 Tube Drive: The Silt’s 12AU7 tube section drives the warm, bone-rattling fuzz. We unearthed this sonic fossil to encase your should in an amber warmth, while still providing the grit, growl, and harmonically complex textures that only a tube-driven fuzz can provide.

Harmonic Mode: Harmonic Mode acts as a frequency doubler before the drive section of the pedal. This produces crispy, octave-like sounds, lending a unique edge to your lead tones. Try this with your guitar tone knob rolled off.

Contour Control for Precision Tone Sculpting: Refine your fuzz tones with the precision of the Contour control to achieve a wide spectrum of timbres. Toggle between highpass, flat, and lowpass curves in the pre-tube EQ stage, like uncovering layers of sonic strata. Especially helpful when switching between different styles of pickups. Whether your chasing searing leads or woolley rhythm, the Silt adapts to your style with roaring precision.

Designed for Operation at 9v-12v for Plenty of Gain: Supercharge your fuzz experience by operating the Silt anywhere between 9v and 12v. Running the pedal at 12v will give you an extra gain boost, letting you push the primal boundaries of fuzz to deliver the searing tones you’ve been searching for.

True Bypass Circuit: Maintain the integrity of your original tone with the relay bypass circuit. When disengaged, the Silt ensures your signal remains pure, allowing your guitar’s natural voice to shine through undisturbed.


The Silt comes in a red or black enclosure color with cream and black ink. Artwork features a fictional dinosaur fossil illustrated by Adam Forster.

9V DC, center negative, 300mA minimum

The die-cast enclosure’s exact size is 3.62” x 2.25” inches including knobs.

The use of an isolated power supply is recommended for powering all Walrus Audio Pedals.

Power supply not included.

Sony Electronics Launches A High-Speed 5G Portable Data Transmitter

Sony Electronics is launching a portable data transmit, the PDT-FP1, with a unique antenna structure that allows high-speed still image and video data transport over 5G networks. With the PDT-FP1, Sony is leveraging 5G mobile technology to enhance professional workflow of broadcasting and news coverage.

This wireless communication device allows for real-time transfer of photos and videos and seamless livestreaming via 5G, representing a significant boost in process efficiency for news agencies, photojournalists, corporate or event photographers, broadcast video production, and more.

“The PDT-FP1 is a beneficial solution for many users including events and productions, newsgathering, sports, faith, weddings, and more. With the PDT-FP1, photographers and videographers can increase their efficiency and productivity on-the-go, without worrying about battery life or demanding environmental conditions,” says Yang Cheng, Vice President, Imaging Solutions, Sony Electronics Inc. “In an industry where speed and timeliness are critical, this device is a game changer to allow for an easier upload and transfer from the field to the frontlines to an editor.”

Benefits of the PDT-FP1 include:

Capture and transmit from virtually anywhere: View and upload media directly from compatible Sony cameras using the PDT-FP1 as a 5G modem to transfer still and video media and deliver it to any file transfer protocol (FTP) destination. Additionally, using Sony Creators’ Cloud for enterprise app brings secure and reliable media transfer through the PDT-FP1 to Sony Cloud services such as Ci Media Cloud, and C3 Portal’s could gateway. This allows for ease of use for any photographer/videographer – no longer is there a need to be bound by wired networks or required to pass physical memory cards.

Use in challenging environments: With optimized battery efficiency and high threshold for temperatures, the PDT-FP1 can be used, at length, in some of the most demanding conditions.

Livestream wirelessly: Using 5G, wirelessly livestream video from a wide range of compatible cameras, when paired via HDMI or through Sony still and video cameras when using USB. Real-time messaging protocol (RTMP) streams can be broadcast to social media platforms, freeing operators of traditional constraints when in the field. Additionally, the External Monitor App can be used as an external monitor while streaming with many pro features.

Broadcast high-quality, low-latency video: The PDT-FP1’s 5G transmission can be used with Sony’s CBK-RPU7 new remote production unit, to transmit high-quality, low-latency (4k 60p/50p) HEVC video in Sports, Cinematic, Virtual Production, and News environments.

Monitor on-the-go: Visually monitor the network and communication conditions while shooting, using the dedicated Network Visualizer app. This ensures that the content is being delivered to those who need to see it.

Pricing and Availability

PDT-FP1 is expected to be available in the United States in early-Summer of 2024 for approximately $1099.99 USD.

Gretsch Unveils Limited Edition John Gourley Electromatic Broadkaster

Gretsch unveils the latest model in their artist signature series, the Limited Edition John Gourley Electromatic Broadkaster, a signature guitar model paying homage to John Gourley, the lead vocalist and guitarist for the experimental, indie rock and Grammy-winning band, Portugal. The Man. Gourley joins a roster of iconic Gretsch signature artists including legends like AC/DC’s Malcom Young, George Harrison, Billy Duffy, and more recently, indie group boygenius. The Alaska native and Gretsch have a shared commitment to inspiring musicians of all levels and styles and hope this launch will inspire new creative forces within the music industry.

As the founding member, lead singer and songwriter of Portugal. The Man, Gourley has captivated his audiences with his distinctive vocal and innovative musical style. With a dynamic and eclectic approach to his craft, Gourley continues to leave an indelible mark on music through his genre-agnostic contributions and his commitment to driving meaningful transformation through activism.

Gourley has been influenced by his affinity for hip-hop and his exploration of difference music genres that have shaped his unique style and approach. His positive outlook goes beyond music, first by helping create the PTM Foundation — which focuses on building community resilience, empathy and awareness through music, stories, art, education and conductivity — and through the Frances Changed My Life initiative, which honors his daughter Frances and aims to provide support for other families dealing with rare disease diagnosis. Now, boasting a signature guitar bearing his name, Gourley aspires for his Broadkaster to become a go-to choice for musicians of all levels, providing an accessible entry point for players seeking to attain their desired sound.

“The first time I heard a Gretsch was when I walked into a guitar shop in Memphis and I know instantly that that was the sound I’ve been looking for this whole time. It was such a cool experience when I finally got to design my own,” explains John Gourley. “I knew I’d want to go with the Broadkaster shape and I specifically opted for Broadkaster pickups, though the standout feature for me is Bigsby. Choosing a thinner body was intentional; it grants me greater mobility on stage, providing a heightened level of control over the sound. As for the artwork, I’ve been following Cleon’s work in some form since I was a kid. He has so much influence on my personal style. His art represents humans. I love his honesty, his views and interpretation of the world.”

The Limited Edition John Gourley Electromatic Broadkaster was built for musicians from every genre in mind. The guitar boasts a double-cutaway maple body featuring a chambered spruce center block for enhanced resonance and tonal richness. It’s thin “U”-shaped maple neck features a 12”-radius laurel fingerboard, hosts 22 medium jumbo frets and pearled “cloud” inlays for a touch of style.

Equipped with USA Full’Tron hum bucking pickups, the guitar delivers a powerful and versatile sonic range. The control layout includes a master volume with treble bleed circuit, master tone, individual pickup volume control and a three-position pickup selector switch, offering precise tonal shaping. The Anchored Adjusto-Matic bridge ensures stable tuning while the Bigsby B70 vibrato tailpiece adds expressive pitch modulation. Additional features include a Graph Tech NuBone nut, silver sparkle binding, locking tuners, strap locks and nickel hardware.

Nikon Releases First Major Firmware Upgrade Ver. 2.0 For The Nikon Z 8

The critically acclaimed, editorially celebrated and award-winning Nikon Z 8 is getting even better. Nikon announced the availability of the first major update for the Z 8 Firmware Ver. 2.0. This free update adds multiple features and enhancements for still-image, video capture and improved workflow. Additionally, Nikon has also announced the availability of the latest version of NX Tether, Nikon’s free tethering software for still and video professionals.

“The Nikon Z 8 already offered the best-in-class features; with this latest update, we are once again proving that we are always listening to our customers and will work to surpass their expectations,” said Naoki Onozato, President and CEO of Nikon Inc. “We also realize that our users’ workflow is an important part of the job, and NX Tether Ver 2.0 is an example of the software ecosystem we can provide that integrates seamlessly to enhance the capture experience.”

Z 8 Firmware Ver. 2.0

Similar to the feature previously added to the Nikon Z 9, a dedicated option for birds has been added to the AF subject-detection options, increasing bird-detection performance in a variety of situations and providing greater support for bird photographers. Additionally, support for the Auto Capture function enables both automatic shooting when the subject meets one or more pre-configured criteria, providing users with new options for both stills and video shooting.

The update also adds Pixel Shift shooting, which enables the creation of super high-resolution photos by using dedicated software to merge multiple NEF (RAW) files captured with the function. With the Z 8’s high-resolution sensor, images can be captures with an astounding 180 megapixels. Pixel Shift shooting is ideal for capturing the finest details in subjects with intricate designs, such as buildings and art pieces, while providing precise rendering of the subject’s colors, textures, and structures.

There’s more to live with the update, as Rich Tone Portrait Picture Control is added to enable the rendering of rich tones while retaining skin details for portrait photography. In combination with other functions such as Skin softening and Portrait impression balance, portrait photographers have more control than ever. More functions and operations can now be assigned to custom controls, and users now have access to new shutter volume and sound options.

Primary Updates: Z 8 Firmware ver. 2.0

* A dedicated [Birds] option has been added to the Z 8’s AF subject-detection options. In addition to increased detection, tracking, and AF performance with complicated and high-contrast backgrounds, such as forests and mountains, this option better enables the detection of birds in various circumstances, including flying, perched and even those with unique-looking appearances.

* The Auto Capture function has been added, enabling the automatic shooting of stills and video when the subject meets one or more pre-configured criteria. The three criteria that can be configured are a {Motion] option that detects subjects that move in a designated direction, a [Distance] option which begins shooting when a subject is within a certain range of distances, and a [Subject detection] option that detects people, animals, vehicles, or airplanes within the frame.

* Firmware version 2.0 adds Pixel Shift shooting, allowing users to create high-resolution photos by using dedicated software to merge NEF (RAW) files recored with the camera mounted on a tripod or otherwise stabilized.

* For portrait photographers, the addition of the Rich Tome Portrait Control increases options for portraiture by realizing the rendering of portraits with rich tones while retaining skin details. This Picture Control is ideal for the creation of a base image in scenes where retouching is presumed, such as at weddings and for studio photography. In combinations with the variety of other functions offered by Nikon for portrait photography, such as Portrait impression balance and Skin softening.

Price and Availability

Both the Nikon Z 8 Firmware Ver. 2.0 and NX Tether Ver. 2.0 are available for free on the Nikon website.

Fujifilm and Decentralized Pictures Announce the 2024/2025 Fujifilm Filmmakers Award Series

Fujifilm North American Corporation, Electronic Imaging Division, and Decentralized Pictures (DCP) have launched the 2024 / 2025 Fujifilm Aspiring Filmmakers Award Series to enable and empower filmmakers to tell their stories by giving them the opportunity to win a digital camera, lens equipment, and resources to bring their stories to life through the moving image.

The 2024 / 2025 Fujifilm Aspiring Filmmakers Award Series of quarterly awards will be hosted on the DCP platform, where DCP’s community of film fans and enthusiasts will have the opportunity to vote to choose filmmakers who will be awarded FUJIFILM digital cameras with lens kit products, as well as production support and mentorship.

The award will be split into two phases. The first phase will consist of quarterly awards that run over the calendar year of 2024. The second phase will be launched in 2025.

Fujifilm Aspiring Filmmakers Award, Phase One (2024): U.S.-resident filmmakers will be invited to submit proposals on the DCP platform for three- to five- minute short films based on a creative prompt unique to each quarter in 2024. DCP community members will then be invited to rate the submissions using evaluation metrics such as story, aesthetics, character development, and more.

Three filmmakers will be selected at the end of each quarter in 2024 to receive a Fujifilm Aspiring Filmmakers Phase One Award, which will consist of a FUJIFILM digital camera and lens kit with an approximate value up to $2,500, provided by Fujifilm (total ARV of quarterly prizes is up to $7,500, $30,000 for the entire program.) Filmmakers who wish to take part are invited to make their first quarter qualifying short film submissions now. Entry and eligibility requirements and limitations apply. Quarterly deadlines, submission requirements, and complete program rules can be found on the DCP Platform. 

Fujifilm Aspiring Filmmakers Award Series Phase Two (2025): In Spring 2025, the 12 Phase One Award projects will be entered into a second creative award on the DCP platform to be rated by the DCP community. The three top rated projects from these 12 total entries will be announced as finalists, from which Fujifilm will select one project to receive a further $5,000 cash award to bring the proposal to life using the FUJIFILM digital camera and lens equipment received in Phase One.

The 2025 Phase Two Award recipient, as well as the other short films created using the FUJIFILM digital camera lens kits provided to the quarterly 2024 winners of Phase One will be eligible to be considered for promotional support of their short film creations and Fujifilm and DCP.

“Our commitment to supporting the journeys of emerging creatives is what makes this collaboration with Decentralized Pictures a great fit,” said Victor Ha, vice president, Electronic Imaging and Optical Device Divisions, FUJIFILM North America Corporation. “Their community of passionate, engaged and creatives aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing opportunities and experiences to those entering and progressing in the field.”

“Fujifilm is synonymous with iconic imagery,” said Michael Mustante, the co-founder of DCP and the VP of Production at Francis Ford Coppola’s American Zoetrope. “We’re thrilled to launch this award series with a partner that shares our dedication to championing aspiring filmmakers, and excited to see which projects our community chooses to support on the DCP platform.”

Reverend Announced the Chris Freeman Signature Guitar

Taking inspiration from the Double Agent OG, the Chris Freeman Signature Model has all the upgrades and tweaks a hardworking, high-flying player like Freeman would want., Reverend announced.

The reverse headstock and Nuevo 90 in the bridge set it apart as the flagship model, and the reverse-mounted electronics provide a longer lifespan and better protection against the blood, sweat and tears that go hand in hand with a long Hot Mulligan tour. The twin kill switches, one latching and one momentary, provide ample opportunities for stutter effects at one’s fingertips, making this the perfect guitar for midwest emo aficionados.


Custom Pickups: We design our own proprietary custom pickups, to achieve the best tonal match with our instruments. Reverend pickups are also specifically designed for each position, for balanced volume and tone when switching.

Roasted Maple Neck: Roasted Maple is heat treated at over 300° F to remove sugars, moisture, and impurities. This maple is lighter, more stable, and has a beautiful caramel color. The result is an exceptional maple neck that will require less seasonal adjustment, and boasts at rich, vintage look!

Korina Body: Korina (aka White Limba) is a medium-light weight wood, highly prized for consistency and tonal qualities. Often found in boutique and vintage instruments, all Reverends feature Korina bodies. A highly resonant wood, Korina is a key factor to producing our lively, responsive instruments that are rich in harmonics.

Dual Kill Switches: Two kill switches allows you to control cutting out your sound however you want. A latching kill switch toggle that will cut off and stay off and a momentary kill switch button that you can tap for cool stutter effects.


Body: Korina Solidbody

Pickups: Nuevo 90 Bridge, 9A5 Neck

Bridge: TOM with Stop Tail

Neck: Roasted Maple

Scale: 25 1/2”

Neck Profile: Medium Oval

Fingerboard: Roasted Maple

Frets: 22 -0.110”W x 0.050”H

Truss Rod: Dual Action – Headstock Access

Tuners: Reverend Pin – Lock

Nut: 43mm Width – Bonite

Controls: Volume, Tone, Bass, Contour, 3-Way Momentary & Latching Kill Switch

Strings: 10-46

Case: Two-Toned Teardrop (Available Separately)

List Price: $1,439