Line 6 Introduces New Metallurgy Collection

Line 6 has introduced their new Metallurgy Collection of amps and effects plugins. It was created for guitarists who want to easily access contemporary versions of classic and modern metal tones – as well as craft tones of their own. The collection bundles the Modern, Thrash, and Doom plugins, which are also available individually.

Download a free 15-day trial version of the Metallurgy Collection from the Line 6 website.

The three Metallurgy Collection plugins feature amplifier and effects models drawn from the award-winning HX family of products – ensuring outstanding sound quality and dynamic responsiveness. Each of the plugins features four amplifier types that may be paired with any of eight speaker cabinets.

Two microphones may be selected from a virtual “mic locker” containing eight microphone types, and these may be combined with a stereo room mic array. Up to two third-party impulse responses (IRs) may be substituted for factory mics. All of the microphones may be positioned in various ways and a 4-band parametric EQ allows you to sculpt the cabinet tone even further. Four pre-amplifier and three post-amplifier effects are also provided – including polyphonic pitch-shifting – as are a noise gate and a chromatic tuner.

The amp, cab, and effects rigs appear much as they would in the analog world thanks to the plugin’s photorealistic user interfaces, making it fun and easy to tweak presets to suit your stylistic needs or assemble new rigs of your own.

In addition to being used as VST3, AU, or AAX plugins within any DAW, the Modern, Thrash, and Doom plugins also function as standalone applications – making the Metallurgy Collection one of the most versatile tone-creation tools available.

Metallurgy: Modern – for Modern Metal Guitarists

The Metallurgy: Modern plugin focuses on the searing, saturated, tones of modern metal and progressive metal, with the midrange emphasis and tight low end favored by extended-range and detuned guitars.

Amp Models: Archetype, Rew Generator, Vitriol, Badonk

Effects: Rochester Comp, Minotaur, Caliper Drive, Mod/Chorus Echo, Dynamic Hall Reverb

Metallurgy: Thrash – for Thrash Guitarists

The Metallurgy: Thrash plugin focuses on the tight, mid-scooped, hyper-aggressive tones deploys by thrash guitarists.

Amp Models: Rivit Clean, Cali IV, Placater Dirty, Das Benzin

Effects: Throaty Wah, Pillars OD, Stupor OD, 70s Chourus & Hot Springs (Jazz Rivet 120 only), Automatic Double Tracking, Vintage Digital Delay

Metallurgy: Doom for Doom Guitarists

The Metallurgy: Doom plugin churns out gloomy tones that emphasize the low-end frequencies ideal for the girth riffs and gargantuan drones favored by doom guitarists.

Amp Models: MOO)))N, Mandarin Rocker, Doom, Mail Order Twin

Effects: Bighorn Fuzz, Wringer Fuzz, Vital Distortion, Pebble Phaser, Bias Trem & Hot Springs (Mail Order Twin only), Automatic Double Tracking, Adriatic Delay

Line 6 Offers Instant Rebate on POD Go or DL4

Line 6 has a promo on the POD Go or DL4. Purchase a POD Go or a DL4 and save $50 on a limited time instant rebate. The promo is valid through March 31, 2022. This promo is only available to Line 6 customers with mailing addresses in the United States.

The ultra-portable POD Go amp and effects processor boasts an intuitive plug-and-play user interface, a rugged multi-function expression pedal, and pro-level amp, cab, and effect models drawn from the HX family of processors.

POD Go and POD Go Wireless amp and effects processors get you on the road to ultimate tone via their ultra-potable and lightweight design, simple plug-and-play interface, and best-in-class tones.

The DL4 Stompbox Modeling Pedal contains 16 models based on legendary echo and delay boxes from the storied Maestro EP-1 Echoplex to the awesome T.C. Electronic 2290, the DL4 has in turn become a classic in its own right, as popular with guitarists as it is with singers, drummers, bassists, keyboardists, and anyone who wants a pure 24-bit true stereo signal path in the service of delays that run the gamut from gritty and psychedelic to pristine and heavenly.

You’d be insane to pack an original Roland RE-101 Space Echo or Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man into the back of your van for a club tour, but the DL4 packs models of those sounds and many more into a rugged, road-tested steel housing that can run for up to 30 hours on four “C” batteries or with the optional PX-2G adaptor.

Models of classic delay boxes – and the sweet choruses and vibrators that accompany many of them – are just the beginning; the DL4 also boats innovative sounds like its “Auto-Volume Echo,” which combines a volume swell with a tweak able tape-style echo; or the outstanding “Reverse Delay,” which allows you to play stunning backwards guitar solos on the fly.

Meta has Acquired Accusonus

Meta (the parent company of Facebook) has acquired Accusonus. Reuters reported on February 1, 2022, that Meta Platforms Inc. was close to acquiring Greek audio software startup Accusonus. This news came from “a person with knowledge of the deal.” Reuters also reported that Facebook spokespeople declined to confirm the deal, and that Accusonus representatives did not respond to calls or messages requesting comment.

The Accusonus website currently consists of a brief (and vague) message, surrounded by artistic representations of its ERA Bundle and its Auto Clean Up Assistant. The message reads as follows:

Thanks for your support!

Accusonus is embarking on a new adventure! We are grateful for your support throughout our journey! If you have purchased an accusonus product before March 4, check out our FAQs.

The FAQs include questions that Accusonus believed people would ask. These are followed by a disappointing answer to those questions. Here is one example:

Can I still use the ERA Bundle and Voice Changer?

Yes, definitely!

We will sunset the ERA Bundle products and Voice Changer early next year. Until then, we will be releasing compatibility updates and offering email support to any existing customers.

You will still be able to use the ERA Bundle products even after next year; however, we will not be providing support, maintenance, and updates.

The products will stay at the final version of ERA 6.2.00 & Voice Changer 1.2.10, so no further development will take place. Thus, the plug-ins will not be tested in newer systems (Windows or Apple OS) or when compatible DAWs/NLEs are updated.

The answers to the other questions follow the same format. For whatever reason, there is no mention of Meta Platforms anywhere on the Accusonus website.

However, Accusonus sent email to users titled “Changes to your accusonus account”. Some who received the email took a screenshot of it and posted it on Twitter. It said:

Dear user,

We’re excited to announce that accusonus has joined Meta. This partnership will give us the chance to democratize content creation by developing technology for billions of users.

I find it incredibly strange that both Meta Platforms, and Accusonus, made an effort to avoid any public mention that Accusonus had been acquired by Meta Platforms. Typically, a company that has been acquired by a larger company cannot wait to tell the world about it.

iZotope M1 Support Available for RX 9

iZotope announced that RX 9 Advanced, RX 9 Standard, and RX Pro for Music are now compatible with Apple silicon (M1, M1 Pro, M1 Max) chips. As iZotope updates products in there lineup, they are committed to ensuring performance and quality. Next up will be Ozone, coming soon!

iZotope posted information titled: “iZotope Compatibility with Apple silicon” on the Support part of their website. Here is some of that information:

Apple Rosetta 2 is a translation mode that helps companies like iZotope enable existing software to run on Apple silicon machines more rapidly. iZotope prioritized completing Rosetta 2 compatibility for their entire catalog first.

Apple silicon native software means that the entire program has been modified to run natively on the new processor architecture. iZotope is focusing on their flagship RX repair and Ozone mastering suites to be the first, and they intend to deliver these before the end of Q1 2022.

They will update this regularly, and let you know when new versions of your plug-ins and memberships are ready to install in iZotope Product Portal.

Compatible with Rosetta 2 and Apple silicon native M1:

  • RX 9 Advanced
  • RX 9 Standard
  • RX Pro for Music

Compatible with Rosetta and will be compatible with Native in Q1 2022:

  • Ozone 9 Advanced
  • Ozone 9 Standard
  • Ozone 8 Pro
  • Ozone Elements
  • Tonal Balance Control 2
  • Tonal Balance Control Pro
  • Relay

Compatible with Rosetta and will be compatible with Native in 2022:

  • RX Elements
  • Neutron 3 Advanced
  • Neutron 3 Standard
  • Neutron Pro
  • Neutron Elements
  • Visual Mixer
  • Nectar 3 Plus
  • Nectar Pro
  • Nectar Elements
  • Neoverb
  • Neoverb Pro
  • VocalSynth 2
  • Vocal Synth Pro
  • Insight 2
  • Dialogue Match
  • Vinyl
  • Vocal Doubler
  • Ozone Imager 2
  • Stutter Edit 2

Eventide Introduces New Anthology XII Bundle

Eventide introduces the new Anthology XII bundle. It brings Eventide’s 50 years of pioneering audio technology directly to your DAW. A comprehensive and creative toolkit for music producers, mixers, and artists alike, the bundle comes with 33 powerful plug-ins designed to enhance, morph, mangle, pitch shift, reshape and define your sound.

Anthology XII added 10 new plug-ins to the previous Anthology bundle: 3 unique reverbs, 3 distinct modulation effects, 2 classic pitch shifters, a killer distortion, and a next-generation EQ. It contains more than 4300+ presets across the entire 33 plug-in collection.

Anthology XII features Eventide’s revolutionary Structural effects plug-ins, Split EQ and Physion, which utilize transient/tonal splitting technology; the radical sound manipulation of Blackhole and Undulator; authentic emulations of Eventide studio mainstays such as the iconic H910, H949 and H3000 Harmonizer, Instant Phaser, Instant Flanger, and Omnipressor; and the legendary reverbs of the SP2016.

Also included are other one-of-a-kind tools like Tony Visconti’s Tverb, the powerful CrushStation overdrive/distortion command center, and the unique Octavox eight-voice diatonic pitch shift Harmonizer.

Eventide is offering Anthology XII, which has a value of $4,200, at more than 80% off through April 30, 2022.

What will the price be for you? The best way to find out is to click a button on the Eventide website that says “Check Upgrade Price”. It leads to a form you should fill out. Eventide is offering generous discounts based on the value of the plug-ins you already own.

Sony Electronics is the No. 1 Mirrorless Camera Brand for 2021 in North America

Sony Electronics Inc.- a worldwide leader in digital imaging – continues to lead the industry in bringing mirrorless technology to the world. Following a year of innovative product introductions such as the Alpha 1, Sony Electronics announced that it was the number one mirrorless camera brand and full-frame mirrorless camera brand in 2021.This past year also marks the 8th consecutive year Sony has held the #1 position in full-frame mirrorless cameras. And lastly, Sony has announced the it was the number one mirrorless lens brand in 2021 as well.

The success of the lineup of full-frame cameras, including the Alpha 7S, Alpha 7R and Alpha 9 series, has been paramount to Sony’s strong sales numbers. These have been complemented by the popularity of the Alpha 7 III, which continued to be the No. 1 selling full-frame interchangeable lens camera line for the 4th year in a row. For lenses, Sony’s full lineup of 65 different E-mount models highlighted by their flagship G Master series continues to drive industry growth.

Additionally, newer innovations such as the Alpha 7 IV have started to set early sales records. For the week of December 19-25, 2021, the Alpha 7 IV had the highest single-week sales of any mirrorless lens camera line in the last four years.

“We are always listening to our customers’ feedback, advancing our innovation and creating the best possible tools for all types of content creators,” said Yang Cheng, Vice President, Imaging Solutions, Sony Electronics, Inc. “Finding new ways to empower our community is our top priority and we are honored that so many continue to choose Sony to tell their stories and bring their creative visions to life.”

A variety of additional stories and exciting new content with Sony products can be found at Sony’s community site to educate, inspire, and showcase work from fans and customers of the Sony Alpha brand.

OBS Studio 27.2 is Now Available for Everyone

Open Broadcaster Studio (OBS) announced in a tweet: “OBS Studio 27.2 is now out for everyone! The release adds support for @AJAVideo devices, source blend modes (like Photoshop), AV1 encoding, updated CEF (Chrome 95), official Flatpak support, hotkey duplicate detection, and more!”

OBS also tweeted: “Twitch Users You MUST update to 27.2 before the end of February! After February 28th, you will no longer be able to connect your Twitch account in any previous version of OBS due to Twitch ending support for the old v5 API. Only OBS Studio 27.2 and later support the new API.”

New Features and Additions in OBS 27.2:

  • Added AJA source for AJA devices
  • Added AJA output to tools menu for AJA devices
  • Updated CEF (Chromium) for the browser source from 76 (3770) to version 95 (4638)
  • Added the ability to set different blend modes to sources via the source right-click context menu
  • Added AOM AV1 and STV-AV1 encoders
  • Added an OBS hotkey for browser source to allow refreshing a browser source via that hotkey
  • Added hotkey filter search
  • Added hotkey duplicate detection
  • Added a warning dialog when switching profiles that have settings changes that require a restart
  • Added a “Show active outputs warning on exit” option in advanced settings, which allows you to enable/disable the confirmation dialog on exit while recording/streaming
  • Added support for the RIST protocol
  • Added official Flatpak support for Linux
  • Added framework for future support of background hotkeys on Wayland
  • Added an option to general settings to hide OBS from all capturing, allowing you to capture your screen without OBS showing up


  • Updated dependencies to their latest versions
  • Volume meters will now show audio activity in greyscale when muted rather than showing no activity
  • Improve menu bar icons on macOS
  • A warning will now be shown when failing to start/stop YouTube streams
  • Improved consistency of transition duration suffixes
  • On Linux, the list of windows shown in Window capture will now show alphabetically
  • Twitch panels will now use the light or dark mode depending on the OBS theme
  • Changed the Docks menu from being a submenu in the View menu to instead be its own top-level menu on the menu-bar
  • A more user-friendly dialog is now displayed when a file could not be written for recording
  • The filters preview/properties are now resizable
  • Added the ability for RTMP servers to request a silent reconnect when the server is going down
  • Incompatible audio filters will now not be shown for sources that don’t support them
  • Added frontend event so scripts can know when OBS is shutting down
  • PipeWire capturing is now more robust, especially in multi-GPU setups
  • Sources will now be activated when viewing them in the filters dialog
  • Browser sources are no longer refreshed when their size changes

For more information, visit the OBS Studio 27.2 notes on GitHub.

Shure Announced as Conference Audio Partner for ISE 2022

Integrated Systems Europe is delighted to announce global audio manufacturer Shure as the Conference Audio Partner for ISE 2022. Taking place at the Fira de Barcelona, ISE 2022 will host four days of unrivaled conference content, across a broad range of vertical market including Live Events, Education, and Digital Signage.

Conferencing expert Shure will be supporting the leading event for the AV industry with a full range of audio equipment, including its Axing Digital Wireless System. Trusted by top audio professionals from live performance to theater and broadcast, Axing Digital is the most widely used high-end wireless system providing stability and clear audio even in the most congested RF environments.

The complexity of an event like ISE, with several stages all with significant wireless channel requirements, demands highest standards for the sound setup. Relying on Shure’s solutions is the ideal choice to help ensure impeccable audio quality throughout all spaces at the Fira de Barcelona.

“We are honored to be the Conference Audio Partner for ISE this year,” said Chris Schyvinck, President and CEO at Shure. “And after such a challenging period for the entire industry, we are looking forward to bringing the AV community back together with a fantastic line up of live conferences.”

“ISE and Shure have upheld a long-standing relationship, spanning decades,” comments Mike Blackman, Managing Director, Integrated Systems Events. “With nearly 100 years of history shaping audio, having Shure as our sole audio provider for all conferences will ensure ISE 2022 is a show to remember!”

The ISE 2022 conference schedule will include a host of keynote speakers, presenters and demonstrations, all of which will use the best and latest innovative Shure technology and products. Shure will also be working closely with audio specialists, Inventions for all on-site audio activities and to ensure a smooth running conference programme.

Positive Grid Introduced Spark Control

Positive Grid introduces Spark Control, a customizable, future-proof wireless control for the Spark amp and app. Spark Control goes beyond traditional foot controllers with an expanding library of innovative features and functions. No complicated setups. No cables required.

Seamlessly designed for the Spark amp and app, Spark Control is a true plug-and-play, wireless experience. Simply open your Spark app and they will work magically together, so you can play without lifting a finger.

Spark Control comes with 4 officially pre-programmed customizable scenarios that assign a combination of popular functions to each footswitch. Plus, save your favorite functions to 4 more of your own scenarios for easy access whenever you want to play.

Current functions include these, with more on the way!

  • Assign and change presets
  • Assign and toggle effects
  • Start, stop, and pause music / backing tracks and Smart Jam
  • Control features in our Experience Jimi Hendrix expansion

Spark Control’s battery is designed to keep going for more than 4 months on a single charge (with 1 hour of average daily playtime). Enjoy longer guitar practice sessions and never miss a beat with Spark Control.
Spark Control is the only pedal compatible with future Spark firmware & app updates.

Creative Control is coming: Change effect parameters on the fly, get more wah and Smart Jam controls plus much more. All designed to work seamlessly with Spark Control and the amp and app. Coming in Q1 of 2022.


Battery: Built-in rechargeable battery (150+ hours of play time)

Input Voltage: Supports 9v power supply

Controls and Connectivity:

Top Panel Controls: 4 steel switches with responsive feel and quiet tactile

Presets: Assign and change any preset

Effects: Assign and toggle any effect

Songs/Backing Track: Play/Stop/Pause

Utility: Control features in Experience Jimi Hendrix expansion

Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 BLE

Max Range: 150+ feet

Box Contents: Spark Control Foot Switch, USB Cable, Quick Start Guide

NBC Sports Selects Sony Electronics as Equipment Provider for 2022 Olympics

NBC Sports has selected Sony Electronics to provide cutting-edge broadcast and production equipment for its coverage of the XXIV Olympic Winter Games, from Beijing, China, February 2-20. The announcement was made today by David Mazza, CTO, NBC Sports & Olympics, and John Studdert, Vice President, Media Solutions, Sony Electronics.

NBCUniversal’s coverage includes 18 consecutive nights of Olympic primetime coverage on NBC, which began Thursday, Feb. 3. Throughout Winter Olympics coverage, NBC Olympics’ roster of commentators includes 85 hosts, play-by-play commentators, and analysts. The roster includes Olympians who have won a combined total of 40 Olympic medals, including 18 gold medals.

NBC Sports will utilize over 100 Sony cameras to capture footage at event venues and record athlete interviews, press conferences, and other assignments that require studio and portable recording and capture in Beijing. A selection of the Sony cameras, including the HDC-3500, will be used for IP-enabled transmission, while the rest will operate in SDI.

NBC Sports will also incorporate more than 300 of Sony’s professional monitors, including the BVM-HX310 4K HDR master monitor for critical picture evaluation and PVM-X Series 4K HDR TRIMASTER monitors for on set and location monitoring. Additionally, other HD LCD monitors from the lightweight LMD series will be used in the studio and field.

NBC Sports will also utilize Sony’s Professional Services Group, offering an extensive network of resources to provide 24/7 support for all broadcasting equipment and operations, as well as the integration of the International Broadcast Center in Beijing, reinforcement for the competition venues, and studios at NBC Sports headquarters in Stamford, Conn.

“We have relied on Sony to deliver the latest production, monitoring, and image capture equipment for the past 11 Olympics,” said Mazza. “For both the Tokyo Olympics, and now the 2022 Winter Olympics, that will include the 4K HDR and 1080P HDR images and monitors and workflows that Sony helped us make the transition to. These stunning images are moving around our facilities now in both SDI and IP, and they do so with Sony’s typical delivery of extremely high reliability. Sony’s global support teams will also assist NBC Sports in Beijing and Stamford, and have been helping us to enhance our continued push for remote production techniques necessitated by the global pandemic. Sony continues to be a critical partner to NBC Sports’ production of the Olympic Games.”

“Sony has been a longtime partner of NBC Sports and their first-rate coverage of the action, emotion and excitement of the event,” said Studdert. “We’re pleased to again provide the necessary equipment and support to help activate this primarily remote production from Stamford. Through the use of Sony’s revolutionary 4K and HDR technology, NBC Sports will give their crews enhanced creative and operational freedom while heightening engagement and nuance for fans throughout the United States.”