Roland Introduces LX Digital Pianos

Roland introduces the LX-9, LX-6, and LX-5, three new models in the company’s long-running LX series of premium digital pianos. Each model features a classic upright look, authentic grand sound and playability, and a streamlined design that radiates sophistication in any setting. LX pianos offer a harmonious balance of elegance and convenience, supported by a range of powerful digital features that ignite passions for learning and daily musical enjoyment,

The LX series leverages advanced technologies and decades of development to deliver a piano experience like no other. Roland’s Piano Reality Modeling approach — first introduced with the GP grand piano series — recreates the complex tone-generation process of an acoustic piano at every level, putting beautifully rich sound, inspiring response, and limitless expression under the player’s fingers.

Each LX model features an 88-note hammer action keyboard with escapement and hybrid wood/molded key construction. The LX-9 and LX-6 offer the same extended key length as an acoustic grand, allowing for the natural hand position and precise articulation that advanced players require during demanding technical passages. The flagship LX-9 also integrates haptic technology into the keyboard, which replicates the subtle physical vibrations felt when playing an acoustic grand piano.

The keyboard and pedals on the LX series work in harmony with the sound engine to deliver an immersive playing experience. Pioneering keyboard sensing advancements and intelligent algorithms accelerate the sensing speed as needed, giving the player access to an unlimited range of tonal colors. Precision-crafted damper, soft, and sostenuto pedals support all traditional techniques, and damper noise and other realistic acoustic elements are replicated by the pedal/modeling sound engine connection.

Each LX model includes a custom multi-channel sound system designed for its unique cabinet. Speakers are carefully positioned to accurately reproduce the rich sound projection characteristics of an acoustic piano, including string and cabinet resonances, subtle hammer noise, and more. Whether playing through the speakers of quietly with headphones, Roland’s Piano Reality Ambience lets the user instantly place the piano sound in a variety of virtual environments, from intimate study spaces to immersive concert halls.

LX pianos offer a multitude of modern features to support learning and musical enjoyment. Users can access deeper settings, play along with streamed music, find digital scores, and more when paired with the Roland Piano App and other music apps via Bluetooth. There’s also a Twin Piano mode for same-range duets, an onboard recorder to evaluate progress, and a metronome to hone timing skills.

Available in a range of finish options, LX pianos look at home in every environment. Each model ships in two boxes, allowing for easy installation in any space. Using the powerful Piano AR tool on the Roland website, a buyer can scan a room with their smartphone and see a visual 3D representation of how the different Roland piano models will appear in their environment.

LX-9: The new gold standard in modern piano design. With refined curves and elegant lines, this premium instrument makes a bold statement in any room. Available in polished ebony, polished white, and charcoal black finishes.

LX-6: The mid-level LX model offers elegant looks and the same stunning sounds as LX-9 in a smaller design with streamlined features. Available in polished ebony, charcoal black, and dark rosewood finishes.

LX-5: With it’s space-saving design and flagship-level sounds, the LX-5 is an approachable upright piano that provides a solid foundation for skills to flourish. Available in polished ebony, charcoal black, dark rosewood, and light oak finishes.