Genzler Amplification Announces KINETIX 800

The KENETIX 800 represents the latest revolution in lightweight, high-output, versatile bass amplification from GENZLER AMPLIFICATION.

With our years of research, design, and manufacturing expertise, we developed this model utilizing stringent design parameters for form, function, fit and finish. 

This latest design blends the warmth and harmonic content of a CLASS A, all tube preamp design, offering three 12AX7 tubes running at a full 300 volt plate voltage and a high output. Class D, 800 watt power module, delivering a professional high-powered, tour-class bass guitar amplifier weighing just over 7 pounds!

Just as the name implies, the KINETIX 800 was designed to be that responsive, kinetic connection of interactive energy between the player’s expressiveness, their technique, and the tonal response coming back to them from this amplifier and speaker system – engaging with quickness and snap when pushed, or slow harmonic block when sustained. 

Think of the KENETIX 800 bass amplifier as an extension of your tone … in musical motion!


Our circuitry and mechanical designs within the KINETIX 800 deliver on an all-new platform in tube preamp, compact bass amplification design – exactly what players have come to expect from the GENZLER design team. 

From natural, pristine, quick responsive reproduction of the bass instrument to classic, vintage harmonic textures with “weighted feel to the notes”, the KINETIX 800 provides the tonal pallet needed to cover all of the bassist’s amplifier requirements.

It is a simple to use, very musical amplifier, and is what a high-voltage tube preamp brings to the player’s dynamic interaction with their instrument through a world class bass amplifier.

The KINETIX 800 preamp offers 3 – 12AX7 preamp tubes running at a full 300 voltes, offering the character, touch sensitivity and harmonic content of a classic tube, bass amplification.

Other features include a 1/4” unbalanced instrument INPUT jack; 3-position toggle switch for MUTE ON and BOOST functions; preamp GAIN and VOLUME controls; 3-position tonal foundation switch for LEAN, FAT and THICK settings; 5-band, fixed equalization filters and a MASTER frequency volume control.

The power amp is a robust, lightweight, Class D design and is supported by a state-of-the-art, high frequency, switch mode power supply (SMPS) which does away with the weight of a traditional power transformer. 

The KINETIX 800 utilizes a proprietary high-voltage power supply for all the tube preamp. This uses a rear panel Line Voltage Selector Switch for proper setting of the correct lien voltage range for the specific country of use. This allows the world traveling musician to always have the correct tube voltage for optimum performance.

The KENETIX 800 is priced at $1,299.99.