Electro-Harmonic Introduces Pico POG

Electro-Harmonic introduces the Pico POG, EHX’s smallest and most powerful compact Polyphonic Octave Generate yet, The Pico POG takes the streamlined simplicity of the Micro and Nano POGs and fits it all into an ultra-compact chassis and adds a powerful tone control. The tightest octave effect now fits on the tightest of pedalboards.

The EHX Pico POG features a lightning fast feel that will track every not and chord you play with precision. Dial in Sub Octave to add stumble rumble or monstrous thunder. Add Active Up for ethereal air or make it out to shred into another galaxy. Perfectly blend 3-voice tones for fat synths madness. The 3 mode Tone control lets you tailor your sound to fit into any pocket no matter how massive or small.

Controls on the Pico POG include dedicated volumes knobs for the SUB OCTAVE, OCTIVE UP, and DRY voices. These three controls act as a mixer for infinite possible voice mixes. The TONE knob features three modes controlled by the FILTER button.

In Tone Mode, the knob acts as a tilt-EQ with a flat frequency response in the center, more treble and less bass as you turn the knob counterclockwise. In this mode, EQ is applies to all 3 voices. In Low Pass Filter mode, the knob cuts highs in the Sub and Octave Up voices, while High Pass Filter mode cuts lows in the Sub and Octave Up Voices.

Features include:

  • Lightning-fast tracking with perfectly precise octane tones
  • 3 volume knobs control level of SUB OCTAVE, OCTAVE UP, and DRY tones
  • TONE knob applied tilt-EQ to all output
  • Low Pass Mode applies a resonant low pass filter, which allows low frequencies to pass while cutting higher frequencies of the Sub and Octave Up voices
  • High Pass Mode applies a high pass filter, which allows high frequencies to pass while cutting lower frequencies of the Sub and Octave Up voices
  • Power adapter included

The Pico POG Polyphonic Octave Generator is priced at $240.00 (USA Street Price)

Fender and Loog Team Up To Bring Kid-Sized, 3-String Guitars To The Next Generation

Children’s guitar brand Loog, and Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC), the world’s leading guitar manufacturer, announced the launch of the Fender X Loog collection, a collaboration featuring kid-sized, versions of Fender’s iconic guitar models.

Fender x Loog brings Loog’s signature elements to Fender’s trademark headstock design – small in size and big in sound. The guitars, manufactured by Loog and designed alongside Fender’s innovative product team, come fully equipped with learning tools including cord flashcards and access to Loog’s learning app, Loog Guitar. The app is available for free in the Apple and Google Play stores and includes video lessons and game-like exercises. Exclusively made for this partnership, the guitars also come with a booklet telling the story of Fender’s first electric guitars.

“I’m very proud of this collaboration. The Fender x Loog collection is a great way to introduce kids to the world of electric guitars and celebrate two of rock ’n’ roll’s seminal instruments: the Telecaster and the Stratocaster” announced Rafael Atijas, founder and CEO of Loog Guitars. “To work alongside Fender’s team on this project has been a pleasure and I’m honored that we were given the opportunity to reimagine these design masterpieces as 3-string electric guitars for children.”

The Fender x Loog collection features two models: a mini 3-string Stratocaster guitar available in black and a mini 3-string Telecaster guitar available in Fender’s signature Seafoam Green. Both guitars come equipped with a single-coil pickup and a standard 1/4 jack that allows them to be plugged into an amplifier. Loog’s trademark design element, the slim 3-string fretboard, sets them apart as an ideal choice for children. With chords simplified to only three notes, learning becomes more accessible and less intimidating for young players. Utilizing standard guitar strings and tuning ensures everything learned on a Fender x Loog guitar can be applied on a 6-string guitar as well.

“It was a natural fit to collaborate with Loog, providing young artists with new tools and they take their first step in their musical journeys,” said Richard Bussey, VP of Accessories, Lifestyle and Licensing at FMIC. “With a history of supporting music education, Fender and Loog came together to blend Fender’s renowned craftsmanship with Loog’s mission of teaching children to play. This exciting partnership aims to foster creativity and enhance accessibility for aspiring artists, nurturing the rock stars of tomorrow, one chord at a time.”

The Fender x Loog guitars retail at $199.00 and are currently only available in the United States on Loogguitars.com, Fender.com, and in key retailers nationwide with plans to expand in Europe, Japan, and Australia later this year.

About LOOG Guitars:

Loog is an award-winning line of guitars, designed to make it fun and easy for children to play music. It started as an academic project when Rafael Atijas developed the concept for a 3-string kids’ guitar as his Master’s thesis at New York University. A year later, in 2011, Loog launched to market through a Kickstarter campaign and, since then, has expanded to a full line of acoustic and electric instruments and music learning apps. Loog guitars are played by hundreds of thousands of children all around the world, as well as established musicians, such as Jack White and members of The Rolling Stones.

About Fender Musical Instruments Corporation:

Since 1946, Fender has revolutionized music and culture as one of the world’s leading musical instrument marketers and distributors. Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC)-whose portfolio of owned and licensed brands include Fender, Squire, Gretch guitars, Jackson, EVH, Charvel, Bigbsy, and PreSonus – follows a player-centric approach to crafting the highest-quality instruments and digital experiences across genres.

ASTRODESIGN And SAMYANG Join The L-Mount Alliance

ASTRODESIGN, Inc., is the sixth company and SAMYANG Optics Co. is the seventh company to join the L-Mount Alliance since the public announcement of the L-mount standard at photokinia in 2018. The alliance consists of founding members Leica Camera AG, SIGMA, and Panasonic, as well as Ernst Leitz Wetzlar GmbH and DJI joining in 2021. The goal of the alliance is to utilize the L-mount standard developed by Leica Camera AG for cameras and lenses in future product development.

This collaboration enables ASTRODESIGN and SAMYANG Optics to develop products with the L-Mount which will present great benefits for wide range of photo and video applications.

Stephan Schulz, Head of Product Management Professional Camera Systems: “The L-Mount is an up-to-date lens interface, that unifies photo and video applications in the best possible way and allows for innovative optical designs due to the shallow flange depth. With ASTRODESIGN, the L-Mount Alliance gains a member that is undoubtedly an innovator in advanced professional video.

With SAMYANG, we welcome an agile lens maker, that has undoubtedly developed within a short period of time an impressive lens portfolio for photography and cinematography.

About the L-Mount Standard

The L-Mount was developed by Leica Camera AG under the proviso of providing customers with a future-proof, flexible, robust, and precise bayonet mount that would fulfill even the most demanding photographic needs. Since its initial appearance in 2014 within the Leica T, the development of the L-Mount was continued by Leica as well as by its strategic partners, which led to significant improvements and effectively new and more polished L-Mount technology.

To ensure maximum product diversity, a diameter of 51.6 millimeters was chosen to make the L-Mount suitable for use not only with full-frame cameras but also on cameras with APSC sensors. The short register of only 20 millimeters enables a short distance between the lens and the sensor, which in turn enables considerably more compact construction – which is particularly helpful for developments in the wide-angle lens segment.

To ensure resistance to even the most extreme conditions, and to guarantee customers maximum reliability for many years of intensive use, the camera bayonets are manufactured from wear-resistant stainless steel and with four flange segments that prevent canting and ensure secure and precisely positioned lens attachment.

The standardized L-Mount contact strip ensures trouble-free communication between the electronic components of the lens and the camera – including the possibility of installing future firmware updates for lenses to react to technological advances to exploit the full performance potentials of the lenses.

Initially introduced by Leica Camera AG in 2014, the L-Mount is now available on 12 cameras and over 60 lenses across the existing alliance partners. All lenses made for the different systems within the L-Mount alliance can be used on all cameras without adapters and without any functional limitations – this illustrates one of the numerous benefits of the common bayonet.

Further information can be found at: www.l-mount.com

BOSS Announces New Serial GK System And GM-800 Guitar Synthesizer

BOSS announces the new Series GK system and the GM-800 Guitar Synthesizer, a powerful and versatile product that elevates guitar and bass synthesis into a new age of natural playability and boundless creative range. Driven by the newly developed Serial GK digital interface, the advanced ZEN-Core engine in the GM-800 unlocks any sound imaginable – from acoustic instruments to classic and modern synths – while high performance DSP delivers tracking stability and expressive scope never before possible.

Users can also expand the GM-800 experience with a growing selection of ZEN-Core content on Roland Cloud. In addition, BOSS has released a variety of complementary products for the GM-800 and Serial GK system, including GK-5 and GK-5B Divided Pickups for guitar and bass, BGK-15 and BGK-30 connection cables, and GKC-AD and GKC-DA GK Converters for interfacing with classic 13-pin GK products.

GM-800 Guitar Synthesizer

BOSS and its parent company Roland have been the worldwide leaders in guitar synthesizer innovation for nearly five decades, beginning with the revolutionary GR-500 system in 1977. Expanding and elevating the concepts behind many historic Roland GR products, the GM-800 provides guitar and bass players with cutting-edge creative tools and access to sounds typically only available with keyboard-based instruments.

The GM-800 is built around the expandable ZEN-Core Synthesis System, the sound source found in professional Roland products like the JUPITER-X and FANTOM keyboards and ZENOLOGY software synthesizer. ZEN-Core combines modern PCM synthesis and advanced modeling to provide an infinite playground for sonic discovery. With over 1200 Tones, GM-800 users can play everything from pianos, organs, and orchestral instruments to classic Roland synth sounds like the JUPITER-8, JUNO-106, and many others.

The GM-800 features an intuitive workflow based around Scenes, which contain four Tone parts, a Rhythm part, and a vast selection of synthesis parameters, effects, pitch settings, and sensitivity adjustments. Users can layer Tones to create combined voices or assign Tones to individual strings, such as a bass sound on the low strings and a piano or sax sound on the high strings. It’s also possible to assign Tones to specific fret ranges, a powerful new feature made possible with the GM-800’s advanced pitch detection.

The GM-800 supports an ever-growing range of creative options through Roland Cloud, including ZEN-Core Sound Packs, Wave Expansions, and more. A free Roland Account provides access to essential Roland Cloud services, with additional content available via three paid membership levels. All plans start with a free 30-day Ultimate trial to experience everything Roland Cloud has to offer.

The streamlined GM-800 flows smoothly from desktop operation to installation on an advanced pedalboard. There are four assignable footswitches, plus two external control jacks that each support up to two footswitches or an expression pedal. MIDI I/O is also included for interfacing with other synthesizers and MIDI equipment.

Via USB, users can craft Scenes in detail from their computer using the BOSS Tone Studio software for the GM-800. It’s also possible to capture GM-800 sounds as audio tracks in a DAW and use the Guitar to MIDI function to play software-based instruments and hardware sound modules.

Availability & Pricing

The new BOSS GM-800 and GK System will be available in the U.S. beginning in August as follows: GM-800 $749.99, GK-5 $249.99, GK-5B $299.99, GKC-AD $199.99, GCK-DA $199,99, BGK-15 $49,99, BGK-30 $69.99.

TASCAM And IK Multimedia Announce T-RACKS PORTA ONE Giveaway

TASCAM and IK Multimedia are pleased to announce a giveaway of the popular TASCAM/IK Multimedia T-RackS PORTA ONE software package from the immensely popular TASCAM Tape Collection.

With just a quick and easy registration, any musician can introduce the classic analog sound of tape from the TASCAM PORTA One to their computer recording setup. The promotion runs from July 20th and concludes August 31st.

The TASCAM Tape Collection delivers ultra-accurate plug-in versions of legendary TASCAM and TEAC tape recorders such as the Porta One, A-3340S, 388, and A-6100 MKII, each meticulously modeled by the IK Multimedia DSP engineering team. 

Utilizing IK Multimedia’s advanced modeling technology, each recorder stage was taken apart, analyzed in depth, and the entire tape recording process was authentically modeled then recreated as a plug-in for all today’s popular DAWs, The reviews and responses to the TASCAM Tape Collection have been excellent and this promotion serves as an opportunity to introduce more recording enthusiasts to the hugely popular sound of analog tape.

The registration process is quick and easy. Those who visit the TASCAM ID portal at https://tascamid.tascam.com/en/customer/account/login to create an account and register one of the eligible products will be rewarded for their efforts. TASCAM will send them a code for a free copy of IK Multimedia T-RackS PORTA ONE software. After receiving the unique code visit the IK Multimedia registration page at https://www.ikmultimedia.com/tascamregistration/to start using the software.

The TASCAM/IK Multimedia T-RackS PORTA ONE giveaway is open to users of numerous TASCAM recording products. These 25 models include: Model 12, Model 16, Model 24, SERIES 8p Dyna, TA-1VP, Portacapture X8, Portacapture X6, DP-006, DP-008EX, DP-03SD, DR-05X, DR-07X, DR-40X, DR-44WL, DR-100MKII, GB-10, MiniSTUDIOS US-32, MiniSTUDIOS US-42, Mixcast 4, SERIES 102i, SERIES 208i, US-16×08, US-1x2HR, US-2x2HR, US-4x4HR.

In addition to the opportunity to acquire one of the four TASCAM Tape Collection products, registration on the TASCAM ID portal carries additional benefits. TASCAM ID is a portal where a TASCAM owner can register their product and then automatically receive not only marketing communications relevant to their interests, but product support communications as well. Communications specifically tailored to their product(s) include:

  • Fireware updates
  • New support video uploads
  • New drivers
  • New product documentation

So don’t delay. The opportunity to enhance one’s recordings with the authentic tonality of analog tape is just a few clicks away on the TASCAM website. https://www.ikmultimedia.com/tascamregistration/

TASCAM ID registration for the products listed are available in countries which are part of North America, South America, and members of the EU including UK, Norway, Switzerland, Iceland. All other countries are limited to registration of the Model 24, Model 16, Model 12, and TA-1VP only.

Shure Wireless Workbench 7 Now Available

Beginning on June 20, 2023, Shure Wireless Workbench 7 (WWB7) is available for download on MAC OS and Windows. A free software for audio professionals, Wireless Workbench 7 delivers a full suite of RF spectrum management tools in one place, providing full command of compatible wireless devices.

WWB7 is equipped with a number of enhancements to its previous generation, including the addition of the WWB Scan Library. The scan library provides users with an ever-growing, online database of RF scans contributed by professionals around the world. The integrated scan library portal allows users to view recently uploaded RF scans before upcoming productions to better facilitate pre-coordination.

WWB7 features a user-interface refresh that includes an optimized dark mode to guarantee a more comfortable viewing experience in low-light environments. Additionally, those using Shure Axing Digital and ULX-D in HD mode for maximum spectrum efficiency can now generate a set of evenly spaced, compatible frequencies by right-clicking on the device profile header. Also, Wireless Workbench now provides more ways to customize reports to ensure that users view only the information necessary to their production.

“With each update to Wireless Workbench, our goal is to better equip professionals with the tools they need to manage the entire workflow of RF management in one application – from system planning and configuration to frequency coordination, deployment and monitoring,” shared Nick Wood, Senior Director of Wireless Products, at Shure.

“The introduction of WWB Scan Library and Dark Mode was entirely based on feedback we’ve received from customer who requested more streamlined RF pre-coordination and a UI designed for dark, live music environments. Working with our customers’ input in mind, we are excited about additional future updates coming to WWB7.”

WWB7 is now available for download on MAC OS and Windows. For more information on Wireless Workbench, visit: https://www.shure.com/wwb.

Fender Launches New, Limited Edition, ‘Shields Blender Pedal’ Honoring Kevin Shields

Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) announces the launch of My Bloody Valentine frontman, Kevin Shields, signature pedal, the Limited Edition Fender Shields Blender – Fender’s first-ever signature fuzz pedal.

Kevin Shields’ groundbreaking sound and his legendary pedalboard configurations have left an indelible mark on the music industry. Shields’ unique blend of distortion and feedback inspired countless musicians to experiment with new sonic textures. Now, four decades after My Bloody Valentine’s formation, Kevin Shields’ iconic sound has been captured in a new wild-but-versatile multi-fuzz octave pedal.

An innovator and pivotal influence on effect-laden guitar tones, Shields awakened iconic sonic walls of fuzz like the world had never heard as he defined the tone of alternative rock in the ‘80s and ‘90s inspiring the ‘shoegaze’ genre and beyond. His tool of choice for fuzz laden chaos: an original Fender Blender effect pedal, prized for its dynamic response and gripping fuzz splatter. Now, through over four years of co-development, Fender and Shields have resurrected this mythical 1970’s fuzz and injected a subversive feature set, creating the all-new Limited Edition Shields Blender Pedal.

“I really enjoyed the experience,” said Kevin Shields. “I’ve been using it a lot recently in the studio, and it’s been great, I’m looking forward to hearing how other people use it. It’s kind of pretty extreme but also very interesting when it’s set up in a subtle way.”

The new Shields Blender pedal is a two-channel beast featuring a hand-copied version of the original Blender circuit (of which Shields is a longtime user and fan) in channel one and a powerful octave blender in channel two. It also feature a footswitchable, reactive voltage sag circuit controlled by picking dynamics built to emulate a tube amp pushed to its limit. For those looking to get the lo-fi/hi-fi sound found on some of the band’s most iconic records like Loveless and m b v, explore the Shields Blender.

This special edition pedal is final assembled in the USA and comes accompanies with a limited print art box, a limited print hand signed collectors booklet telling the story of how this amazing collaboration came to be and a plaque bearing Shields’ signature.

“It is an absolute honor to collaborate with the legendary Kevin Shields on Fender’s inaugural signature fuzz pedal. Kevin’s unparalleled musicianship and visionary approach to guitar tones have redefined the boundaries of sonic exploration,” said Stan Cotey, Vice President of R&D at FMIC. “His creative genius and passion for pushing the limits perfectly align with Fender’s commitment to innovation and delivering exceptional musical experiences. Together, we embark on an extraordinary journey, crafting a pedal that captures the essence of Kevin’s groundbreaking sound with vintage-inspired fuzz, octave-up and sub-octave options, combined with a truly unique sag circuit to harness controlled chaos like not other fuzz pedal – the most revolutionary fuzz design that we have ever developed, and specifically for Kevin’s musical vision.”

Limited-Edition Shields Blender Pedal ($499.99 USD, £449.00 GBP, €549.00 EUR, $749.00 AUD, ¥ 77,000 JPY)

The limited-edition Fender Shields Blender marks Fender’s first ever signature fuzz pedal. A truly historic collaboration between Fender and My Bloody Valentine’s front man and effect pedal genus, Kevin Shields, this special edition pedal is final assembled in the USA and comes accompanied with a limited edition print art box, a limited print hand signed collector’s booklet telling the story of how this amazing collaboration came to be and a plaque bearing Shield’s signature.

FUJIFILM Introduces INSTAX SQUARE SQ40 Instant Camera

FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Imaging Division, announced the launch of its new INSTAX SQUARE SQ40 instant camera (SQ40), a new additional to the INSTAX SQUARE lineup of instant cameras. Fujifilm has also introduced a new INSTAX SQUARE instant film variety, “Sunset”, featuring a variety of film borders with soft color gradients designed to be reminiscent of a serene peaceful sunset.

“Consumers love our INSTAX MINI 40 instant camera, so expanding the line to also include a SQUARE format option just made sense,” said Bing Liem, division president, Imaging Division, FUJIFILM North America Corporation. “Not only can INSTAX fans now have another instant camera with a classic look, but they can also now enjoy the SQ40’s large, square image area.”

Key SQ40 Features Include:

Automatic Exposure function: The SQ40’s Automatic Exposure function automatically senses the level of ambient light when the shutter button is pressed, optimizing the shutter speed and flash output according to the scene. It allows even novice INSTAX instant camera users to take photos that are automatically adjusted regardless of interior or exterior conditions, producing high-quality photos on-the-spot.

Selfie Mode for quicker and easier selfies: Users can activate Selfie Mode, perfect for taking selfies and close-up shots, by simply twisting the lens after powering the SQ40 on. Using this mode to take amazing selfies and close-ups is incredibly easy and convenient.

New Film Variety Introduced: Also accompanying the launch of SQ40 is Fujifilm’s launch of the new INSTAX Square “Sunset” variety of instant film. The design of this new square format instant film is inspired by the gentle graduation of the colors in the sky during a sunset. As with all INSTAX SQUARE instant fill varieties, Sunset will be available in a single pack with 10 exposures.

INSTAX MINI EVO Now Available in Brown: Fujifilm is also pleased to introduce brown as a new color for its FUJIFILM INSTAX MINI EVO hybrid instant camera (MINI EVO) product line. Initially introduced in 2021 in a black camera body, MINI EVO’s unique hybrid format combines the excitement and satisfaction of traditional instant cameras functionality with the capabilities of digital imaging technology to select, share, and store specific images. Paired with INTAX MINI instant film, MINI EVO creates high-quality prints directly form the camera. Images can also be printed from a paired Smartphone camera roll using the INSTAX MINI EVO Smartphone App.

Pricing and Availability: Fujifilm’s INSTAX SQUARE SQ40 instant camera will be available at a manufacturer’s suggest retail price of $149.95 USD ($189.99 CDN) and is expected to be available for purchase by the end of June 2023.

INSTAX SQUARE Sunset instant film is also expected to be available by the end of June 2023 at a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $15.75 USD ($16.99 CDN) per pack (10 sheets).

Fujifilm’s INSTAX MINI EVO hybrid instant camera in brown will be available at a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $199.95 USD ($249.99 CDN) and is also expected to be available for purchase by the end of June 2023. 

BOSS Introduces DM-101 Delay Machine

BOSS introduces the DM-101 Delay Machine, a powerful and innovative analog delay pedal for modern musicians. Driven by eight BBD’s under smart CPU control, this inspiring pedal delivers 12 unique modes, stereo operation, and a wide array of tonal colors, all while maintaining 100 percent analog signal processing throughout. And with 127 user memories, tap tempo, carryover, MIDI, and more, the DM-101 offers the features and versatility of an advanced digital pedal – but with the vibrant, characterful sound that’s only possible with authentic analog BBD circuitry.

Analog delays based around BBD (bucket-brigade device) microchips emerged in the 1970s as a compact and cost-effective alternative to the standard tape delays of the era. Their warm, saturated, and highly musical sound established a distinctive style of delay that remains favored by many musicians and audio engineers. With its modern CPU control approach, the DM-101 supercharges this classic effect with enhanced capabilities for today’s music makers.

The DM-101 flows effortlessly between gritty vintage echoes and modern analog delay tones with extended high-frequency clarity. Multiple internal circuit elements are switched to define each of the 12 modes, including the number of active BBDs and their connection order, low-pass filter settings, and clocking rates. Twisting the Variation knob cycles through parameters unique to the different modes. And like a traditional analog delay, users can drive the effect into saturated self-oscillation by cranking the Intensity knob.

A major benefit of the DM-101’s CPU control is the ability to realize sophisticated stereo sounds not available with other BBD analog delays. For example, Pan mode routes each BBD and its feedback loop to alternate points in the stereo field, while Dial Mod shifts the modulation phase for each output to generate a wide, spacious delay effect. Six of the 12 modes support stereo operation, providing everything from short reverb-like sounds and expansive modulated delays to pattern delays for intense rhythmic effects.

The DM-101 offers all the creative benefits of an advanced modern delay pedal. Tap tempo and note subdivisions are available with most modes, and there’s carryover for maintaining repeats when the effect is bypassed. Users can store and recall favorite setups with four onboard memories and connect up to two foot switches or an expression pedal for extended real-time control. MIDI I/O takes things further, providing remote access to 127 user memories, MIDI sync, and more. The stereo audio outputs are set for blended operation by default, but they can be easily reconfigured for wet/dry rigs and wet-only parallel setups.

Jackson Created Custom Shop Diablo IV Special Edition Kelly Guitar

From a realm consumed by darkness, where demons lurk and heroes rise, behold an instrument with the power to shred the evil hordes – The Jackson Custom Shop Diablo IV Special Edition Kelly.

Forged within the darkest depths of Sanctuary and skillfully crafted by Master Builder Pasquale Campolattano, this Instrument embodies the chaos and fury of the underworld.

The body, hewn from the blackest obsidian, bathed in demon’s blood, and adorned with a tribute to The Daughter of Hatred herself, Lilith, exudes an aura of malevolence.

Demonic rune fingerboard inlays serve as testaments to the power coursing through your finger-tips as you delve into the depths of your darkest riffs.

Bedeviled with an EMG 81/60 combo and possessed by FU Tone Titanium Floyd Rose upgrades, this diabolical masterpiece captures the essence of hellfire itself and is sure to deliver a sonic assault that will shake the very foundations of the mortal realm.

With this wicked demon in hand, you become a force to be reckoned with, striking fear into the hearts of the underworld’s denizens and vanquishing evil with every note. Where metal meets the abyss, embrace the darkness.

With only 10 available worldwide, don’t hesitate to unleash your Inner demon and claim your place in the eternal symphony of chaos.

More Details

Inlays: Mother of Pearl Demonic Runes and Red Jasper Diablo IV at 12th Fret

Hardware: Black with Red Jasper and Recessed Floyd Rose Original Tremolo with FU Tone Titanium Upgrades

Finish: Custom Diablo IV Graphic Hand-Painted by Dan Lawrence with High Gloss Polyester Topcoat