MXL Shows Off Prototype Mini Mixer at NAB

MXL LogoOn-the-spot media production can be tricky. There’s a lot of moving parts to consider; cameras, microphones, mixers, and all of their accessories. Traditionally, crews would head out with all kinds of bags and cases to haul their gear. But more and more, people are producing with smaller rigs like mobile phones or tablets.

Perry Goldstein of Marshall Electronics stopped by Don Baine’s booth to talk about audio production. While he was there, he broke out a prototype device made by MXL called the Mini Mixer. The device has four independent 1/8″ TRS inputs for microphones with separate gain controls. Output options include a standard analog connector as well as USB for connecting to a computer or mobile device. The Mini Mixer can be powered by two AA batteries or the USB bus.

No information is available yet as to when this product will be available for purchase.