Don Baine Interviews Niki Mustain from Schneider Optics

Schneider Optics logoNiki Mustain, from Schneider Optics, was interviewed by Don Baine. They discussed the new additions to the iPro Lens system.

Their iPro Lens system now includes the 6 and 6+ case. They teamed up with Element Case in order to create a more rugged case that is video and photo centric. Another reason they went with Element Case is because it is really critical that their lenses are being placed over the iPhone lens and that it stays perfectly centered.

The mini-input on the side of the case allows you easily screw in a handle. The handle is light and is where the lenses are stored when they are not in use. You can also add 1/4-20” threads on either side of the case. The cases for the 6 and 6+ range in price from $30.00 to $75.00.

They have five lenses to choose from, that range in price from $39.00 to $99.00. Those lenses include Macro Lens, Super Wide Lens, Wide Lens, Fisheye Lens, and 2X Tele Lens. You can buy the lenses individually and select the ones you need.

One of the cool things about the iPro Lens system is that as you upgrade your phones, you only need to buy the case. The lenses continue from phone to phone.