PESA Brings a New Video Streaming Service to NAB

PESA logoIt might seem like live video streaming is truly ubiquitous in 2015. But there are still many hurdles to overcome for video producers. Fortunately, companies like PESA are out there designing new products and services to help bridge the gap.

Don Baine got to speak with Christopher Thomas and Howard Sutton from PESA. Christopher talked about PESA’s new broadcast video routers that are designed to integrate flawlessly with a number of different video products, including those made by NewTek, Datavideo, and Livestream.

Then Howard took over to demonstrate PESA’s new cloud-based video control offering. This service will allow producers at remote location (such as sporting events) to send their video signals to the cloud where PESA can help with troubleshooting problems like video lag and sync, then push that video to CDN’s for live distribution.