The Sidefinder has a Built In Monitor

SmallHD logoDon Baine Introduced Wes Phillips, CEO of SmallHD. The company makes monitors that sit on top of cameras. They talked about the Sidefinder, which is described as the ultimate HD viewfinder.

The Sidefinder is the highest resolution third party viewfinder in the world. It has a resolution of over 720p. It’s 1366 x 768 through the viewfinder.

The cool thing about the Sidefinder is that it has a five inch monitor built in. The monitor can flip out so that you can see a full HD view of your screen. The monitor has a 1920 x 1080 resolution picture. The Sidefinder is a true hybrid device: it is a high end electronic viewfinder and a high end full size on camera monitor in one.

The Sidefinder has a crisp, clear, image. Its pixel density prevents pixelization when magnified by the optics. The pixel density on the display is higher than the iPhone 6. The Sidefinder can connect to anything that uses 3G, HD/SDi or lower. It can also do HDMI.