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Eventide Has Sale On Blackhole and MicroPitch

As the universe expands, Eventide delivers! Blackhole and MicroPitch Immersive On Sale thru December 31. We are all in on Immersive, through a multi-year investment in developing immersive tools.

The Eventide sound, in a clean and easy to use interface, will make your first explorations into immersive fun and rewarding. Dolby and DAW companies have rolled out renderers for producers to work in and format; yes, including headphones. Creating an immersive experience does NOT require the expense and bother of multiple speakers. Listeners can experience the width, depth, and height of immersive rendered binaurally to their own headphones and ear buds – an experience that surpasses simple stereo.

Make Eventide Immersive plugins the foundation of your workflow and start creating content for all platforms distributing Immersive creations.

Designed from the ground up for immersive, Dolby Atmos, and surround workflows, Blackhole Immersive expands the signature sound of Eventide’s stereo version across your entire immersive mix. Used as a send or insert, Blackhole Immersive remains respectful yet reactive to your carefully chosen track positioning.

From delicate ambience to massive decays, you create and shape the listener’s immersed experience – what, when, and where they feel it. Warning: taking the controls of this cosmic beast of a reverb is just plain fun. The vast range of the original fit perfectly in your mix, but now it’s everywhere!

Owners of stereo Blackhole or MicroPitch (standalone, H9 Bundle, or Anthology XI/XIII) receive discounted cross grade pricing on Immersive plug-ins.

Binaural examples are mixed in 7.1.2, rendered with Dolby Atmos binaural. Stereo versions are rendered down from 7.1.2, which loses some spatial properties but retains positioning of the full mix otherwise.

The clean and intuitive interface seamlessly fits into your projects – whether it be mixing music, post-production for film, or sound design for games. This enhanced workflow gives you full control over the reverb across channels, for an evolving immersive experience – from subtle to radical.


Powerful and flexible reverberation algorithm – create spaces from subtle ambience all the way up to supernatural decays and drones.

Supports LCR, Quadraphonic, 5.0-5.1.4, and 7.0-7.1.4 challenge layouts

Easy-to-use UI optimized for immersive workflows – same core controls for all channel layouts, with no menu diving required

Transparent signal processing – effect always sounds the same across all immersive formats, and always maintains incoming spatial image integrity

Quickly set individual speaker levels using the integrated Levels section

Kill Dry, Kill Wet, and Freeze controls are great for creating drastic effects

Mix Lock allows for scrolling through presets or settings while keeping the wet/dry mix constant

Resizable GUI with Undo/Redo and A/B comparison

Comprehensive Presets Library includes over 150 presets

Eventide Introduces Misha Instrument & Sequencer

Introducing Misha, an instrument/sequencer that utilizes a unique, interval-based approach to playing and creating melodies. It’s designed to be played like a keyboard instrument and yet it makes music in a way unlikely instrument before it. In addition to playing it live, you can also record sequences that can be modified in a multitude of ways, allowing for new paths of spontaneous creativity.

Misha comes preloaded with a variety of scales ranging from typical Western scales, microtonal scales, scales that use just intonation, and everything in between. Additionally, two banks of User scales allow you to upload your own scales using the Scala format for further experimentation. Create a simple melody or sequence, change the key and scale, and manipulate the pattern into a whole new creation!

A New Tool For Performing & Composing

Tone Row Sequencer: Inspired by twelve-tone composition, Misha’s sequencer expands upon the tone row technique, allowing for new paths of spontaneous creativity. Modify your email using some of the classic techniques such as Prime, Retrograde, or Inverted playback, or completely rearrange your sequence in unpredictable and exciting ways.

100 Scales: Misha comes preloaded with a variety of scales ranging from typical Western scales, microtonal scales, scales that use just intonation, and everything in between. Additionally, two banks of User scales allow you to upload your own scales using the Scala format for further experimentation.

Presets: Load a new sequence, key, scale, and more on the fly using presets. Presets can be accessed from the dedicated preset menu or can be loaded via MIDI Program Changes from external devices, allowing Misha to be an essential piece of gear for live performance.

Compatibility: Integrate Misha into your Eurorack system using the 3 pairs of T/G/CV inputs and outputs, or connect to your DAW or synths and sequencers via MIDI.

MIDI and CV inputs: MIDI Note/CC map and 3 pairs of CV inputs can be customized to a wide range of functions such as transposition, translation, randomization, loading keys and scales, sequencer transport control, and much more!

USB and Keyboard Mapping: Play Misha’s interviews from your favorite MIDI keyboard or device and create a custom MIDI mapping to suite your needs. You can also play Misha using a USB computer keyboard using custom mappings.

Assignable Buttons: Easily assign Misha’s 4 user buttons to play intervals or other convenient functions such as octave up/down, chromatic steps, and more.

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Eventide Introduces New Anthology XII Bundle

Eventide introduces the new Anthology XII bundle. It brings Eventide’s 50 years of pioneering audio technology directly to your DAW. A comprehensive and creative toolkit for music producers, mixers, and artists alike, the bundle comes with 33 powerful plug-ins designed to enhance, morph, mangle, pitch shift, reshape and define your sound.

Anthology XII added 10 new plug-ins to the previous Anthology bundle: 3 unique reverbs, 3 distinct modulation effects, 2 classic pitch shifters, a killer distortion, and a next-generation EQ. It contains more than 4300+ presets across the entire 33 plug-in collection.

Anthology XII features Eventide’s revolutionary Structural effects plug-ins, Split EQ and Physion, which utilize transient/tonal splitting technology; the radical sound manipulation of Blackhole and Undulator; authentic emulations of Eventide studio mainstays such as the iconic H910, H949 and H3000 Harmonizer, Instant Phaser, Instant Flanger, and Omnipressor; and the legendary reverbs of the SP2016.

Also included are other one-of-a-kind tools like Tony Visconti’s Tverb, the powerful CrushStation overdrive/distortion command center, and the unique Octavox eight-voice diatonic pitch shift Harmonizer.

Eventide is offering Anthology XII, which has a value of $4,200, at more than 80% off through April 30, 2022.

What will the price be for you? The best way to find out is to click a button on the Eventide website that says “Check Upgrade Price”. It leads to a form you should fill out. Eventide is offering generous discounts based on the value of the plug-ins you already own.

Eventide Introduces SplitEQ

Eventide introduced SplitEQ. It is the first fundamental advance in equalization since George Massenburg’s invention of the parametric EQ 50 years ago. It’s designed to go beyond and to replace your current EQ.

Right now, SplitEQ is on sale at $99. (Previous price $179).

SplitEQ excels at Repairing, Rebalancing, Enhancing, and Widening any audio source. It’s both a surgical tool for fixing particularly nasty problems and a creative tool as it opens up exciting new musical possibilities.

SplitEQ reduces the distance between what you want to do and how you actually do it, and with fewer tradeoffs than other EQs. On a normal EQ, a low-shelf boost on a kick drum will yield muddiness rather than delicious oomph. A low cut on a low male vocal removes plosives but at the expense of low-end richness. SplitEQ gives you the surgical control to address the problematic part of a sound without losing the magic and without the need for additional tools.

At first glance, its a parametric EQ with 8-bands of precise musical filters. What’s new and different is Eventide’s powerful Structural Split engine which divides the incoming audio into separate Transient and Tonal streams that feed the 8 bands. This approach makes common EQ problems easy to solve – even in a complex mix.

What to soften the transients? Use the master Transient Gain slider.

Remove plosives or de-ess? EQ only the Transient.

Reduce snare ring? Put a filter on the Tonal miss.

By applying EQ and panning to Transient and Tonal separately, you can fix many of the problems normally attacked using complex combinations of EQ, compression, transient designers, de-essers, multi-band compression, spatial processors, or dynamic EQ. Simplify and declutter your workflow, get better results, and create new sounds.

Eventide Introduces TriceraChorus Pedal

Eventide introduced the TriceraChorus pedal. It was inspired by the Tri-Stereo Chorus and stompbox choruses of the 1970s and early 1980s. The TriceraChorus pedal pairs rich Bucket Brigade-style chorusing with Eventide’s legendary MicroPitch detuning for a lushness that rivals the jungles the late Cretaceous Period.

TriceraChorus features three hours voices and three unique chorus effects which can be used to create a wide stereo spread with pulsing waves of modulation. The innovative “Swirl” foot switch adds psychedelic flanging, phasing, and Univibe-style tones. It has never been easier to dial in syrupy smooth, deep modulation on guitar, bass, synths, strings, vocals and more.

TriceraChorus has three chorus voices: Left, Center, and Right, which can be detuned to add even more depth. A three-phase LFO modulates the delay times for these voices, producing a dazzling movement across the stereo field. The combination of the three modulated delays creates a huge wash of chorus reminiscent of that big, dreamy ‘80s sound.

Like the mighty three-horned dinosaur, TriceraChorus is a powerhouse of chorus offering three effect types complemented by detuning and Swirl. For a quintessential vintage chorus sound, set TriceraChours to “Chorus” mode. If you need something with more complexity and movement, “Chorale” produces lush, heavenly choruses inspired by classic rackmount Tri-chorus units. For a more warbly, pulsing effect, try “Vibrato”. Add detune for subtle pitch shifting sweetness. Engage the “Swirl” foot switch to get lost in a whirlpool of kaleidoscopic sound.

More Features:

  • Five presets loaded at your feet with dozens more available with Eventide Device Manager (EDM) software
  • Dual-action Active Footswitch is latching or momentary
  •  Real panel Guitar/Line Level switch for matching levels with guitars, synths, FX loop or DAW interface
  • Map any combination of parameters to an expression pedal
  •  Use a single aux switch to tap Rate or a triple aux switch for easy preset changing (up/down/load)
  •  MIDI capability over TRS (with MIDI to TRS cable or converter box) or USB (with MIDI-host controllers)
  •  Multiple Bypass options: Buffered, Relay, DSP+FX or Kill dry
  •  Catch-up mode helps dial in your sound when toggling between presets/parameters
  • Eventide Device Manager PC or Mac application for software updates, system settings and creating/saving presets.

Eventide Introduced the UltraTap Pedal

Eventide introduced the UltraTap pedal. It was originally announced on a Live Stream Event on April 13, 2021. The UltraTap pedal provides “a multiverse of tone.”

UltraTap is a unique multi-tap effect pedal capable of rhythmic delays, glitchy reverbs, huge pad-like volume swells, and extraordinary modulation. It’s the perfect tool for staccato leads, swelling chords, and other evolving effects – everything from reversed reverbs to the sound of ripping it up in the Grand Canyon!

Think of UltraTap as the mother of all Echoplexes and you won’t be too far off. That’s basically how it operates but with the flexibility to add as many ‘tape heads’ as you want and expressively control their positions and levels.

UltraTap’s controls make possible new and unexpected effects. The controls that you would expect in a multi-tap delay pedal – Number of Taps, Delay and Feedback – are just the basics. Controls for Spread, Slurm, and Chop open up a new world of possibilities.


  • Control the stereo image of taps to alternate between hard-panned and mono.
  • Five presets loaded at your feet with dozens more available with Eventide Device Manager (EDM) software.
  • Dual-action Active Footswitch is latching or momentary.
  • Onboard LFOs and envelopes to chop the sound source into stuttered rhythms.
  • Real panel Guitar/Line Level switch for matching levels of guitars, synths, FX loops, or DAW interface.
  • Map any combination of parameters to an Expression Pedal.
  • Use a single Aux switch Tap Tempo or a triple Aux switch for easy preset changing (up/down/load).
  • MIDI capability over TRS (use with a MIDI to TRS cable or converter box) or USB.
  • Multiple Bypass options: Buffered, Relay, DSP+FX, or Kill dry.
  • Catch-up mode helps dial in your sound when toggling between presets/parameters.
  • Eventide Device Manger PC or Mac application for software updates, system settings, and creating/saving presets.

Eventide Introduced MicroPitch Delay

Eventide introduced MicroPitch Delay. It is the “secret sauce” heard on countless hit records.

Popularized in the H3000 Harmonizer, MicroPitch Delay allows musicians to achieve subtle tone fattening, lush stereo widening, rich detuned delays, thick modulation, and tempo-synced special effects. It also features onboard tone controls with mono or stereo operation, MIDI, preset storing, and most importantly a new compact, easy-to-use, delicious red package.

By utilizing subtle pitch shifts to create a rich stereo spread, MicroPitch Delay makes anything you cook up sonically delectable. This pedal is the key ingredient for serving up flavorful tone: Instantly harness soaring leads that jump out of the mix, add distinct lushness to a compelling clean passage and get your fill of vibey modulation that’s sure to sweeten any pot with the push of a button.

Sample a bite of newly baked up Positive and Negative Envelope modulation sources and you’ll be sure to come back for seconds; and major and minor thirds. MicroPitch Delay adds unparalleled dimension to any source; it’s not just a guitar pedal – Use it to thicken vocals, keyboards, drums, strings, brass, winds and more.

Features Include:

  • Experience the latest incarnation of an iconic effect that originated with the legendary H910 and H949 Harmonizers, and later popularized with the H3000.
  • Dual pitch-shifted delay with fine resolution de-tuning and modulation on tap
  • Achieve subtle tone fattening, lush stereo widening, rich returned delays, thick modulation, and tempo-synced special effects
  • New positive envelope and negative envelop modulation sources
  • Five presets loaded at your feet with dozens more available with Eventide Device Manager (EDM) software
  • Dual-action Active Footswitch is latching or momentary
  • Real panel Guitar/Line Level switch for matching levels with guitar, synths, FX loop or DAW interface
  • Map any combination of parameters to an Expression Pedal
  • Use a single Aux switch to engage FLEX which doubles the pitches or a triple Aux switch for easy preset changing (up/down/load)
  • MIDI capability over TRS (use with a MIDI to TRS cable or converter box) or USB
  • Multiple Bypass operations: Buffered, Relay, DSP+FX or Kill dry
  • Catch-up mode helps dial in your sound when toggling between presets/parameters
  • Eventide Device Manager PC or Mac application for software updates, system settings and creating/saving presets

Eventide has a Holiday Giveaway

Eventide has a Holiday Giveaway that will last through December of 2020. The prizes will change each week. Those who want to enter the Eventide Holiday Giveaway must fill out a form on their website and like or follow Eventide on at least one of their social media pages (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram).

This holiday season, we will be giving away over $5,000 in prizes throughout the month of December! Every week we’ll have a different prize package, so be sure to stay tuned to find out what we’ll be giving away next!

The current Eventide Holiday Giveaway (Week 3) is the Ultimate Home Studio. Eventide partnered with Arturia and Newfangled Audio to give one lucky winner this Ultimate Home Studio bundle. It is valued at over $3,000. This prize package includes every Eventide plug-in, the entire suite of Newfangled Audio plug-ins, and an Arturia KeyLab 61 MkII.

Eventide has a vast amount of plug-ins, some of which have been put together in bundles. Individual plug-ins focus on effects, reverb, clockwork legacy, or utility.

The Auturia KeLab 61 MkII was released in 2018. It combines the comprehensive control of Auturia’s classic original KeyLab with the streamlined workflow and smart features of KeyLab Essential, while adding exciting new features and a new level of quality, expression, and luxury. KeyLab MkII is the must-have controller for professional music makers.

Newfangled Audio has several plug-ins. Generate is a chaotic polysynth extraordinaire. Pendulate is a free chaotic monosynth. Elevate is a master limiter with a brain. Equivocate has human ear EQ. Punctuate is an intelligent transient shaper. Saturate is a spectral clipper and psychoacoustic overdrive.

Eventide has a Holiday Sale

Eventide has a Holiday Savings Event that will last through January 4, 2021. Save on hundreds on select plug-ins and bundles, including their 23 plug-in Anthology XI bundle and Newfangled Audio’s Elevate Mastering Bundle! There’s never been a better time to stock up on award winning effects.

Products in the Holiday Savings Event include:

Anthology XI (now $499.00): Anthology XI is a suite of 23 plug-ins that span over 45 years of legendary Eventide sounds. From channel strips to reverbs to multi-effects. Anthology XI has all the tools you need to enhance your tracks and to fire your imagination. A true must-have for any size studio.

Elevate Bundle (now $79.99): Elevate is the most advanced mastering plug-in ever created. This unique multi-band limiter, human-ear EQ and powerful audio maximizer will increase the loudness of your mix while maintaining or improving its dynamic perception. It uses intelligent, adaptive, technology that responds in real time to your music; creating not only the loudest, but the best sounding master.

H9 Plug-in Series (now $299.00): The H9 Plug-in Series Bundle is an iconic collection of powerful effects from the H9 Harmonizer. Built for the modern producer, the H9 Plug-in Series Bundle has everything you need to reverberate, modulate, delay, crush, pitch shift and saturate your audio. Valued at over $1100 if purchased separately, this collection has some of the most sought-after Eventide effects. It’s a must-have toolkit for all producers, engineers, sound designers and musicians who want to add expressive effects to their sound.

Ultra Essentials Bundle (now $99.00): Designed as the ultimate toolset for producers, engineers and sound designers, the Ultra Essentials Bundle features three of Eventide’s most powerful plugins: UltraChannel, UltraReverb and UltraTap. Whether you are mixing or tracking a record, live sound or post production, Eventide’s Ultra Essentials will not only make everyday tasks easier but also fire your imagination.

Eventide Released Pro Tools HD-HDX Expansion Card

Eventide has released the Pro Tools HD/HDX Expansion Card for H9000 products. The H9000 is the most powerful effects processor available with up to 128 channels of simultaneous signal processing, thousands of effects, and a generous complement of analog and digital audio I/O.

This new user-installable expansion card allows Pro Tools HDX and HD Native users to connect their H9000 or H9000R via its Primary DigiLink port – adding up to 32 channels. It can alternatively be daisy-chained with other Pro Tools interfaces via the Secondary DigiLink port with the included 12′ mini-Diglink cable.

Eventide’s flagship multi-effects processor, the H9000, continues their unbroken tradition of delivering industry-leading signal processing power to the pro audio community. The culmination of nearly fifty years of R&D, the H9000 comes loaded with over 1600 unique algorithms from recreations of beloved classics to Eventide’s latest and greatest effects. The wealth of included effects will offer users many years of exploration and inspiration.

The H9000 offers optional network audio I/0 via 3 expansion card slots with up to 32 channels of bidirectional audio each.

The new Pro-Tools Expansion Card allows Pro Tools HDX or HD Native users to connect the H9000 directly for up to 32 channels of direct I/O with Pro Tools HD via its Primary DigiLink port. It can alternately be daisy-chained with other Pro Tools interfaces via the Secondary DigiLink port with the included 12′ mini-Digilink cable. The H9000 can provide the master clock. Concurrent with the release of the Pro Tools HD Expansion Card is the release of version 1.3 operating software for the H9000.

Dante Expansion Card Features:

  • Audinate Brooklyn II Dante Module based design
  • Supports 32 in / 32 out operation at all supported H9000 sample rates
  • Sample Rate Clock Sources: Brooklyn II Module, Dante network, H9000
  • AES67 Support
  • Either 2 Primary and 2 Redundant Networks Connections or 4 Primary Network Connections
  • Can reside in any H9000 Option Slot

MADI Expansion Card Features:

  • Supports full AES5 compatibility
  • Sample Rate Clock Sources: H9000 or the selected MADI RX Stream
  • 32 In/32 Out operation at 48kHz
  • Optical, Coax or ExpressCard (RME proprietary) connections