Eventide Introduces SplitEQ

Eventide introduced SplitEQ. It is the first fundamental advance in equalization since George Massenburg’s invention of the parametric EQ 50 years ago. It’s designed to go beyond and to replace your current EQ.

Right now, SplitEQ is on sale at $99. (Previous price $179).

SplitEQ excels at Repairing, Rebalancing, Enhancing, and Widening any audio source. It’s both a surgical tool for fixing particularly nasty problems and a creative tool as it opens up exciting new musical possibilities.

SplitEQ reduces the distance between what you want to do and how you actually do it, and with fewer tradeoffs than other EQs. On a normal EQ, a low-shelf boost on a kick drum will yield muddiness rather than delicious oomph. A low cut on a low male vocal removes plosives but at the expense of low-end richness. SplitEQ gives you the surgical control to address the problematic part of a sound without losing the magic and without the need for additional tools.

At first glance, its a parametric EQ with 8-bands of precise musical filters. What’s new and different is Eventide’s powerful Structural Split engine which divides the incoming audio into separate Transient and Tonal streams that feed the 8 bands. This approach makes common EQ problems easy to solve – even in a complex mix.

What to soften the transients? Use the master Transient Gain slider.

Remove plosives or de-ess? EQ only the Transient.

Reduce snare ring? Put a filter on the Tonal miss.

By applying EQ and panning to Transient and Tonal separately, you can fix many of the problems normally attacked using complex combinations of EQ, compression, transient designers, de-essers, multi-band compression, spatial processors, or dynamic EQ. Simplify and declutter your workflow, get better results, and create new sounds.