HOFA Offers Special Presale Price on PRO Software

HOFA is offering a special presale price on CD-Burn.DDP.Master PRO. Order it now, and you will immediately receive the standard version and the PRO version in August of 2019.

Are you already a proud owner of CD-Burn DDP.Master? Visit the HOFA website to get your upgrade now for the amazing presale price. The PRO version is the upgrade to the previous versions of HOFA’s mastering software.

PRO includes:

  • Support for third-party plugins (VST3)
  • Presets for complete plugin chains
  • Comprehensive metadata handling (ID3, CSV support…)
  • Advanced dither options
  • Additional features for professional users
  • All of the features of the standard version

One of the features of the standard version is the ability to burn CDs, an important medium for music releases. You can create and burn Red Book compatible CDs and add additional information like CD-Text, ISRC, and EAN codes to the CD.

Another feature of the standard version is the ability to create DDPs. A DDP is a perfect copy of a CD with audio tracks, pauses, CD-Text etc. Most CDs these days are sent to the pressing plant as a DDP image.