Get Spire Studio During iZotope’s Gateway to Summer Sale

You can save $50 on Spire Studio during iZotope’s Gateway to Summer Sale. The sale will last though June 7, 2019. Spire Studio will continue to be available after the sale ends at the regular price.

Build songs wherever you go this summer with the intelligent wireless recording of Spire Studio – now $50 off. Easily capture your ideas with a built-in studio-quality mic, direct inputs for any instrument, and the Soundcheck feature to automatically set your input levels.

Pair Spire Studio with the Spire app to unlock even more tools, like creative effects and the Enhance feature to improve your song’s clarity and dynamics. Even export stems to a DAW for further production. Wherever summer leads you, be prepared for inspiration to strike with Spire Studio.

The Spire Studio app is available on Android and iOS. Layer up to 8 tracks and use the Spire app to add effects, clarity, and fullness to your sound. Visually mix your tracks, export to desktop, send to friends, and publish from within the app.

Tech Specs:

Weight: 1.6 lbs.
Dimensions: 4.8 x 4.4 x 3.4 inches
Inputs: 2 XLR/TS combo jacks, 48v Phantom Power
Outputs: Two headphones 1/8” outputs
Sample Rate/Bit Depth: 48 kHz/24-bit
Connection Type: Built-in Wi-Fi network
Power Supply: Universal power adapter
Battery: Internal rechargeable lithium-ion
Battery life: 4+ hours
Operating System: Android, iOS