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HOFA has a Sale on the IQ-Series Reverb

HOFA has a sale on the IQ-Series Reverb V2 with all IR-Packs. The bundle is 36% off right now. It is unclear how long this sale will last.

The IQ-Series Reverb V2 with 4 IR-Packs includes:

IR-Pack Magic Plates: This large collection of legendary, established and innovative plate reverbs offers you extremely dense reverb structures with a highly musical tone that should not be missing in any production!

IR-Pack Professional Post-Pro: Within this pack you will find impulse responses from various indoor and outdoor locations for film, radio play, game sound design – and music productions too, of course.

IR-Pack Halls & Churches: You like it all big and mighty? Cathedrals, churches, concert halls and venues in all shapes and colors were assembled for this premium bundle.

IR-Pack Binaural Spaces: Coming soon: This IR Pack contains a collection of 236 binaural reverbs that will add a whole new dimensionality to your mixes!

Features of the IQ-Series Reverb V2 include:

On of the world’s largest collection of reverb sound: Find the perfect reverb for mixing, sound design and post-pro. Choose from hundreds of natural, real rooms and classic vintage equipment – or completely new and innovative reverb designs.

Smart Browser: More than 1,500 different reverbs and effects – and which one fits best? Our fast and intelligent browser helps you to make the right choice quickly and shows you interesting alternatives. Among other attributes, you can filter and sort by brightness, RT60 and application range of an IR.

Crazily Creative: Don’t you sometimes want to distort, gate or modulate a reverb and do anything else you can think of? This plugin gives you impressive options for creative work. This also includes the possibility to lengthen or shorten frequency components of the impulse responses directly in the 3D view.

6 at a time: Only the IQ-Series Reverb V2 lets you mix up to six reverb sounds. You have access to several special effects and even an excellent algorithmic reverb for your very personal blends.

HOFA Christmas Mix Contest has Started!

HOFA previously announced that its 12th Annual Xmas Mix Contest would begin on December 1, 2020. You can now download the song “Christmas Blind” and remix it into your entry for the contest.

The annual HOFA XMAS MIX CONTEST has begun on December 1st! For the 12th time now, we are organizing this mixing and remixing contest for all those who want to spend some quality time in their home studio.

Every year, the contest song was written by HOFA CEO Jochen Sache. This year, he brought the platinum awarded hard rock specialist Dennis Ward on board as producer and mixing engineer – for a reason: the song is a pretty heavy rock track!

Those who want to enter the contest can visit the HOFA website and watch a video that features this year’s song. Enter your email address to reveal the link to the download page. After you are done mixing/remixing the song, you can send it to HOFA via the upload portal hofa-contest.com. You can also listen to the submissions of other participants.

The closing date for entries is January 31st, 2021.

Prizes this year are worth more than €15,000! This year, there will be prize money of €1,000 twice – for the best mix and for the best remix of the contest song – and also attractive special prizes from Steinberg, Neumann, Sennheiser, Native Instruments, Shure, ADAM Audio, AKG, Novation, Toontrack, Sommer Cable, Reveal Sound, König & Meyer and HOFA.

HOFA XMAS Mix Contest Starts Soon!

HOFA announced that the HOFA XMAS MIX CONTEST will start soon! Those who are interested in participating should visit the HOFA website and watch a YouTube video of a recording documentary and (re-)mixing session.

It is this time of the year again: the annual HOFA XMAS MIX CONTEST will begin on December 1st! For the 12th time now, we are organizing this mixing and remixing contest for all those who want to spend some quality time in their home studio. The tracks are released for download with the start of the contest.

The song this year is called “Christmas Blind”. As every year, the contest song was written by HOFA CEO Jochen Sachse. This year, though, he brought the platinum awarded rock specialist Dennis Ward on board as producer and mixing engineer – for a reason: the song is a pretty heavy rock track!

This year there will be prize money of 1.000 € twice – for the best mix and for the best remix of HOFA’s contest song – and also attractive special prizes from Steinberg, Neumann, Sennheiser, Native Instruments, Shure, ADAM Audio, Novation, Toontrack, Sommer Cable, Reveal Sound, König & Meyer and HOFA.

Be sure to check the HOFA website after on (or after) December 1, 2020, to find out more details.

Enter the HOFA Song Contest 2020

HOFA has announced that you can now enter the HOFA Song Contest 2020. The contest started on June 1, 2020, and the closing date for entries will be on August 3, 2020. Your song might be a winner!

For the fifth time now, the international online competition for musicians and music producers is opening its doors. Mobilize your fan base for the user voting and convince the HOFA jury of your skills. The participation is free of charge!

The HOFA Song Contest is open to artists from every genre. We will make your talent heard, provide you with a stage for your music – and offer the chance to win attractive cash and non-cash prizes with a total value of over €20,000.

You are allowed to upload one song that is written by you and/or your band, for whose publication you have the agreement of all involved persons, that is not registered at the GEMA or similar collection societies. Lyrics are not mandatory, but mere playbacks or beats without rap parts cannot take part.

Genres include: Pop, Electronic Music, Hip-Hop/Soul/R’n’B, Rock & Heavy, Traditional & Folk, and World and other genres.

Winners are determined out of the Top 20 of in the online voting in the main 6 categories. Depending on the genre, they pay attention to sound selection, songwriting, lyrics, musical performance, mix & mastering, sound quality and distinctive features. In addition, all songs are listened to and evaluated in order to determine the awardees of the special prizes.

The main prize is 500 €. This will be presented to the winner in each of the 6 main categories. There are also prizes from Steinberg, Native Instruments, Ableton, Adam Audio, Focusrite, Novation, Shure, Sommer Cable, Sonarworks, ToonTrack, and Vengeance.

HOFA Announced their 11th Xmas Mix Contest

HOFA announced that they have organized their 11th Xmas Mix Contest. It is open to all who want to spend some quality time with Xmas mixing. The closing date for entering the contest is January 21, 2020.

This year, there is a prize money of 2 x 1000 € for the best mix and the best remix of our contest song. In addition, there are Special Awards for outstanding mixes, donated by Neumann, Sennheiser, Toontrack, Sommer Cable, ADAM Audio, Ableton, Konig & Meyer and HOFA. The public voting is also considered for some of the Special Awards – it definitely pays to get some likes.

HOFA says 100 max analyses are raffled from all uploaded songs. This analysis gives you a feedback to try your mix and points out strengths and weaknesses – that alone makes your work worthwhile!

The song for the 11th Xmas Mix Contest is “Let There Be Snow” by HOFA CEO Jochen Sachse. It is a modern a cappella song with the fantastic lead vocals by Stephanie Lenk and Milos Malesevic, supported by four more singers and an impressive beat of body percussion and vocal drums. The tempo of the song is 90 bpm, the tracks are on hand as 24 bit wav files in 44.1 kHz and 96 kHz.

To enter, you need to download the contest song. Create your own mix and upload it as a stereo track. For more details, please visit the HOFA website.

Enter the HOFA Song Contest

HOFA announced the 2019 HOFA Song Contest. The contest is live now. More than 800 musicians and producers uploaded their songs last year to present their music – and to get the chance to win great prizes.

HOFA is a German manufacturer of audio plugins and acoustic modules as well as a provider of audio engineering courses and a recording studio since 1988. The annual HOFA XMAS Mix Contest is now complemented by the Song Contest in the summer.

The HOFA Song Contest is for songwriters and producers. HOFA’s declared goal is the provision of a common platform and the promotion of outstanding talents.

Any solo artist, team, band, etc. can join in with a song of their own. Each participant can submit one track; remixes and coversongs excluded. Send us your song if you believe it’s a brilliant piece of songwriting and production. The participation is free!

In each of the six categories (genres) there is a main prize donated by HOFA. In addition, many attractive special prizes will be awarded (donated by HOFA’s partners). HOFA will also raffle 100 HOFA song analyses among the participants.

The genres are: Pop; Electronic Music; Hip-Hop, R’n’B & Soul; World & Miscellaneous; Rock & Heavy; and Traditional. Songs can be uploaded to the contest until August 5, 2019. From August 6, 2019, a jury listens to the songs and rates them. The announcement of the winners and awardees will be on September 2, 2019.

For more details, HOFA recommends you visit their HOFA Song Contest Facebook page.

HOFA Offers Special Presale Price on PRO Software

HOFA is offering a special presale price on CD-Burn.DDP.Master PRO. Order it now, and you will immediately receive the standard version and the PRO version in August of 2019.

Are you already a proud owner of CD-Burn DDP.Master? Visit the HOFA website to get your upgrade now for the amazing presale price. The PRO version is the upgrade to the previous versions of HOFA’s mastering software.

PRO includes:

  • Support for third-party plugins (VST3)
  • Presets for complete plugin chains
  • Comprehensive metadata handling (ID3, CSV support…)
  • Advanced dither options
  • Additional features for professional users
  • All of the features of the standard version

One of the features of the standard version is the ability to burn CDs, an important medium for music releases. You can create and burn Red Book compatible CDs and add additional information like CD-Text, ISRC, and EAN codes to the CD.

Another feature of the standard version is the ability to create DDPs. A DDP is a perfect copy of a CD with audio tracks, pauses, CD-Text etc. Most CDs these days are sent to the pressing plant as a DDP image.

HOFA SYSTEM All Bundle is On Sale

HOFA is having a sale on the HOFA SYSTEM All Bundle. The All Bundle is part of the HOFA Plugins SummerSpecial, where it is being offered for 50% off.

HOFA SYSTEM offers you 32 high-end plugins in 4 suites, which you can use in your DAW or connect them to each other in the revolutionary SYSTEM interface via drag’n’drop.

  • For mixing, mastering and sounddesign
  • With premium dynamics, EQs, reverbs, FX, modulation and saturation effects and utilities
  • Intuitive and fast workflow for multiband, mid/side, parallel and dual mono routings
  • All plugins are usable in the DAW and in HOFA SYSTEM

There are more than 300 throughly complied presets in the HOFA SYSTEM. Not only are they perfect starting points for your own creations – they sound just awesome, too! You can also add presets to your existing chain just via drag’n’drop and thus easily create your own individual high end channelstrip.

HOFA designed SYSTEM as the ultimate channelstrip. One HOFA SYSTEM per channel is enough to handle complete mixes. High quality Eqing, professional compression and impressive spatial design can be performed in a breath.

There are not only serial designs but also parallel, multiband, and mid/side controls always at hand and can be used for completely new processings. And with its flexible routing, feedback loops and complex modulation, HOFA System is the perfect tool for sound design.

HOFA’s SYSTEM Basic is Freeware

HOFA is offering SYSTEM basic as freeware. You can download it for free from the HOFA website.

SYSTEM basic is the freeware version of the popular EQ, dynamic & effect toolbox by HOFA. 21 modules are available which you can use separately or combined. All routing happens automatically, whereby multiband, mid/side and dual mono routings are always on-hand.

150+ HOFA presets are loadable, but can only be edited to a limited extent. There are two different kids of presets. Presets for modules can be loaded in HOFA SYSTEM basic as long as the restricted parameters aren’t changed. For example, an AlgoVerb preset can be loaded as long as it uses the Plate algorithm.

Besides module presets a major feature of HOFA SYSTEM is to save whole processing chains. These chains can be loaded and changed in HOFA SYSTEM basic as long as all used modules parameters are available in the freeware. If a chain preset contains modules that would need a license it can only be loaded if it is a factory (HOFA) preset. In this case, it isn’t possible to change any routing or parameters.

There is a very detailed chart on the HOFA website that lists individual modules, points out its limitations (if any), and shows if it is always included of what full version it is available in.

HOFA System 1.5 Available Now

HOFA System 1.5 logoIf you’re into audio production (and we’re guessing that if you follow this blog, you probably are), then you love plugins. And the only thing better than the plugins you have now, is getting more plugins. Because then, you have more plugins. And as we covered above, you’re an audio producer. Who loves plugins.

The engineers at Germany’s HOFA software company understand this need for MOAR PLUGINS. That’s why they developed a plugin system called… System. Now, you know how plugins work. You add them one at a time to your tracks and then twiddle their various knobs and sliders for days at a time. And that works fine. But HOFA looked at that and thought, “Hey, Dawg. We heard you like plugins so we put more plugins in your plugins.” HOFA System itself is a plugin but it’s made up of a whole series of effects and processors that run inside System, thus giving you a plugin that’s essentially made up of other plugins.

HOFA began previewing System last year and plugin lovers cursed that they’d have to wait for an official release. But the wait is over, as System 1.5 is now officially on the street.

HOFA is offering introductory pricing for System 1.5 at $59.99 euros. This initial price point expires August 31, 2017.