HOFA Introduces 4U+ ProjectTime V3

HOFA introduced HOFA 4U + ProjectTime V3. It tracks your working time directly in the DAW. Right now, it is being offered at an introductory price of 20% off. That works out to EUR 39.90.

ProjectTime V3 has all the features you need to monitor the time you spend working on your DAW projects. After you have loaded ProjectTime into any plugin slot of your DAW, you can start tracking the time. The measured time is saved when you close the project and can be continued when you open it again.

The main innovation is the ability to start the timer automatically, depending on whether playback is running in the DAW or whether an audio signal is detected. In addition, you can now conveniently work with several sessions and edit them later.

As with all plugins from the 4U+ series, you can choose: there is a freeware version that can be used without any costs and a full version with a significantly extended feature set.

Features of the full version:

  • Precise work-time recording in DAW projects
  • Automatic play/pause detection
  • Hourly wage calculator
  • Time-budget calculator
  • Working on a project with several participants
  • Show duration also in decimal hours
  • Editing of sessions
  • PDF export
  • CSV export
  • TXT export
  • Price: Normally EUR 49.90, currently on sale for $39.90.

    Features of the Freeware version:
  • Precise work-time recording in DAW projects
  • Editing of sessions (limited)
  • TXT export

The freeware version can be used on any number of computers without a license. You can use the full version in a 14-day trial period. The full version can be activated with the HOFA-Plugins Manager or directly in the plugin. The plugin can be activated and used on two computers at the same time. It is possible to deactivate licenses and transfer them to other machines. HOFA plugins can be activated and used offline.