HOFA has a Sale on the IQ-Series Reverb

HOFA has a sale on the IQ-Series Reverb V2 with all IR-Packs. The bundle is 36% off right now. It is unclear how long this sale will last.

The IQ-Series Reverb V2 with 4 IR-Packs includes:

IR-Pack Magic Plates: This large collection of legendary, established and innovative plate reverbs offers you extremely dense reverb structures with a highly musical tone that should not be missing in any production!

IR-Pack Professional Post-Pro: Within this pack you will find impulse responses from various indoor and outdoor locations for film, radio play, game sound design – and music productions too, of course.

IR-Pack Halls & Churches: You like it all big and mighty? Cathedrals, churches, concert halls and venues in all shapes and colors were assembled for this premium bundle.

IR-Pack Binaural Spaces: Coming soon: This IR Pack contains a collection of 236 binaural reverbs that will add a whole new dimensionality to your mixes!

Features of the IQ-Series Reverb V2 include:

On of the world’s largest collection of reverb sound: Find the perfect reverb for mixing, sound design and post-pro. Choose from hundreds of natural, real rooms and classic vintage equipment – or completely new and innovative reverb designs.

Smart Browser: More than 1,500 different reverbs and effects – and which one fits best? Our fast and intelligent browser helps you to make the right choice quickly and shows you interesting alternatives. Among other attributes, you can filter and sort by brightness, RT60 and application range of an IR.

Crazily Creative: Don’t you sometimes want to distort, gate or modulate a reverb and do anything else you can think of? This plugin gives you impressive options for creative work. This also includes the possibility to lengthen or shorten frequency components of the impulse responses directly in the 3D view.

6 at a time: Only the IQ-Series Reverb V2 lets you mix up to six reverb sounds. You have access to several special effects and even an excellent algorithmic reverb for your very personal blends.