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Yamaha Launches Its First-Ever Lineup Of Finger Drum Pads

Yamaha has announced the new FGDP Series finger drums, the brand’s first-ever, all-in-one finger drum pads designed for players at all skill levels. The stand-alone instruments, consisting of the FGDP-30 and FGDP-50, are portable, ergonomically designed and packed with a wide array of professional grade sounds.

Engineered to be played anywhere, at any time, the FGDP Series comes in a lightweight package equipped with high-quality preset sounds and a long-lasting battery for easy, fun music-making on the go.

The finger drums feature a unique, streamlined pad layout for ease of use, in addition to a velocity switch and polyphonic aftertouch sensor allowing players to incorporate dynamic drumming techniques, such as ghost notes and high-speed rolls in any performance.

“Our goal with FGDP Series is to introduce a new kind of way for our customers to create music whether they are passionate finger drummers, aspiring musicians, or new to the world of music making,” said Matt Rudin, drums product marketing manager at Yamaha Corporation of America. “With the FGDP-30 and FGDP-50, players can expect a versatile music machine that fuses years of Yamaha’s cutting-edge synthesizers and drums technology into a single compact instrument.”

The entry FGDP-30 model features ergonomic ultra-sensitive pads, 39 preset kits and USB MIDI / Audio. The advanced FGDP-50 model includes each of these capabilities plus additional preset kits and features, such as 50 user kits, session songs, eight additional RGB pads, a note repeat function, and playback sampler.

Pricing and Availability

The FGDP Series pre-order will be available starting September 5, 2023 at the following prices:

FGDP-30: $199.99
FGDP-50: $299.99

To learn more about the FGDP Series, please visit yamaha.io/fingerdrums

Yamaha Announces New DM3 Series-22 Digital Mixing Consoles

Yahmaha, the world’s largest manufacturer of musical instruments and audio solutions, today introduced the DM3 Series, a professional audio lineup that makes it easy for users to build a mix in any situation, empowering musicians serious about turning their music into a career.

There are two DM3 mixers in the Series- the DM3-D features Dante audio networking for quick and flexible connection to a wide range of compatible audio devices, and the DM3 Standard without Dante. Other than Dante provision, the features on both models are identical, highlighting 16 mono, one stereo and two FX Return input mixing channels, plus six Mix Send, two FX Send, one stereo and two matrix output mixing channels.

As the new standard in compact mixers, the DM3 Series offers up to 96kHz sound quality, powerful features, a fast, simple setup and ease of operation in an ultra-compact chassis. The supremely portable mixers feature a combination unmatched by any other mixing console of this size.

Offering low latency and two high-quality processors featuring 18 types of effects, a simple, intuitive user interface is centered around a large 9” screen with multi-touch control. Though small but thoughtful features can choose from multiple languages for channel names (using the DM3 Editor or DM3StageMix applications) displayed on the user’s choice of a light or dark background, making the DM3 Series easy to use in any space, lighting conditions and by users of different nationalities.

With custom fader banks and MonitorMix support for personal monitor mixing, it has various live sound applications, from simple presentations and conferences to live bands and multi-performer events. The DM3 is also ideal as a sub-mixer for a Dante-compatible main console.

“Whether performing live onstage or streaming online, it just makes sense to trust a company that lives and breathes music to ensure every note is heard as intended.” Says Preston Gray, director of marketing for professional audio at Yamaha Corporation of America.

The DM3 Series is a portable, full-specification music production tool that covers all the bases for recording and editing needs, thanks to an 18in/18out USB audio interface and DAW Remote functionality.

Pricing and Availability

The DM3S will be available in April, with DM3-D to follow this summer.

DM3-D: $1,999.99
DM3 Standard: $1,699.99

For more information and to purchase DM3, visit SHOP YAMAHA

Yamaha Introduces ProVisionaire Control/Touch V3.9.0 Released

Yamaha released the ProVisionaire Control/Touch V3.9.0 It allows you to remotely control and monitor entire systems from a single panel. It has software applications that provide unified remote control of the entire systems.

Remotely control and monitor entire systems from a single panel

ProVisionaire Control and ProVisionaire Touch are software applications that provide unified remote control and monitoring of the entire systems. ProVisionaire Control supports Windows devices, and ProVisionaire Touch supports the iPad. A broad of devices are supported, including MTX/MTR processors, CL/QL/TF digital mixers, Rio I/O units, XMV power amplifier, and NEXO NXAMOMK2 powered TD controllers.

Custom control panels can be created by assigning necessary parameters to a single page. Pro Visionairre Control includes the ProVisionaire Monitoring Service, making it easy to monitor the status of system devices while alerts and other log data can be recorded to a computer.

Remotely control entire systems from a single panel

ProVisionaire can remotely control a wide range of Yamaha and Nexo equipments, including MTX/MRX series signal processors, CL/QL/TF series digital mixers, Rio series I/O boxes, XMV series power amplifiers, and Next NXAMPMK2 Powered TD Controllers from a single panel. With “External Event” function which is available MTX/MRX series, even other companies devices such as projectors, curtains, and lights can be controlled.

The system designer can specific which parameters from the available selection of products are to be included in the ProVisionaire designing, thus can create a fully customized control surface for the client. The ProVisionaire is a total control solution for the entire system.

Dante network for AV presentation / BGM / Paging system (Enterprise / Education / Hotel Banquet)

  • Aggregate in-house broadcasting and voice control for multiple areas in a MRXZ-D system, all managed with ProVisionaire Control.
  • Digital mixer for situations in which additional voice inputs and detailed operation are required for panel discussions, lectures, band performances, etc.
  • A single operator can monitor the CL5, QL5 and Rio3224-D2 from one computer running ProVisionaire Control.

Yamaha Adds ST2110-30 Support to RIVAGE PM

Yamaha regularly updates its software to improve user convenience and to provide high-quality, user-friendly functions. At the same time, Dante networking has been adopted in a wide range of professional audio systems with its flexibility and efficiency, contributing greatly the improvement of connectivity between devices. With the latest firmware update of the RIVAGE PM series digital mixing system, SMPTE ST2110-30 is now supported in combination with standard Dante functions.

SMPTE ST2110-30 is a set of standards for Media Over IP that is rapidly expanding in the professional broadcast market, and ST2110-30 defines the audio part of these. RIVAGE PM Series, which has already been adopted by many broadcast stations, includes optional Dante modules that each support up to 144 audio channels in and out.

In combination with Audinate’s Dante Domain Manager software package, these modules are now able to operate in “SMPTE mode”. In this way, simultaneous compatibility between ST2110-30 devices and all regular Dante devices is not only maintained, but system setup is simplified and security enhanced. Together with the CL/QL series digital mixers and R series I/O racks, the RIVAGE PM series expands the user’s options and contributes to the construction of a more flexible and comprehensive system.

Furthermore, RIVAGE PM systems allow multiple networks to be bridged, with each DSP engine hosting up to 4 audio networking HY cards. The HY144-D-SRC card provides sample-rate conversion, allowing additional connectivity options. For example, the system could interface between a standard Dante system running at 96kHz for a live performance, and a broadcast ST2110 network operating in a separate clock domain at 48kHz.

“We are very pleased to announce that the RIVAGE PM Series now supports SMPTE ST2110-30,” comments Chihaya “Chick” Hirai, Yamaha General Manager of the PA Marketing & Sales Department, “We are confident that this update will greatly contribute to the customers who are looking for systems with enhanced flexibility as well as those who are converting their existing systems into IP-based ones.”

Yamaha will continue to listen to the opinions of their customers, and work to provide more flexible systems and comfortable mixing environments.

Yamaha Rolls Out Support for SMPTE ST2110-30

Yamaha releases regular software updates to continue giving sound engineers constant access to high-quality, user-friendly functions. At the same time, Dante studio networking continues its growth in popularity throughout all professional audio markets. The latest update allows Yamaha CL/QL Series digital mixers and R Series I/O racks to support SMPTE ST211-30 in combination with standard Dante functionality.

SMPTE ST2110 is a suite of standards for media over IP networks finding rapid adoption within the professional broadcast community, while ST2110-30 defines the audio part of the set. CL/QL Series digital mixers are already used at numerous broadcasting stations and outside broadcast vehicles, ensuring the wide acceptability of Dante throughout the industry,

Audinate’s Dante Domain Manager software package now allows Dante devices to run “SMPTE mode”. In this way, simultaneous compatibility between ST2110-30 devices and all regular Dante devices is not only maintained, but system setup is simplified and security enhanced.

“Obviously, it is extremely important for digital mixes to be able to connect with other equipment and networks,” comments Motome Tanaka, Yamaha Group Manager of the PA Marketing & Sales Group. “The new support for SMPTE ST2110-30 will help systems that already include CL/QL Series mixers to integrate with wider media networks, confirming their place in future IP-based designs.”

Yamaha strives constantly to listen to customers and give them what they need for more responsive, convenient mixing experiences.

Yamaha Pacifica Electric Guitars Feature New Colors and Premium Components

Yamaha announced two new Pacifica models in the PAC612 electric guitar lineup, featuring striking new finishes and updated hardware.

Yamaha has been making guitars since 1942, and the company’s Pacifica series, first launched in 1990, were inspired by the California session scene of the day, where versatility, consistent performance night after night and the flexibility to capture an artist’s individuality were driving factors. One of the best electric guitar values since its inception, Yamaha Pacifica guitars are well known for great tone and outstanding playability – ideal for any level of gigging guitarist.

The new Pacifica models combine renowned Yamaha build quality and playability with premium third-party components, recalling their LA custom shop roots. Seymour Duncan TB-14 Custom 5 and SSL-1 single-coil pickups deliver warm and powerful sounds, while a five-position pickup selector and push-pull coil-split deliver tonal versatility. Graph Tech TUSQ nuts and strings trees, Grover locking tuners and Wilkinson VS50 bridges ensure optimal performance and exceptional tuning stability. Both the PAC612VIIFMX and PAC612VIIX feature alder bodies with bolt-on maple necks and rosewood fretboards.

The Pacifica 612VIIFMX sports a flamed-maple veneer top with a Fire Red finish, and the Pacifica 612VIIX is available in Matte Silk Blue (exclusively at Sweetwater), Teal Green Metallic and Yellow Natural Satin.

The Yamaha Pacifica 612VIIFMX and 612VIIX electric guitars (MSRP: $1,050.00) are currently shipping.

Yamaha Celebrates Signature Bass Icon Peter Hook With Signature BB Bass

Yamaha introduced the Peter Hook Signature BB Bass, unique instrument honoring the enduring relationship between Yamaha and the celebrated artist.

Peter Hook is best known as the bassist and founding member of Joy Division and New Order, two English rock bands who rank among the pioneers of the post-punk movement. Hook has pursued an innovative, 40-plus year career with these and other bands, blending post-punk with electronic and dance-music influences during his musical evolution.

Throughout his career, Hook has chosen Yamaha BB basses for their assertive sound and durable construction. At the start of his career, Hook latched onto the Yamaha BB600 as an early favorite and finally landed on the BB1200S, which has stayed with him over the decades. He now owns seven BB1200S models, and his very first BB1200S still resides at his home for playing and recording.

The Peter Hook Signature BB Bass combines influences from his longtime companion BB1200S and the BB734A he currently plays on tour with Peter Hook & The Light, paying tribute to an artist whose unique playing style and musicianship changed the course of modern music.

“It’s such a compliment to be recognized for what you’ve done and to have it come full circle and culminate with my own signature bass — made to my specs and to satisfy my playing — is such an honor, and I’m very happy with it,” said Hook. “I’m very proud to have worked with Yamaha to develop the BBPH and I think it’s one of the best guitars in the world if I do say so myself!”

To fit Hook’s style of playing high on the fretboard, the signature model reworks the pickup arrangement of the BB1200S to draw out “that sweeter sound for the treble strings and the tighter sound for the bass strings,” says Pat Campolattano, senior designer and luthier, Yamaha Guitar Group. Working closely with Hook on the development of the BBPH, Campolattano also replaced the straight-through neck of the BB1200S with a bolt-on design that brings out the unique tone Hook has popularized in his music while maintaining the sturdiness of a straight-through neck.

The distinctive “BB1200S Red” finish on the 3-piece body and matching headstock evokes Hook’s classic instrument, as does the single, reversed pickup. The VSP7n split, single-coil is paired with a true active/passive preamp to offer the best of both classic and modern BB tone. Similar to Hook’s BB734A, a 3-band EQ is available in the active mode, and the treble knob acts as a master tone control in the passive mode. Hook’s signature is screened on the back of the headstock, above a nod to “Manchester, England!” Even in these small details, this signature bass celebrates the history of this eminent artist and his indelible influence on modern music.

The Yamaha BBPH Peter Hook Signature Bass (MSRP: $2,000.00) is now shipping. The BBPH is a limited-edition model, and only 14 basses of its kind are available in the United States.

Yamaha Introduced P-37ERD Red Pianica

Yamaha introduced P-37ERD Red Pianica, the newest addition to the company’s Pianica lineup. It joins the company’s previously released P-37EBK and P-37EBR models and offers the same impeccable turning and quality for which these instruments are known, in an attention-grabbing red body.

The Pianica is a breath-powered, or small keyboard that is played by blowing air through a mouthpiece. The sound of the instrument is best described as between a harmonica and an accordion, but with more body and depth than other melodica-type instruments.

Performers looking for a professional-level Pianica that provides a strong presence on stage and during instrumental solos will be very pleased with the P-37ERD, which has a brilliant sound that carries and easily cuts through live accompaniment. The new sound was achieved through internal modifications and ABS plastic used on the underside of the body, rather than Ecodear plastic used in the P-37EBK and P-37EBR, which provided a warmer tone.

“The Red Pianica is the perfect addition to our family of Pianicas, giving live musicians the tonal quality for which Yamaha is known, with a brand-new look and sound,” said Matt Kerns, accessories marketing manager, Yamaha Winds & Strings. “While other P-37E Pianica models are great for musicians seeking a mellow sound for intimate jam sessions or playing at home, professional-level players will love the Red Pianica’s rich, bright sound and bold red body that commands the attention of a crowd.”

The Red Pianica P-37ERD features a three-octave note range beginning with F below middle C. The instrument comes with a mouthpiece extension tube and a soft carrying case.

The Yamaha Red Pianica P-37ERD (MSRP: $151.99) is expected to ship in December 2020.

Yamaha RIVAGE PM5 and PM3 Win IBC 2020 Best of Show Award

Yamaha announced that the RIVAGE PM5 and PM3 digital mixing systems have won the IBC 2020 Best of Show Award Virtual Edition from Pro Sound News magazine.

The launch of RIVAGE PM5 and PM3 in 2020 highlighted Yamaha’s intention to bring the benefits of RIVAGE PM digital mixing solutions to as many different applications as possible. The onboard Dante Integration, flexible routing matrixes, powerful onboard processing and scalability of the work surfaces mean that RIVAGE PM is a very attractive mixing solution for the live broadcast and streaming markets, with the compact size of the RIVAGE PM5 and PM3 systems making them particularly well suited to mobile outside broadcast units.

With the inherent pressures of the broadcast environment, another key benefit of RIVAGE PM systems is the instant familiarity of the control surface and workflow to engineers coming to broadcast from live concert mixing. If a new engineer already knows the system they are using, it radically reduces the time and cost implications of getting up to speed.

“RIVAGE PM5 and PM3 systems are unchallenged in the broadcast and live production markets when you compare the price to the array of onboard features and performance,” says Karl Christmas, European Product Manager at Yamaha Music Europe GmbH. “Winning the IBC 2020 Best of Show Award has been gratifying recognition of how much we have listened to what engineers need and the hard work that the Yamaha R&D team has put into developing the systems.”

“The introduction of the PM5 and PM3 mark Yamaha’s most ambitious expansion for the RIVAGE PM series yet,” says Pro Sound News content director Clive Young. “The careful thought that went into the revised control surfaces is readily evident and the addition of new features to aid users’ workflow highlight how Yamaha has strived to answer end users’ needs with the new consoles. Pro Sound News congratulates Yamaha on a well-deserved IBC Best of Show win.”

Yamaha Announced the Clavinola CLP-700 Series Digital Pianos

Yamaha Corporation of American announced the Clavinova CLP 700 Series, the revolutionary new generation of the award-winning Clarinova digital piano.

Five new models – the CLP-735, CLP-765GP, CLP-785, and CLP-795GP – offer unprecedented improvements to realism and playability, as well as new historical Voices that perfectly reproduce the fortepiano, an ancestor of the modern piano. This lets players practice using the same tones that legendary composers heard as they crafted their music, bringing a new depth of authenticity and immersion to classical repertoire.

Models beginning with the CLP-735 feature the clear, light Mozart Piano and lilting, sonorous Chopin Piano Voices, painstakingly sampled from Walter and Pleyel fortepianos respectively built in the 18th and 19th centuries. The CLP-785 and CLP-795GP add Scarlatti and Beethoven fortepiano Voices. The former was sampled from an instrument designed by the inventor of the piano himself, Bartolomeo Cristofori; the latter from a London-made Broadwood fortepiano.

Of course, the CLP-700 series also includes the Voices of today’s world-leading concert grand pianos: the Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial. Both are offered in stereo and binaural versions. Binaural sampling is a recording process that “hears” as the human ears and head do. When either Voice is played through headphones, the sense of each note emanating from where it would on a grand piano is so accurate that players will forget they are wearing headphones at all. This increases enjoyment and time spent at the keyboard and is also ideal for multi-piano lab settings where students play side by side.

The Clavinova CLP-700 Series connects these Voices to musicians’ fingers with improved GrandTouch™ and GrandTouch-S™ keyboard actions that respond like a real grand piano because, in fact, their mechanisms are derived from the hammer action of a real grand piano. Synthetic ebony and ivory key surfaces are textured to help finger grip and wick away moisture. The illusion of playing an acoustic instrument is further perfected by Real Grand Expression 2 (RGE2). Exclusive to Yamaha, this revolutionary technology converts the slightest variations in touch into limitless dynamic and harmonic nuances.

The CLP Series has always maintained the dignified appearance of a traditional acoustic piano. With the CLP-700 Series, the upright and grand (GP) cabinet designs raise the bar for home digital pianos. On the CLP-785 and CLP-795GP models, the exclusive new Touch Sensor Control Panel is nestled in the left end-block. With the instrument powered on, white-on-black markings and a crisp LCD appear subtly on a flush, touch-sensitive surface. When powered off, the panel and display become virtually invisible.

Compatibility with the Yamaha Smart Pianist app allows access to all the CLP-700 Series’ control functions from a connected iOS® or Android™ device. On models CLP-745 and up, Bluetooth® wireless audio connectivity lets players stream songs from a mobile device or computer and play along with them through the Clavinovas’ robust, high-fidelity speaker systems.

The new Clavinova CLP-700 Series models will be available in the Fall of 2020 but be sure to check your local authorized Clavinova dealer for availability. Prices range from $2,299 to $7,499.