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Yamaha Announced the Clavinola CLP-700 Series Digital Pianos

Yamaha Corporation of American announced the Clavinova CLP 700 Series, the revolutionary new generation of the award-winning Clarinova digital piano.

Five new models – the CLP-735, CLP-765GP, CLP-785, and CLP-795GP – offer unprecedented improvements to realism and playability, as well as new historical Voices that perfectly reproduce the fortepiano, an ancestor of the modern piano. This lets players practice using the same tones that legendary composers heard as they crafted their music, bringing a new depth of authenticity and immersion to classical repertoire.

Models beginning with the CLP-735 feature the clear, light Mozart Piano and lilting, sonorous Chopin Piano Voices, painstakingly sampled from Walter and Pleyel fortepianos respectively built in the 18th and 19th centuries. The CLP-785 and CLP-795GP add Scarlatti and Beethoven fortepiano Voices. The former was sampled from an instrument designed by the inventor of the piano himself, Bartolomeo Cristofori; the latter from a London-made Broadwood fortepiano.

Of course, the CLP-700 series also includes the Voices of today’s world-leading concert grand pianos: the Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial. Both are offered in stereo and binaural versions. Binaural sampling is a recording process that “hears” as the human ears and head do. When either Voice is played through headphones, the sense of each note emanating from where it would on a grand piano is so accurate that players will forget they are wearing headphones at all. This increases enjoyment and time spent at the keyboard and is also ideal for multi-piano lab settings where students play side by side.

The Clavinova CLP-700 Series connects these Voices to musicians’ fingers with improved GrandTouch™ and GrandTouch-S™ keyboard actions that respond like a real grand piano because, in fact, their mechanisms are derived from the hammer action of a real grand piano. Synthetic ebony and ivory key surfaces are textured to help finger grip and wick away moisture. The illusion of playing an acoustic instrument is further perfected by Real Grand Expression 2 (RGE2). Exclusive to Yamaha, this revolutionary technology converts the slightest variations in touch into limitless dynamic and harmonic nuances.

The CLP Series has always maintained the dignified appearance of a traditional acoustic piano. With the CLP-700 Series, the upright and grand (GP) cabinet designs raise the bar for home digital pianos. On the CLP-785 and CLP-795GP models, the exclusive new Touch Sensor Control Panel is nestled in the left end-block. With the instrument powered on, white-on-black markings and a crisp LCD appear subtly on a flush, touch-sensitive surface. When powered off, the panel and display become virtually invisible.

Compatibility with the Yamaha Smart Pianist app allows access to all the CLP-700 Series’ control functions from a connected iOS® or Android™ device. On models CLP-745 and up, Bluetooth® wireless audio connectivity lets players stream songs from a mobile device or computer and play along with them through the Clavinovas’ robust, high-fidelity speaker systems.

The new Clavinova CLP-700 Series models will be available in the Fall of 2020 but be sure to check your local authorized Clavinova dealer for availability. Prices range from $2,299 to $7,499.

Yamaha Announced the PRS-SX600 Workstation Keyboard

Yamaha announced the PSR-SX600, a 61-key personal performance keyboard that draws in the company’s best arranger workstation technology to offer a new benchmark of performance at a very approachable price. It replaces the PSR-S670 in a family of arranger whose advanced features derive from the flagship Yamaha Genos digital workstation.

Realistic, diverse, and engaging accompaniment Styles have always formed the core of Yamaha arranger instruments. The PSR-SX600 augments these with powerful new functionality. Via the Smart Chord feature, songwriters with or without keyboard proficiency can utilize the Style engine to sketch out fully orchestrated arrangement ideas. Then, the Unison Styles and Accent Styles bring a new dimension of authenticity to automatic accompaniment, making the sense of playing with a virtual backup band of expert musicians more convincing than ever. Plus, with expansion ROM and compatibility with free Yamaha Voice and Style Expansion packs, the PSR-SX600 presents a nearly limitless galaxy of musical possibilities.

New studio-quality DSP effects let the player add Real Distortion to a guitar Voice, Real Reverb to a piano, and much more, imparting just the right amount of color to the sound. A microphone input allows for singing through the PSR’s effects and EQ, and features a vocal cancel function for karaoke sing-alongs to pre-existing tracks. The player can then commit their idea to posterity via onboard audio recording in studio-quality WAV format, with time-stretching and pitch-shifting for WAV data helping to create the perfect take. Separate part EQ for all Voices in a Style as well as “live” Voices played from the keyboard lets the musician mix like a professional engineer.

The PSR-SX600 is designed to work without a computer and always be ready to record, giving solo performers, songwriters, and hobbyist musicians alike all they need to craft complete and highly polished songs. Nonetheless, USB audio and MIDI connectivity is on hand to facilitate seamless integration with the rest of one’s music technology world.

A new high-quality digital-to-analog converter (DAC) ensures the most pristine, audiophile-quality sound from the PSR-SX600. The stunning angular design and brilliant color screen are a visual clue to the music-making power beneath the surface, and two assignable Live Control knobs allow for real-time adjustment of key aspects of the sound — as one would do on a pro synthesizer. A robust stereo sound system means the PSR-SX600 can be played anywhere, with a stereo line output allowing for connection to external combo amplifiers or P.A. Setups.

“The new PSR-SX600 is a welcome addition to our lineup of Arranger Workstation keyboards,” says Ben Harrison, Product Marketing Manager, Digital Pianos and Portable Keyboards, Yamaha Corporation of America. “Its affordable price point should not fool anyone into doubting its powerful feature set. The new Unison and Accent Styles offer flexibility to perform like never before. With a microphone input and DSP effects, a built-in USB audio/MIDI interface, and Smart Chord functionality, this wallet-friendly workstation has everything you need.”

The Yamaha PSR-SX600 is expected to ship to retailers September 14, 2020, at a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $1,399.

Yamaha Introduces Two New Colors for CSF1M Guitars

Yamaha introduced two new color choices for the CSF1M acoustic-electric guitar: Crimson Red Burst, and Translucent Black.

“CSF is compact without compromise,” said Dave Miner, product marketing manager, Yamaha Guitar Group. “We reintroduced the series in 2018 because of interest in parlor-sized guitars and expanded the lineup last year with a TransAcoustic model. We hope these two new CSF1M finishes will help even more players to find a perfect fit for the sound and style they want, and for wherever they play.”

Special forward-shifted scalloped bracing enhances the resonance of the Yamaha CSF1M guitar’s solid Sitka spruce top, increasing bass response, while its mahogany back and sides impart a natural warmth and richness. Despite its compact size and shorter length, which some players find more comfortable to play than the larger instruments, the CSF1M has a surprisingly big and rich acoustic sound, with an undersaddle SRT piezo pickup for plugging in onstage or in the studio.

Combining the portability of a travel guitar with the focused tonal characteristics of a parlor guitar, the CSF1M is an ideal choice for both the road and the destination.

The Yamaha CSF1M models in Crimson Red Burst and Translucent Black (MSRP: $639.00) are now shipping.

Yamaha Announces Three Designs Selected for Red Dot Award

Yamaha Corporation announces that three of its designs were selected to receive the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2020: namely, the CP88/CP73 stage pianos, the Sonogenic SHS-500 keytars, and the design for the solo guitar stools.

CP88/CP73 Stage Pianos

Powered by over 100 years of piano craftsmanship and 45 years of synthesizer innovation, the CP88 and CP73 stage pianos continue a rich tradition as the newest in the CP Series of keyboards designed for live performances. The CP88/CP73 stage pianos boast authentic acoustic and electric piano sound, realistic piano touch, and an intuitive one-to-one interface. Durable, yet compact and light, the stage pianos are available in both 88-key and 73-key models.

Sonigenic SHS-500 Keytars

The Sonogenic SHS-500 is a “keytar”, a digital keyboard that can be held like a guitar, designed to allow anyone to experience the fun of musical performance immediately, even if they’re never played a keyboard before. With a JAM function that automatically matches notes played on the instrument to the chord progressions of songs played on connected smart devices, the SHS-500 lets even beginners enjoy performing along with their favorite songs. Weighing just 1.5 with a built-in speaker, these instruments can be operated using batteries only and come equipped with 30 instrument voices, a knob that lets you control a wide range of effects, and even a MIDI terminal. The Sonogenic SHS-500 features a simple design while still being a great choice for full-fledged performances and musical composition.

Solo Guitar Stools (China Release Only)

Designed by Yamaha, these stools also function as a guitar stand. Protrusions set low on two of the three legs serve as supports for the guitar when the stool is used as a guitar stand, while a knob set higher up on the remaining leg can be used by players to rest their leg when playing. The surface of the seat looks like a guitar pick when seen from above and has been crafted so that he upper surface is comfortable to sit on, while the underside feels pleasant to hold. Yamaha released a conceptual prototype of the stool in 2010, which was productized by Chinese furniture manufacturer MEXARTS and released by the same company in September 2019 for sale in China.

The Red Dot Design Award is a German design award highly respected around the world, and comprises three categories: Product Design, Brands & Communications Design, and Design Concept. Each year, top-quality designs from around the world are selected for these awards. This time, around 6,500 items were submitted from 60 countries and regions around the world for the Red Dot Award: Product Design. This latest win brings Yamaha’s total number of Red Dot Design Awards to 24 since it began submitting entries in 1997.

Yamaha Adds YBS-82 Custom Baritone to its Saxophone Lineup

Yamaha unveiled the YBS-82 Custom Baritone Saxophone, the first custom level model addition to the company’s venerated saxophone lineup.

Like its highly acclaimed Soprano, Alto and Tenor Custom Saxophones, the YBS-82 provides industry-leading reliability and consistency to professional jazz, classical and contemporary artists looking for the highest level of craftsmanship in a baritone saxophone.

As a Custom-level Yamaha instrument, the YBS-82 offers a variety of configurations that can help an artist achieve their desired sound. For example, the new saxophone features handmade neck options with varying tapers and finishes, including silver-plated, unlacquered, and gold lacquered to satisfy a player’s preferences.

A shorter bell length improves intonation, particularly when playing challenging notes in the lower register, while a one-piece bell provides rich sound throughout the range of the instrument. A new key layout improvises ergonomics and makes it easier to play the instrument comfortably. Yamaha also added a detachable peg, which supports a good portion of the instrument’s weight.

In keeping with the Yamaha vertical design philosophy, the newly released YBS-6211 and YBS-480 will contain features from this top-tier instrument.

“The YBS-82 offers the greatest level of customization of any baritone saxophone on the market today, as well as the highest level of craftsmanship and reliability for which our saxophones are known,” said Brian Petterson, senior manager, Winds & Strings, Yamaha Corporation of America. “The arrival of this instrument completes the Yamaha Custom saxophone lineup, offering expert saxophonists a truly world-class instrument able to bring their desired sound to life.”

Yamaha Introduces Second Generation Professional Baritone Saxophone

For more than 35 years, the Yamaha 62 professional model saxophone line has earned the deep admiration and respect of jazz, classical and contemporary artists alike. Yamaha is introducing the second generation YBS-62II Professional Baritone Saxophone, which improves upon the ergonomics and intonation of the original model, the YBS-62.

The new saxophone retains the outstanding quality and playability of its predecessor, while inheriting high-end features from the company’s newly released Custom YBS-82 Baritone Saxophone These include a new key layout based on ergonomics that make it easier to play longer, faster and more comfortably, as well as a shorter bell length for improved intonation, especially for challenging notes in the lower register.

The UBS-6211 also features the addition of a peg receiver so that an optional peg can be attached. For the first time, a new case design adds wheels for easier transportation.

“The Yamaha UBS-6211 is intended for the professional or aspiring professional saxophonist looking for a reliable horn that projects and plays in-tune,” said Brian Petterson, senior manager, Winds & Strings, Yamaha Corporation of America. “The legacy of the 62 line of instruments is decades of exceptional quality, reliability and value. This new model improves on a design that was already the choice of top artists due to its outstanding versatility and quality craftsmanship.”

The Yamaha Second Generation Professional Baritone Saxophone YBS-6211 (MSRP: $13,997.00) will begin shipping in September 2020.

Yamaha Introduced Newest Addition to Concert Bass Drum Series

Yamaha introduced the 24” CB-7024 concert bass drum, the newest addition to the 7000 Concert Bass Drum series, and the BS-5100 concert bass drum stand.

The bass drum includes a Darkwood stain finish that matches other Yamaha concert bass drums and concert toms, a shell made with the company’s unique Air-Seal System, and a REMO NUSKYN drumhead. The stand was designed to fit a variety of concert bass drums, ranging from 24” to 36” models, and is height adjustable.

“This new addition to the concert bass drum series is really special in that school band programs on a tight budget can still enjoy the quality craftsmanship and elegant sound that Yamaha is known for,” said Troy Wollwage, marketing manager, Percussion, Yamaha. “We at Yamaha are confident that these instruments will inspire the next generation of music-makers to keep practicing and creating.”

The CB-7024 (MRSP – $1,282.00) and the BS-5100 (MSRP – $210.00) are now shipping.

Yamaha to Exhibit More than 75 New Products at NAMM Show 2020

Yamaha will showcase more than 75 new products and sponsor headline concert events, including an anniversary concert featuring the world’s famous funk band Tower of Power, at the NAMM Show 2020, the world’s largest music products trade show, to be held from January 16 to 19 in Anaheim, California.

In the Yamaha main booth, Yamaha Keyboards will unveil a family-friendly portable keyboard with high-quality Voices and special learning tools, as well as an addition to one of its acoustic product lines that adds design enhancements and new technology to broaden its range of utility and expressiveness.

Guitars will launch a revamped acoustic guitar series featuring the groundbreaking Atmosfeel pickup and preamp system, as well as fresh new finishes for several lines of electric guitars, while Percussion will roll out products ranging from enhanced software to a signature instrument to a compact gigging set.

Pro Audio will roll out new loudspeakers from Yamaha and NEXO. Winds & Strings will debut a wide assortment of band and orchestral instruments, including an addition to the line of SILENT SERIES. Commercial Audio, including NEXO, as well as Steinberg, Line 6 and Ampeg will exhibit around the Yamaha main booth.

For more information, please visit the Yamaha booth at the NAMM Show 2020 in the Anaheim Marriott Hotel, Marquis Ballroom, January 16-19, 2020.

Yamaha’s Stage Pianos Win DFA 2019 Silver Award

Yamaha Corporation announced that the Yamaha CP88/CP73 stage pianos were recognized by the DFA Design for Asia Awards with the Silver Award.

Powered by over 100 years of piano craftsmanship and 45 years of synthesizer innovation, the CP88 and CP73 stage pianos continue a rich tradition as the newest in the CP Series of keyboards designed for live performances. The CP88/CP73 stage pianos boast authentic acoustic and electric piano sound, realistic piano touch, and an intuitive one-to-one user interface. Durable, yet compact and light, the stage pianos are available in both 88-key and 73-key models.

The DFA Design for Asia Awards is a Hong Kong Design Centre program that was launched in Hong Kong in 2003 to celebrate design excellence and acknowledge outstanding designs with Asian perspectives. DFA awards are presented to companies and designers whose superior work reflects Asian lifestyles and who are influential in the design field.

In addition to the top prize – the Grand Award – and three other special awards, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Merit Awards are presented to winners chosen from a total of 26 different categories. Yamaha previously received the Grand Award for its SILENT Brass in 2014 and its YEV electric violin in 2017.

Yamaha’s CP88/CP73 stage pianos also received a 2019 Good Design Award. The award is sponsored by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion.

Three Yamaha Designs Selected in Good Design Award 2019

Yamaha announced that three of its designs received Good Design Awards, which is an award sponsored by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion. Those designs are: CP88/CP73 stage pianos, the STORIA acoustic guitar, and the SoundUD Consortium.

Since 1957, Yamaha has received 288 Good Design Awards in a range of different categories, including the 2017 Grand Award for its casual wind instrument Venova. All of these award-winning designs embody the Yamaha design philosophy, which sets forth five award-winning qualities: designs should have Integrity, should be Innovative, Aesthetic, and Unobtrusive, and should show a commitment to Social Responsibility.

CP88/CP73 Stage Pianos
Powered by over 100 years of piano craftsmanship and 45 years of synthesizer innovation, the CP88 and CP73 stage pianos continue a rich tradition a the newest in the CP Series of keyboards designed for live performances. The CP88/CP73 stage pianos boast authentic acoustic and electric piano sound, realistic piano touch, and an intuitive one-to-one user interface. Durable, yet compact and light, the stage pianos are available in both 88-key and 73-key modes.

STORIA Acoustic Guitar

The STORIA acoustic guitar was created with first-timers in mind, fitting into your life with playability and a design that makes the guitars easy to pick up and play. All three models feature unique colors and finishes that accent and elevate your décor. With a smaller, thinner body, shorter strings, comfortable string height, rounded neck edges, and more, this new series was designed with ultimate playability in mind, making it perfect even for beginners.

SoundUD Consortium

The Sound UD Consortium was established in October 2017 with the aim of creating a society free of unease concerning language an hearing abilities. The consortium’s executive office is administered by Yamaha. At present, the consortium consists of more than 300 participating organizations spanning industry and beyond, including governing bodies, transportation, commercial facilities, entertainment facilities, stadiums, broadcasting, and more. Members cooperate to develop and promote the adoption of products and services using SoundUD with the aim of making universal design for a sound reality.