Yamaha Introduces ProVisionaire Control/Touch V3.9.0 Released

Yamaha released the ProVisionaire Control/Touch V3.9.0 It allows you to remotely control and monitor entire systems from a single panel. It has software applications that provide unified remote control of the entire systems.

Remotely control and monitor entire systems from a single panel

ProVisionaire Control and ProVisionaire Touch are software applications that provide unified remote control and monitoring of the entire systems. ProVisionaire Control supports Windows devices, and ProVisionaire Touch supports the iPad. A broad of devices are supported, including MTX/MTR processors, CL/QL/TF digital mixers, Rio I/O units, XMV power amplifier, and NEXO NXAMOMK2 powered TD controllers.

Custom control panels can be created by assigning necessary parameters to a single page. Pro Visionairre Control includes the ProVisionaire Monitoring Service, making it easy to monitor the status of system devices while alerts and other log data can be recorded to a computer.

Remotely control entire systems from a single panel

ProVisionaire can remotely control a wide range of Yamaha and Nexo equipments, including MTX/MRX series signal processors, CL/QL/TF series digital mixers, Rio series I/O boxes, XMV series power amplifiers, and Next NXAMPMK2 Powered TD Controllers from a single panel. With “External Event” function which is available MTX/MRX series, even other companies devices such as projectors, curtains, and lights can be controlled.

The system designer can specific which parameters from the available selection of products are to be included in the ProVisionaire designing, thus can create a fully customized control surface for the client. The ProVisionaire is a total control solution for the entire system.

Dante network for AV presentation / BGM / Paging system (Enterprise / Education / Hotel Banquet)

  • Aggregate in-house broadcasting and voice control for multiple areas in a MRXZ-D system, all managed with ProVisionaire Control.
  • Digital mixer for situations in which additional voice inputs and detailed operation are required for panel discussions, lectures, band performances, etc.
  • A single operator can monitor the CL5, QL5 and Rio3224-D2 from one computer running ProVisionaire Control.