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Telestream to Unveil Lightspeed Live Capture and Live Stream Platforms

Telestream will unveil major new functionality in its Lightspeed Live Capture and Lightspeed Live Stream platforms at IBC 2019. They are of strategic importance for broadcasters and OTT streaming service providers seeking large-scale streaming platforms with inherent resilience combined with high channel density and optimal cost-per-channel, Telestream is introducing a new and unique platform containing 8 3G-SDI I/O ports.

Large-scale OTT service providers need efficient management and resiliency for pools of linear channels. Now, Lightspeed Live Stream provides system-level redundancy with standby channels held in reserve in case of hardware or software failures.

What makes this facility unique is its peer-to-peer implementation with no ‘eye-in-the-sky’ arbitrage system required to orchestrate a switchover. Further resilience and core system efficiency is brought to Lightspeed Live Stream by a new capability to provide dual encoder and dual publishing capabilities in concert with Unified Streaming and Akami. With this new collaborative facility, high value content is assured to reach the origin server and CDN using an active-active technique to replace missing or damaged content.

The new, high density 1RU Lightspeed Live appliance is a hardware platform supporting Lightspeed Live capture and/or Lightspeed Lite Stream products. The appliance provides a video processing platform that allows ingest of real-time video and audio from SDI and IP sources.

It supports decoding/encoding of SD/HD/UHD sources and provides parallel processing of multiple video outputs, for a wide variety of destination devices and formats under the control of the Lightspeed Live Capture or Live Stream software. The system supports up to eight SD/HD/3G input channels or two 4K/UHD channels, with eight independent 16-channel audio processing engines.

In addition, Lightspeed Live Stream for the first time integrates SRT open source video transport support and V-Nova’s Perseus Plus encoding. Also, the use of the role-based permissions makes it easy to track and audio changes, as well as tailoring permissions to user responsibilities.

A compelling new feature within Lightspeed Live Capture is Live Edit Sub Clipping, which enables lightning fast sub-clipping of content from live and previously captured media sources. The system utilizes a browser based HTML5 Live Edit user interface, providing completely frame accurate editing via a low-resolution HLS proxy, and powerful metadata support. Also, Lightspeed Live Capture is an ideal enabler for Edit@Home remote production including simultaneous auto-archiving capabilities.

Telestream Announces the Next Generation of Wirecast Gear

Telestream, a global leader in file-based media workflow orchestration, media streaming and delivery technologies, announced the latest version of Wirecast Gear, a new generation of the company’s award-winning live video streaming production hardware.

Powerful, purpose-built, and easy to use, the fully configured workstation allows anyone to broadcast professional live productions in a matter of minutes. The new Wirecast Gear will be demonstrated for the first time at the upcoming IBC tradeshow (booth 7.C16 & 7.C14) and will start shipping mid-September, 2019.

With Wirecast Gear, live event producers can focus on production and streaming instead of worrying about hardware system compatibility, configuration, and integration. It is ideally suited for marketers, educators, corporate and online trainers, event producers, sports broadcasters, worship service staff, news gatherers, and anyone who wants to deliver professional live streamed productions out of the box.

Wirecast Gear’s new hardware speed represents a significant performance increase compared to previous generation hardware. With more CPU cores, higher clock speeds, and faster RAM, and the latest NVMe storage, Wirecast Gear is the highest performing turnkey system offered in its price range.

The 400 series builds on the Gear – 300 series’ server-grade processing and adds a professional NVIDIA Quadro GPU that can produce up to four simultaneous 1080p 60fps encoders and an SDI program output or multi-view without using additional CPU bandwidth. Wirecast Gear can also create more ISO and archival grade encounters simultaneously for future repurposing of content.

Wirecast Gear supports up to five simultaneous cameras via baseband SDI or 4 cameras via HDMI depending on model. With six channels of audio, and professional XLR/TRS balanced audio inputs, audio signals are always pristine, even with longer cables. For enhanced portability and durability, the system has no moving parts except for the fan.

Telestream Unveiled Instantaneous Channel-as-a-Service System at NAB 2019

Telestream, a leading provider of workflow automation, processing and quality monitoring and management solutions for the production and distribution of video, introduced OptiQ, a new and radically different one-click channel creation solution for cloud environments.

The product of a strategic research initiative that sees Telestream working closely with a major European telecoms service provider, OpticQ transforms the new channel creation task from a process that took weeks or even months to one that takes just minutes to complete.

Once created, these new video channels exhibit considerable sophistication: as standard, they feature integrated monitoring throughout and the ability to switch between multiple sources (live or file-based). A ‘pay-as-you-go’ business model offers the flexibility to accommodate unforeseen fluctuations in demand while aligning to such costs to revenues. As a result, users do not need to pre-spend to ensure they meet such demand.

OptiQ targets a number of applications. It facilitates new revenue streams for content providers looking to accelerate time to market for new channels, and for broadcasters and service providers by enabling short-term (premium and non-premium) channels/events, or additional content such as highlight reels, player bios, and event histories alongside premium content.

OptiQ uses containers and multiple orchestration systems which are prioritized based on industry dynamics and customer feedback. The containers are modular Linux-based “elements” (such as encoders, packagers, origin servers, and monitoring probes), that can be instantiated in a cloud environment by an orchestration system, then stitched together and configured automatically to make a real-time-monitored live streaming channel.

Visit Telestream at NAB 2019 booth #SL3308.

Telestream Wirecast 7.6 is Here!

Telestream has released Wirecast 7.6, the newest version of Wirecast. You can upgrade to this version from the Telestream website.

Produce your live shows in a whole new way – workgroup production is now possible by using and sharing sources from your entire network. Now it’s easier than ever to bring IP video sources into Wirecast over your local network. Wirecast will now automatically detect and receive any video or audio that is broadcast via Newtek’s high-quality, low-latency NDI protocol.

Add high-resolution, live video from cameras, Adobe Creative Cloud apps (such as Adobe Character Animator) graphics (such as NewBlue titles), scoreboards and screen capture sessions, directly into your Wirecast stream.

Here is a list of improvements in Wirecast 7.6:

  • Capture NewTek NDI sources
  • Fixed RSS feeds not working properly in the Text widget
  • Fixed a crash occurring as a result of using a large number of CFF sources (i.e. Titles)
  • Fixed an issue where Toggle Broadcast for Periscope was greyed out
  • Changed Periscope API for “Should Tweet” to “Should Not Tweet”
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when a YouTube Event ended by closing an unsaved document
  • Fixed an issue where the cursor exits the Places field after each key stroke in the Facebook destination
  • Added a better error message if Facebook prevents creating a stream due to broadcasting copyrighted material
  • Added more encoder presets for Facebook destination
  • Display settings for previously scheduled Facebook events
  • Fixed an issue where deleting an encoder from Periscope’s dashboard would break authentication until restarting Wirecast
  • Fixed issues when performing Smooth transition via Keyboard Shortcuts set to Shots

Telestream Wirecast Version 7 Offers Affordable Live Streaming

telestream-logoTelestream has announced Version 7 of Wirecast, the leading live streaming and production software. Wirecast 7, which will be available later this month, adds new powerful production capabilities, GPU-accelerated encoding, and a streamlined user interface that allows users to effortlessly create and stream high-quality live broadcasts from their computers to dozens of popular destinations such as Facebook Live and YouTube.

Wirecast 7 allows event producers to create the highest quality live-streamed productions, with multi-camera switching, graphics, titles, and live encoding. With the new ISO recording feature, Wirecast Pro can save all original “clean” source camera media allowing an editor to easily repurpose content, free of any overlay graphics from the original broadcast.

The new User Interface in Wirecast 7 enables quicker and more flexible access to shot editing features and enhances on-the-fly editing. With the Shot Editor panel, users have more control over every aspect of a broadcast, including the time-saving in-shot source toggles that enable users to turn video and audio layers on and off within each shot for dynamic editing of complex composite shots.

Wirecast 7.0 adds more options for how text can be displayed on screen. Text can be entered live, via a file or from an RSS feed enabling a different user to prepare text that will be automatically picked up in the broadcast. A new audio mixer controls every source from one location, and an enhanced “mix minus” feature selectively mutes any source, such as the user’s own voice, while otherwise monitoring full stream audio output. A Global Hotkey Management system speeds up any repetitive task by allowing users to create their own hotkeys.

New Features in Wirecast Version 7:
* GPU-Accelerated encoding – for hardware encoding performance and less CPU usage

* Improved CPU utilization – for smoother, faster, streams

* Graphical Output Statistics – to see the health of the system (CPU/Memory usage) and the output stream (framerate, bitrate, and more).

Wirecast 7 will be available at the end of June on the Telestream store and through Telestream’s network of resellers. It will be unveiled to the public for the first time at InfoComm 16 at Magewell Booth N1850 and at the PTZ Optics Booth N2133.

Wirecast 6.0.7 Can Live Stream to Facebook Video

Wirecast logoIt seems like only a matter of time until every possible mode of communication is built into Facebook’s ever-expanding platform. The monolithic social network’s latest frontier to conquer is native video. Last year. Facebook began allowing users to upload longer-form static videos. Now, the company is offering live-streaming video to all users. Time will tell where Facebook will stand against competitors like YouTube in the online video space. Still, more producers are trying out Facebook as a video platform, and that prompted Telestream to update its popular video production suite Wirecast to work with Facebook video.

Wirecast users who upgrade to the latest version will be able to take advantage of all of the application’s standard features with Facebook video, including using multiple cameras, text overlays, transitions, and more. There are some Facebook-specific features, too. Wirecast users will be able to log in and send a video stream to Facebook from directly within the Wirecast User Interface. Once a stream is started, users will be able to see the number of live viewers, the names of followers who are watching, and a real-time stream of comments throughout the live broadcast. Once the broadcast is complete, the video will stay on users’ timelines like any other video post.

Wirecast 6.0.7 is available now. Learn more about the software with the latest release notes or get general information on Wirecast here.

Telestream Bringing New Apps, Cloud Service to NAB 2016

telestream-logoVideo products and services provider Telestream will be bringing several new products to this year’s NAB Show in Las Vegas. Lightspeed Live Stream and Lightspeed Live Capture are two new applications that deliver real-time, enterprise-class streaming and capture for media creators. Telestream Cloud is a video encoding SaaS (software as a service) designed to meet the needs of video production and post-production professionals.

Lightspeed Live Stream solves the problem of preparing real-time content for adaptive bitrate live streaming while Lightspeed Live Capture can independently record multiple channels of SD, HD, or a single channel of UHD video. Both applications can operate stand-alone on Telestream’s Lightspeed Live server but the greatest benefits are realized when coupled with Telestream’s Vantage platform for complete workflow orchestration. Users can concurrently stream, capture and process live content for consumption on a wide variety of platforms.

Telestream’s Cloud service offers high quality video transcoding for all formats and codecs, and dynamically scales in response to customer needs. The service utilizes an easy yet powerful API to automate and integrate workflows. File transfer and encoding times can be optimized from any location since Telestream Cloud uses multiple cloud service providers including Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services and Rackspace.

Telestream Cloud features certified ProRes presets to deliver high-quality video files that conform to Apple standards and ensures trouble free post-production on Apple’s Final Cut Pro platform, as well as other popular editing software packages.

Telestream will be demonstrating all of its new products and services at booth SL 4525 during NAB 2016.