Telestream to Unveil Lightspeed Live Capture and Live Stream Platforms

Telestream will unveil major new functionality in its Lightspeed Live Capture and Lightspeed Live Stream platforms at IBC 2019. They are of strategic importance for broadcasters and OTT streaming service providers seeking large-scale streaming platforms with inherent resilience combined with high channel density and optimal cost-per-channel, Telestream is introducing a new and unique platform containing 8 3G-SDI I/O ports.

Large-scale OTT service providers need efficient management and resiliency for pools of linear channels. Now, Lightspeed Live Stream provides system-level redundancy with standby channels held in reserve in case of hardware or software failures.

What makes this facility unique is its peer-to-peer implementation with no ‘eye-in-the-sky’ arbitrage system required to orchestrate a switchover. Further resilience and core system efficiency is brought to Lightspeed Live Stream by a new capability to provide dual encoder and dual publishing capabilities in concert with Unified Streaming and Akami. With this new collaborative facility, high value content is assured to reach the origin server and CDN using an active-active technique to replace missing or damaged content.

The new, high density 1RU Lightspeed Live appliance is a hardware platform supporting Lightspeed Live capture and/or Lightspeed Lite Stream products. The appliance provides a video processing platform that allows ingest of real-time video and audio from SDI and IP sources.

It supports decoding/encoding of SD/HD/UHD sources and provides parallel processing of multiple video outputs, for a wide variety of destination devices and formats under the control of the Lightspeed Live Capture or Live Stream software. The system supports up to eight SD/HD/3G input channels or two 4K/UHD channels, with eight independent 16-channel audio processing engines.

In addition, Lightspeed Live Stream for the first time integrates SRT open source video transport support and V-Nova’s Perseus Plus encoding. Also, the use of the role-based permissions makes it easy to track and audio changes, as well as tailoring permissions to user responsibilities.

A compelling new feature within Lightspeed Live Capture is Live Edit Sub Clipping, which enables lightning fast sub-clipping of content from live and previously captured media sources. The system utilizes a browser based HTML5 Live Edit user interface, providing completely frame accurate editing via a low-resolution HLS proxy, and powerful metadata support. Also, Lightspeed Live Capture is an ideal enabler for Edit@Home remote production including simultaneous auto-archiving capabilities.