Brinno Brings Time Lapse Cameras to NAB

Brinno logoThis post kicks off a series of video presentations recorded at this year’s National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) trade show in Las Vegas. These videos showcase new products that may be of interest to professional media producers.

In this clip, Don Baine met up with Chris Adams from Brinno. Chris arrived with three different products to display.

The first is the PeepHole Viewer, or Front Door Security Cam. This camera mounts onto an existing door peephole. It uses a motion sensor to detect when someone’s at the door and it records time lapse video of whoever (or whatever) is there. This device would be great for anyone who wants to know if that parcel was really dropped off when the courier said it was or for anyone who just wants some added security on an exterior door.

Next up, Chris showed off the Brinno TLC200Pro. This is a small but powerful time lapse camera capable of recording short bits of HDR video over extended period of times. It’s optimized to run for months off of one set of AA batteries. The TLC200Pro would be a great way to capture time lapse footage of something like a construction site. The device has an articulating lens and can be used with an optional weatherproof acrylic case so it can be left outside in any environment.

Chris’s final demonstration came in the form of Brinno’s latest version of the TLC200Pro. The new version is smaller and the camera itself is weatherproof, meaning it doesn’t need a case like the TLC200Pro. This new version of time lapse camera works with a smartphone app to set up shots and control the camera. Media recorded by the camera is then sent via Wi-Fi to the smartphone where it can be further transferred and manipulated. Like the TLC200Pro, this camera can run for months at a time on a single charge. This camera would be perfect for anyone who wants to record nature scares over an extended period of time.

The TLC200Plus is expected ro retail for $269.00 while the newer version is expected to sell for $299.00.