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RØDE Microphones Introduced the RØDECasterPro

RØDE Microphones introduced the RØDECover Pro. It is a cover for the RØDECasterPro, protecting it from dust, dirt, and spills while keeping your setup neat and ready to go when not in use. It is made from rock-solid clear polycarbonate that is extremely durable, ensuring both internal and external components are protected.

The RØDECover Pro has been precision engineered to the exact specifications of the RØDECaster Pro for a tight fit that won’t slip or slide, making it perfect for use at home, in the studio, or while transporting it in a carry case.

Key Features:

Rock-solid polycarbonate cover for the RØDECaster Pro

Protects internal and external components from dirt, dust, spills, and knocks.

Precision-engineered to exact specifications of the RØDECaster Pro for a tight fit

Perfect for use at home, in the studio, or while transporting the RØDECaster Pro in a carry case

Sweetwater has the RØDECover Pro Polycarbonate cover priced at $49.00.

RØDE Expanded Wireless GO Range with White Edition and New Accessories

RØDE has introduced the Wireless GO White, Lavalier GO White, Interview GO, and MagClip White, four additions to the ecosystem set to unlock a new world of creative possibilities for wireless and audio users.

Wireless GO & Lavalier GO: With its ultra-compact form factor and sleek black finish, the Wireless GO blends seamlessly with dark clothing and environments, making it very inconspicuous in most recording scenarios. However, against white clothing and in lighter environments, it’s not so easily concealed. Enter the Wireless GO White.

The Wireless GO White is the world’s first white compact wireless microphone system, perfect for filmmakers whose subjects regularly wear light clothing, wedding videographers, and business professionals. It boasts all the same features as the black Wireless GO, only the color of the transmitter and receiver has changed – even the included furry windshields are white!

For those who prefer using a lavalier microphone with their Wireless GO, the Lavalier GO (sold separately) also now comes in white. The Lavalier GO is a professional-grade wearable microphone designed to perform brilliantly in any broadcast application – the perfect companion for the Wireless GO.

The Interview GO is an adapter that instantly turns the Wireless GO transmitter into a lightweight wireless handheld mic for reporting-to-camera or interviewing in the field. It features a sturdy attachment for the Wireless GO’s cold shoe clip to secure the mic in place, plus a high-density windshield for reducing plosives and protecting the capsule from wind when recording outdoors.

The MagClip GO is a powerful magnetic clip that allows for total flexibility when placing the Wireles GO transmitter on talent. Simply slip the magnet under a piece of clothing opposite of where you need to place the transmitter. This allows you to get the clearest recording possible no matter what kind of clothing your subject is wearing. It can even be used to place the mic discreetly on a object in a scene or a stage to capture dialogue.

RØDECaster Pro has a Preset for Electro-Voice

RØDE Microphones announced that the RØDECaster Pro Podcast Production Studio now has a brand new preset tailored specifically to the iconic broadcast microphone, the Electro-Voice RE20.

The RØDECaster Pro is the world’s first fully integrated podcast production studio. Whether you are just starting out, or are a seasoned broadcast processional, the RØDECaster Pro Podcast Production Studio is all you will ever need.

As part of their ongoing enhancement of the RØDECaster Pro’s firmware (which has already seen the addition of multitrack recording and many other powerful features since its release in 2018), the new preset further cements the console as the ultimate production tool for podcasters. Electro-Voice is a legendary company with a lauded history creating microphones for broadcast and studio use, they were also pioneers in public address systems and RØDE Microphones are proud to have them on-board.

Developed in collaboration with the Electro-Voice team, the preset was designed to make the RE20 shine in vocal applications on the console and interact seamlessly with the RØDECaster’s audio processing. It can be found in the RØDECaster Pro’s audio settings, alongside presets for RØDE mics (the PodMic, Procaster, Broadcaster, NT1 and NT1-A), as well as the universal presets for dynamic and condenser microphones.

The preset is available in firmware version 2.0.4, which can be downloaded from the RØDECaster downloads page.

Rode Microphones Introduces the Rode AI-1

Rode Microphones is a uniquely Australian owned and operated audio company. They have introduced the new Rode AI-1 USB Audio Interface. It makes home recording with a microphone or instrument easier than ever.

Rode’s AI-1 Audio Interface is the perfect step into home recording. It is stacked with incredible technology to ensure recording on your computer is easy, versatile, and sounds superb. The Complete Studio Kit comes with the AI-1, Rode’s peerless NT1 large diaphragm condenser microphone, a shock mount, a pop-shield, standp-mount, Rode XLR cable and USB-C/A cables to transfer data from your AI-1 to your computer, and power – including 48V phantom power to your AI-1.

The AI-1’s single input is the Neutrik Combo Jack. It takes both a 3-pole XLR (common to most microphones) and a quarter-inch jack common to most electrical instruments like guitar and bass.

The AI-1 Studio Kit is available for purchase now. The AI-1 will be sold separately soon.