Line 6 Has A Sale On HX Effects And HK Stomp XL Processor

Line 6 announced a $100 instant rebate on HX Effects and HK Stomp XL. Choose HX Effects if you’re seeking a super effects pedal or HX Stomp XL if you’d also like amps and cabs with your effects. This promo is for the United States only. This offer ends on June 5th, 2022.

Buy an HX Effects or HX Stomp XL Processor between now and June 5th and receive a $100 instant rebate!

The HX Effects processor was designed to be integrated into traditional amp and pedal setups and may serve as anything from a dedicated multi-effects unit to the command center for your entire rig. Although compact in size, it delivers the same professional-grade sound quality and authentic HX Modeling found in our market-leading Helix processors.

The HX Stomp XL amp and effects processor delivers HX modeling in a performance-ready pedal with eight capacitive-touch foot switches. The same SHARC DSP chip found in Help enables it to run up to eight processing blocks simultaneously, and the foot switches let you access and control those blocks in powerful ways.

Here are some terms and conditions to know about:

  • Promotion Period: 12:01am PST, April 1 2022 through 11:59pm PST, June 5, 2022.
  • Eligible Products: HX Effects and HX Stomp XL
  • Instant Rebate: HX Effects – $100 USD HX Stomp XL $100 USD
  • The Instant Rebate will be reflected in the final purchase price at the time of sale.
  • Eligible Products must be purchased as new from an authorized reseller. Instant Rebates are not available for remanufactured, demonstration, or non-new products. Purchases from online auctions are not eligible.
  • Line 6 does not allow product substitutions, deletions, additions, or other modifications to this offer, regardless of information you learn from other sources.
  • Line 6 is not responsible for misinformation about this promotion that you may have received from other sources.
  • The Instant Rebate offered cannot be transferred or combined with any other offer, discount, or accommodation.
  • Available only while supplies last. Offer limited to Eligible Products in-stock during the Promotion Period.
  • This offer is only available to Line 6 customers with mailing addresses in the United States.