RØDE Announced New Beta Firmware for RØDECaster Pro

RØDE announced the public beta of the new RØDECaster Pro firmware is now available to download. It features MIDI control and more! The firmware update can be downloaded on the RØDECaster Pro website.

What’s New in Firmware Beta Version 2.1.2?

MIDI Control

The RØDECaster Pro can now be used as a USB MIDI controller, opening up a wide range of creative possibilities for podcasting and streaming, including DAW synchronization in multitrack recording sessions, vision switching capabilities, and much more.

New Sound Pad Modes

In addition to the Latch, Pause, Replay, Play and Loop modes, two new sound pad modes have been added – a “Swear Button” for bleeping out audio on the fly and a “Trash Talk” mode for muting the output to remote callers on the USB, smartphone, and Bluetooth channels.

ASIO Driver for Windows

This update includes an ASIO driver for ensuring a stable connection when using the RØDECaster Pro with DAWs such as Cubase and Adobe Audition on Windows computers. This can be downloaded separately from the RØDECaster Pro firmware page.

New Language Options

The RØDECaster Pro now offers a selection of languages for the LED touchscreen display, including Chinese, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Japanese, and Korean.