Line 6 Introduced POD Go and POD Go Wireless

Line 6 introduced POD Go and POD Go Wireless amp and effects processor They get you on the road to ultimate tone via their ultra-portable and lightweight design, simple plug-and-play interface, and best-in-class tones.

POD Go Wireless lets you leave your cable behind and move – wherever you may be!

POD Go Wireless gives you all the goodness of the celebrated POD Go amp and effects processor, plus an onboard Relay wireless receiver and a plug-and-play Relay G10TII wireless transmitter.

Go wherever your inspiration takes you!

Features include:

Best in Class Tone: Professional-quality amp, cab, and effect models drawn from the celebrated HX family of effects processors ensure best-in-class tone. Third-party speaker cap impulse responses (IRs) can also be loaded, providing nearly unlimited additional options when crafting tones.

Simple User Interface: A streamlined plug-and-play interface and simple intuitive workflow make POD Go exceptionally easy to use. Choose, edit, and control sounds using the large color LED screen, five push encoders, eight foot switches, and a multi-function expression pedal – plus add a second expression pedal or two external foot switches for even more real-time control.

Portability: Remarkably light, compact, and portable, the POD Go guitar processor easily fits into any backpack, making it the perfect companion for short tours, fly dates, and rehearsals.

GO Wireless: POD Go Wireless features a built-in Relay wireless receiver and comes with a Relay G10TII transmitter. Move without restrictions and play where the vibe is right.

Snapshots: Snapshots enable you to create up to four variations within a single preset and seamlessly transition between them without experiencing audio dropouts occur of delay and reverb trails that normally occurs when switching between presets.

Essential I/O: Audio connections include balanced stereo outputs, a duplicate amp out that can be tapped before the Cab/IR block, a stereo effects loop, a headphone jack, and even a USB port for accessing the 4-in/4-out audio interface.

Recording Interface: A professional-quality onboard 4×4 24bit/96kHz USB audio interface makes it easy to record directly to your computer. Re-amping tracks is also a breeze, enhanced by the ability to load third-party speaker cabinet IRs.

Third-Party IR Loading: Third-party speaker cabinet impulse responses (IRs) may be loaded and incorporated into the signal chain of any preset, providing nearly unlimited additional options when crafting tones.