Sony Announces Update Version for their Camera Remote Software Dev Kit

Sony Electronics has released an updated version 1.01 for their Camera Remote Software Development Kit, expanding the functionality and versatility of the SDK for developers and integrators. This decision was based on extensive interest in their camera lineup from commercial customers sine this February, and Sony has been further expanding the solution since its launch.

The new SDK Version 1.01 allows for improved functionality with professional drone applications, thanks to the addition of Linux comparability. Additionally, the new software will increase remote control capabilities over camera settings. New functions, which are appealing to the workflow for a wide variety of professional and commercial industries including security, entertainment and many others, include:

  • Ability to set Focus Magnifier Setting
  • Utilize expanded Focus Area setting when using AF Area Position
  • Zoom will be adjustable through Zoom Type Status, Zoom Scale, and Zoom Bar Information functions
  • Operate detailed White Balance (WB) settings including: Custom WB, AutoWB (AWB) Lock, Biaxial Fine Tuning and Picture First
  • Control Media Format, Flash, and interval shooting
  • Adjustable frame rate or file format for video shooting

Support for Sony’s SDK is also being expanded to Canada, due to launch from July 16th. SDK Version 1.01 is available now and can be downloaded HERE.