Eventide Introduces Rotary Mod

Eventide has introduced Rotary Mod, a classic 60s style whirly, Leslie Cab modulation redefined for your DAW. Eventide is offering Rotary Mod as an Intro Sale on desktop for $39 (regular $99), and on iOS for $4.99 (regular $7.99). You can download a free 30-day demo of Rotary Mod.

Rotary Mod is a rotating speaker effect that stimulates a Leslie cabinet. Just like the original sound derived from the uber-famous Hammond organ’s Leslie speaker cabinet, the plug-in produces a pulse-like vibrato effect depending on the speed of rotation. Rotary offers precise control to dial in the exact amount of movement you need. This classic, swirly effect has been used on countless hit records to drastically transform guitars, bass, synths and vocals.

Features of Rotary Mod include:

  • Change the speed of the rotor and horn independently and adjust the mix of the two to produce pulsing effects and special vibratos
  • Add frequency modulation to the rotor and horn speed using secondary LFO with selectable modulation source
  • Choose cabinet size (Standard or Giant) to alter the sweetness of your tone
  • Craft the exact sound you need with included Hicut control
  • Use Tap Tempo to sync effect to the BPM of your song
  • Incredibly easy to use with included presets
  • Innovative Ribbon control allows for changing any combination of parameters simultaneously
  • Use Mix Lock to scroll through presets while keeping the wet-dry mix constant
  • Also available as an Audio Units Auv3 plug-in, Inter-App Audio, and Standalone app