Antlion Audio Released a Defective ModMic Wireless Alert

Antlion Audio released a defective ModMic Wireless alert. They have identified a range issue in their most recent production of ModMic Wireless. If you or someone you know purchased a ModMic Wireless after August 1, 2019, and are experiencing connection drops or quality issues, you may be affected.

This alert is for those who have noticed that their ModMic has been experiencing connection drops or cutting out while they talk. Antlion Audio said that this problem appears to only affect certain ModMic Wireless units that were purchased after August 1, 2019. Other than lower than normal range, these units work perfectly.

If your ModMic Wireless is dropping signal or cutting out, Antlion Audio recommends you contact their Customer Service with proof of purchase (receipt or order number), purchase date, and where you purchased it from (name of store and country). They will resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

ModMic Wireless units available from Antlion Audio are described as “working perfectly”. They expect that Amazon US to be back online for them soon. Other retailers are working on ensuring only fully functioning ModMic units are on the shelf.