RØDECaster Pro Firmware Version 2.0 is Here!

RØDE announced that RØDECaster Pro firmware version 2.0 has arrived. Firmware version 2.0 follows on from previous updates, which introduced multitrack recording to the RØDECaster Pro, as well as other handy features. The new update introduces over 25 powerful new features to the RØDECaster and the companion app, which are designed to make it even easier for you to make incredible sounding podcasts.

RØDECaster Pro Firmware Updates:

Podcast Transfer Mode: One of the most common requests from users is the ability to access podcasts stored on the microSD card directly from the unit without having to take the card out and put it into a computer. “Podcast Transfer Mode” allows you to do it. It essentially turns your RØDECaster Pro into a microSD card reader.

Powerful New Sound Pad Functionality: There is a new sound pad playback indicator button on the home screen of your RØDECaster. The icon indicates (by color) which sound pad is currently playing, as well as how much time that pad has before the sound ends. If you have multiple pads playing at once, the icon will show the pad that will end soonest.

There is also a handy shortcut to the sound pad configuration screen. The new firmware allows you to modify settings that you could previously only access in the companion app. A new playback mode called “Pause” allows you to pause playback by pressing the pad. The pad will blink to indicate it is paused.

You can now store up to 8 banks of sounds (64 in total). Super handy if you produce multiple podcasts or your show is very sound-focused.

New Broadcast-Ready Features: New features have been added for those who are using RØDECaster Pro in a broadcast context. You can now disable the main output level control knob on the monitor outputs. There is also a button to automatically mute the monitor outputs when faders are open to prevent feedback.

You now have the ability to switch the solo button to enable pre-fade listen mode. You will be able to hear what is coming out of that channel with unity gain, even if the fader is completely down. The “host”, (channel 1) can now speak with callers on the USB, smartphone, and Bluetooth channels without the conversation being recorded or going to monitor outputs.

RØDECaster Pro Companion App Updates:

  • The ability to save and load “Shows”. A “Show” is a snapshot of your RØDECaster Pro settings, sounds, and everything. They can be saved on your computer and re-loaded at any time. It also means you can load a “Show” from one RØDECaster Pro to another.
  • The RØDECaster Pro and companion app now communicate in real time.
  • Factor sounds can now be restored via the app, and the app now has the ability to automatically sync the date and time between the RØDECaster and the host computer.