Line 6 Introduces Marketplace

Line 6 LogoLine 6 has introduced Marketplace, an online store where users of the Helix guitar processor and HX products can purchase premium presets and impulse responses (IRs) created by select third-party vendors.

“We are extremely excited to officially open Marketplace,” said Adrian Haselhuber, Director of Product Management, Line 6. “With these unique sounds, Helix and HX product users can explore many new creative options. Thanks to the enthusiastic support of our development partner community, the expanding Helix and HX platforms are poised to become even more beneficial to musicians.”

The Marketplace will help the network of third-party vendors forge new relationships with customers.

At the Marketplace, you can download purchases directly to your computer, and then upload them to your device via your HX Edit software. Marketplace products are compatible with Helix Floor, Helix Rack, Helix LT, HX Stomp, and HX Effects, as well as the new Helix Native plug-in.

Marketplace vendors include: 3 Sigma Audio, Ben R Vesco, Celestion, Chad Boston Store, Chad Huskey, Choptones, Craig Anderton, Eric Broadbent, Fremen, Glenn DeLaune, Gore Boards, Jason Sadites, Live Ready, OwnHammer, Peter Hamm, Robbie Calvo, and Simone Gianlorenzi.

Marketplace produces have minimum software and firmware requirements as follows:

  • Helix/HX firmware version 2.7 or higher
  • HX Edit software version 2.7 or higher
  • Helix Native software version 1.7 or higher