Datavideo Announces the ITC-300 Digital Intercom System

Datavideo announces the ITC-300, an 8-channel digital intercom system. The ITC-300 is a single wired communication system, which provides single or all-call voice, power, and tally over standard Ethernet cable for up to eight belt packs. The unique ethernet locking system ensures secure and reliable connectivity to each belt pack.

The distance between the belt packs and the base station can be up to 300ft (100m). The base station can communicate with each belt pack individually or all at the same time. Each belt pack has dual color tally indicator, talk and call buttons, headset connection, and external tally connection.

The ITC-300 comes with belt packs, headsets, and tally lights for 4 users.

The Datavideo ITC-300 has an MSRP price of $1,949 and will be available June 2019. Visit Datavideo at NAB 2019 at booth #SL9716.