Line 6 Introduced HX Stomp

Line 6 has introduced HX Stomp. It is a professional-grade guitar processor that delivers the sound of Helix amps, cabs, and effects in an ultra-compact pedal.

Whether you prefer to play through a traditional amp-and-pedal setup, or go direct onstage in the studio, HX Stop seamlessly integrates into a variety of environments and applications.

Utilizing the same DSP and HX Modeling technology as its bigger Helix brethren, the HX Stomp guitar pedal nonetheless fits easily onto your pedalboard, or even in the pocket of your gig bag.

There are over 300 amps, cabs, and effects – including a looper. HX Stomp contains all the same HX models found in Helix family products, as well as the legacy effects library from Line 6 M-Series pedals, and stompbox modelers, and modelers such as the DL4. Use it as a “super stompbox,” a backup fly rig, an add-on tone expander when combined with other modelers, an audio interface – or even a complete guitar or bass rig.

Features include:

  • 300+ Helix amps, cabs, and effects – run up to 6 simultaneously
  • Legacy effects from M13, M9, M5, DL4, MM4, FM4, and DM4
  • Capacitive-sensing footswitches with color-coded LCD rings
  • Industry-leading 123dB of dynamic range for tremendous depth and ultra-low noise
  • 4-Cable Method and re-amping connectivity, stereo effects loop.