iSolo Wireless Acoustic Microphone

iSoloThe iSolo wireless acoustic guitar microphone was fully funded on Indiedgogo and is now shipping to all backers. The iSolo is also available through Amazon. It provides an easy way for guitarists to pick up great sound during recording or a live show.

The iSolo has a tiny microphone is integrated with complex radio equipment and wireless systems. It is designed to reduce wear and tear and to enhance sound quality. Press a button, and the iSolo can pair with a corresponding receiver for live audio reception or recording.

The iSolo has a special positioning design “magic carpet” that stays fixed and consistent. It stays put and leaves no residue behind. You can adjust and extend the microphone audio reception position however you want to.

The iSolo comes with the iSolo transmitter, a live receiver, a recording receiver, an AC adaptor, a traveling case, a charging line and a QuickStart Guide. It is available on There is also an iSolo for the violin, and the company plans to make one for the flute, the ukulele and the erhu.