Yamaha Unveiled MONTAGE at NAMM 2016

Yamaha logoYamaha, creator of the industry-changing DX and the popular Motif, welcomes you to the new era of synthesizers with the MONTAGE. It sets the next milestone with sophisticated dynamic control, massive sound creation and streamlined workflow all combined in a powerful keyboard designed to inspire your creativity. Yamaha unveiled MONTAGE at NAMM 2016.

Some features include:
* Motion Control Synthesis Engine – Unifies and controls two Sound Engines: AWM2 and FM-X

* AWM2 Sound Engine – 128-Note Stereo polyphony, a waveform of 10 times the capacity of the MOTIF XF, and 1.75 GB of user flash memory with high speed reading/writing

* FM-X Sound Engine – features an 8-operator FM architecture

* Super Knob – Can be used to control multiple parameters simultaneously. It can also be assigned to a second FC7 foot controller.

* Directly compatible with Motive XF Voices

* A huge range of incredible sounds (including a brand new Yamaha CFX Premium Grand Piano)

* Virtual Circuit Modeling (VCM) effects

* Pure Analog Circuit (PCM)

* Connect MONTAGE to your computer with a single USB cable

* The USB connection also features full MIDI support of 16 channels

* MONTAGE supports the sampling rate up to 192 kHz

* Seamless Sound Switching (SSS) – available for Performances that have a maximum of 8 parts

* A/D input – possesses external audio sources with your instrument’s DSP

* Color Touch Screen – allows you to select and change parameters directly

* Eight Rotary Encoders and Faders with Stepladder LED

* Three configurations of keyboard action

* Direct Control Assignment at the touch of a button

* Cubase AI bundle

The Yamaha MONTAGE is expected to be out in May of 2016.