Tiffen Features Lowel Lighting Solutions at NAB

Tiffen LogoTiffen will feature the award-winning line of Lowel lighting solutions at NAB 2015. Lowel is the worldwide standard for on-location lighting. The Lowel lighting, including the new LED lineup, has earned a Technical Achievement Academy Award, the John Grierson Gold Medal, and the Lightfair Technical Innovation Award.

Tiffen is going to be showcasing Lowel’s exclusive LED lighting family. They have powerful output, pragmatic functionality, are well built and dependable. Each is backed by Lowel’s legendary customer service.

The Lowel PRO Power LED is the solution to run-and-gun location lighting. It gives users maximum creative versatility in a rugged, aluminum steel fixture. Choose between high-quality Daylight or Tungsten lighting that is dimmable without color shift. The Lowel PRO Power LED comes with several mounting and light control accessories and is available in a number of kit combinations.

Lowel Prime LED offers powerful output and a wide 50-degree beam angle. The Prime LED is much brighter than similarly sized studio LEDs and comes in dedicated hi-CRI Daylight and Tungsten color models, as well as the new BiColor edition being unveiled at NAB 2015. It is available in three fully DMX-addressable, dimmable, and controllable models – Model 200, Model 400 and Model 800.

Lowel Prime Location LED is built for any real world situation. It is rugged, weatherproof, and powerful. It has all-metal construction and a IP-65 weather rating. This makes it ideal for use in dust or rain storms. It comes in three dimmable models – the new BiColor as well as Daylight or Tungsten color. It also has a new “Dual Color” feature that supports both Tungsten and Daylight color. The Prime Location LED has hi-CRI output and a wide 50-degree beam angle.

Lowel Blender is a compact and powerful color changing LED. It is a good choice for users who want intuitive lighting in any location. Photographers and videographers can quickly mix twin sets of 5000K Daylight and 3000K Tungsten lights to match or contrast any location. The Blender is 4 x 3 x 3 and is small enough to fit on a pistol grip or compact light stand. It can be powered with either AC or battery.

Lowel GL-1 Power LED is battery-powered, focusable and dimmable photo-quality tungsten color LED light. Users can control the diameter of the light beam, focusing from a tight spot to a wide flood. The beam is even edge to edge with no hot spots. The GL-1’s dimming ability lets users vary the amount of light output from 5 – 100% without any shift in color temperature.

Visit Tiffen and check out Lowel Technology’s LED lighting solutions at NAB 2015. They will be at booth C6019.