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Vimeo and Livestream Announced Mevo Plus

Vimeo and Livestream announced their first product integrations as well as the launch of Mevo Plus, an all-new edition of Livestream’s pocket-sized event camera. With the new integrations, users of Mevo Plus, Mevo, and Studio software are able to instantly stream to their Vimeo Live accounts, allowing for a seamless and high-quality experience.

Mevo Plus comes with enhancements to the critically-acclaimed Mevo camera, delivering faster data transmission speeds, increased range of use, stronger Wi-Fi performance, reduced network interference, and improved stability. These launches follow Vimeo’s acquisition of Livestream, a deal that was announced in September and finalized on October 18, 2017.

Highlighted features of Mevo Plus include:

Instantly stream to any platform:
Mevo Plus users will be able to stream to Vimeo Live and Livestream, as well as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Mevo Plus will include all recent Mevo software updates, including features such as electronic image stabilization, Full HD 1080p streaming, and 4K recording, making it one of the most versatile video cameras available.

Upgraded hardware:
A powerful new 802.11ac Wi-Fi chip combined with Bluetooth 4.1 deliver top of the line wireless connectivity. Mevo Plus users will have significantly more versatility for their broadcasts with over 100 feed of range, more than 5X the first generation Mevo camera. The introduction of 2×2 MIMO antennas allow for faster data transmission speeds, strengthened connectivity in noisy environments and increased connection range.

Live editing tools:
In-app editing tools give Mevo Plus users the ability to cut, pan, and zoom between multiple live shots, delivering the same storytelling capabilities used between professional live TV productions. Sophisticated face detection and advanced scene analysis power Autopilot mode, which chooses the most interesting shot and edits the stream for the user.

Mevo Plus is available for purchase in the U.S. at Best Buy, Amazon, B&H, Adorama, and getmevo.com, for the suggested retail price of $499.99. The first generation Mevo will continue to be available while supplies last for a suggested retail price of $299.99.

Livestream Will be Joining the Vimeo Family

For the past decade, Livestream has focused on enabling organizations to share experiences through live video, unlocking a world where every event is available live online. Livestream announced that it will be joining the Vimeo family. This news comes after an agreement for Vimeo to acquire Livestream.

There is significant overlap in the mission and strategies of Livestream and Vimeo: our relentless focus in enabling professional-quality video streaming, building easy-to-use yet powerful end-to-end video workflows, and empowering creators with the best tools to monetize and distribute their content. By joining forces, we will be able to provide our customers with the world’s best video service and continue to lead innovation in our industry.

In the immediate future, the Livestream team and brand will continue to operate as usual. In the long term, Livestream expects to integrate Livestream’s capabilities fully within Vimeo to offer the world’s best end-to-end video solution.

Future integrations with Vimeo will provide creators with the ability to stream to Vimeo Live using Livestream tools (Mevo, Studio), and direct access to all both platforms have to offer, including powerful distribution and marketing tools, monetization opportunities for rental, purchase or subscription, and over-the-top (OTT) technology across iOS, Android, Roku, Amazon, Samsung, and more.

Livestream Rounds Up Product and Feature Releases for Q1 2017

Livestream logoMedia-streaming platform Livestream was pretty busy during 2016. And it looks like the service isn’t letting up during 2017. Livestream recently posted a roundup of all of the things it’s released so far this year. This includes new software and hardware products, as well as updates to some of Livestream’s existing products. Here are some highlights from Livestream’s roundup:

Livestream Simulcasting: Described by Livestream as, “one dashboard to rule them all,” the simulcasting service allows users to stream to multiple platforms from their Livestream accounts. That includes Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Periscope, Twitch, and more. Livestream’s Simulcast service also provides in-depth analytics so users can see which platforms are the most popular with viewers.

HTML5 Player: We wrote earlier this year about Livestream’s new HTML5 player and it looks like the company has delivered on the promised player. The player is a much-needed upgrade from Livestream’s previous Flash player. Livestream is still working on getting the HTML5 player on all possible platforms. The new player is currently available only on the Chrome web browser.

Studio 4.2: We also covered the launch of Livestream’s latest “studio in a box” product, Studio 4.2. Since the release of Studio 4.2, Livestream has added new features to the device, including Dropbox integration, making it easier to bring remotely-stored media into the device.

Dontions for Livestream Subscribers: Livestream broadcasters can now accept donations from viewers during live presentations. This service has been implemented by a wide variety of organizations, including houses of worship and nonprofits to independent artists and creators.

For more information on all of Livestream’s achievements so far this year, check out this Livestream blog post.

Livestream Releases New HTML5 Media Player

Livestream logoWider adoption of the HTML5 standard for media players is a good thing, if for no other reason than, it means Flash will be killed off faster. That’s why it’s good news when larger, established platforms begin to adopt HTML5. That’s what happened when Livestream recently announced the rollout of its new HTML5 player:

Livestream’s HTML5 player is now available to Chrome users on Livestream.com as well as in the live player embed and video-on-demand.

HTML5 has become the industry standard in video viewing. More web browsers are eliminating the need for plugins and add-ons as HTML5 players have greater flexibility than their Flash counterparts.

Now Livestream producers and viewers alike will enjoy more resilient playback on Livestream.com and Livestream’s player embeds as well. This new player is nimble and responsive, equipped for quicker load times and less processing power from your computer so it won’t slow you down.

Livestream hasn’t completely given up on Flash yet. The new HTML5 player is only available to Google Chrome users who are viewing video streams on the Livestream website or embedded Livestream media players. But, the company is planning to implement HTML5 on other browsers and platforms:

We’re eager to implement the HTML5 player across all browsers, including support for Safari, Firefox, and others. These changes are automatic, so users will not need to adjust their account settings, nor will they incur any additional cost.

This is great news for video producers and consumers. Hopefully, more platforms will follow Livestream’s lead and begin implementing HTML5 media players.

Livestream Studio 4.2 Available Now

Livestream logoLivestream Studio, the software heart of Livestream’s computer-based live media production system was recently upgraded to version 4.2. The latest version of Livestream Studio is designed to increase CPU performance, as well as provide simulcast support, and more.

Here are some of Livestream Studio 4.2’s key features:

Multi-Destination Streaming: Stream simultaneously to multiple livestreaming platforms from Studio. This requires more bandwidth from the network you’re using to stream, but will not use more CPU. For a more optimized setup, you can also leverage the new simulcasting feature of the Livestream Cloud Platform (Premium and Enterprise plan), which sends a single stream to multiple platforms without clogging your venue internet connection.

Hardware Acceleration: Lower your CPU when streaming with PCs running on NVENC-enabled NVIDIA GPU or Intel CPU with QuickSync support. This includes custom Studio configurations, the Livestream Studio HD550 4K Edition, and Studio HD31. Streaming at 4K and 1080p60 is also available on these hardware platforms with our new hardware acceleration support.

Graphics Support in Web Control: Web Control gives producers remote control of your Livestream Studio software using a WebRTC compatible browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox). Web Control now gives you the ability to fully control your Graphics module, including adding and editing data. Delegate graphics tasks to other team members while you focus on cutting the show on the main Studio interface.

Livestream Studio 4.2 is available as a free upgrade to existing Livestream Studio customers.

Livestream Offers Holiday Discount and Free Mevo Camera

Livestream logoMedia-streaming service Livestream is offering a special holiday discount on its streaming service, along with a free Mevo camera:

Get 20% off any annual Livestream platform plan through December 23. Receive a free Mevo, the pocket-sized live event camera, with your Enterprise purchase.

This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to take their live internet broadcasting to a new level in 2017. Livestream has proven to be one of the most robust and reliable media-streaming services available, with an array of professional-grade applications that make it easy to get a live stream up and running in short order.

Livestream’s holiday deal is sweetened by the inclusion of a free Mevo camera. The Mevo is a compact but powerful 4K camera that makes it easy to do multi-camera style productions with just one camera:

The app allows users to select specific sections of a live video and then “cut” to those sections as closeups, creating a multi-cam experience for the viewer. Filming a concert and you’d like to cut between a wide shot of the stage along with closeups of invidicual players? No problem. Just tap on one of the performers in the Mevo iOS app and the camera does the rest for you, switching seamlessly from the wide shot to the closeup.

Livestream’s 20% holiday discount and free Mevo camera are available to enterprise users only. For more information, click the link at the top of this article and fill out the form to be contacted by Livestream sales staff.

Livestream HD550, HD551 Now Available for Preorder in 4K

Livestream logoVideo streaming company Livestream recently upped its game in terms of its video-production offerings. Livestream’s portable Studio HD550 and Studio HD51 video production systems are now both available for preorder as 4K editions. Livestream made this announcement in conjunction with its showing at the recent IBC show in London:

Launching at IBC 2016, Livestream’s portable (Studio HD550) and rackmount (Studio HD51) live production switchers are now available in 4K edition for pre-order. Featuring 5 inputs and one output with full size HDMI and SDI connectors. The 4K Edition also features upgraded hardware all around: 64GB RAM, 8 Core Intel i7 CPU (16 Virtual threads), Windows 10, 2TB SSD drive. Pre-order now from Livestream or one of our resellers at store.livestream.com. Shipping in November 2016.

Livestream’s Studio HD series of products provide an all-in-one solution for live-video production. The HD51 is geared more for studio work while the Studio HD550 is a better fit for mobile producers at remote locations. Both models have plenty of inputs to make it easy to connect multiple video sources. Livestream’s Studio Software is included, making the Studio HD series a feature-rich video switcher capable of capturing and/or broadcasting live events. The Studio HD550 even comes with its own protective carrying bag, which makes it easy to transport to different locations.

The original Studio HD series and the new 4K editions can be found in the Livestream Store. Pricing varies, depending on which model you need.

Livestream Presents Ultimate Guide to Livestreaming Events

Livestream logoVideo streaming platform Livestream should know a few things about producing live-streaming events. Livestream is one of the first companies to offer live media streaming as a service. And while it may have some bragging rights in terms of longevity, many platforms have come up over the years to compete. YouTube, Twitter (via Periscope), and Facebook all offer a live-video component. That competition has caused Livestream to constantly grow and improve its services. Now, Livestream is going after the live-streaming market with a recently released Guide to Livestreaming Events ebook.

The Livestreaming Guide contains some interesting facts about live video:

  • In 2015, 374M people watched video content on Livestream
  • By 2019 there will be over 28M cord cutters – homes without paid TV services – in the United States alone

Lifestream’s guide is squarely aimed at brands, and it mentions noteworthy success stories from big companies that are producing live-streaming content:

  • Every Wednesday, Experian hosts a #CreditChat livestream on Twitter and YouTube to connect with their social audience and share information and data about building credit and eliminating debt
  • Southwest Airlines recently livestreamed from their operation control center to reassure customers during a spate of bad weather that was delaying flights
  • Big brands like Adidas, Taco Bell, DKNY and GE are also using livestreaming to share candid moments with their audiences, from press conferences to contract signings with celebs and behind-the-scenes moments

If you’d like to see what else Livestream has to offer in its guide, you can download the ebook for free after filling out a form.

Mevo Is the 4K Live Event Camera

Mevo cameraSometimes the best practice for capturing a live event is to have multiple cameras. But setting up these kinds of shoots can require lots of extra (not to mention costly) equipment. It can also be technically challenging to set up a multi-cam rig, as different manufacturers and models may have their own requirements for audio-video connections that may or not match each other. Could it be possible to deliver a robust multi-angle video presentation that uses only one camera? The new Mevo camera proves that this is indeed possible.

Mevo is a 4K camera that is controlled with an attendant iOS app. The app allows users to select specific sections of a live video and then “cut” to those sections as closeups, creating a multi-cam experience for the viewer. Filming a concert and you’d like to cut between a wide shot of the stage along with closeups of invidicual players? No problem. Just tap on one of the performers in the Mevo iOS app and the camera does the rest for you, switching seamlessly from the wide shot to the closeup.

Mevo makes it easy to cover remote events. The camera can stream over Wi-Fi or LTE internet connections. Mevo can also be connected via USB to a host device such as a laptop computer for further processing. Mevo is compatible with Livestream and Facebook Live right out of the box. Mevo is available for preorder at a special price of $299. That includes a $100 discount that expires once the preorder period ends.

Livestream Brings an Array of Products to NAB

Livestream logoLivestream has been a leader in Internet broadcasting since the early days of the medium. The company’s continued success has been built on its willingness to respond to customer feedback and evolve with new trends.

Phil Worthington from Livestream had a chat with Don Baine about several of the company’s products. First up was the Broadcaster Mini and Broadcaster Pro. Both of these units are ideal for mobile video producers. At the simplest level, all you’d need to start live streaming is a camera and one of Lifestream’s Broadcasters. Of course, it’s entirely possible to expand from there depending on your needs.

Next up, Phil brought out the new Livestream Studio Surface Go control surface. This compact but rugged control surface is designed to handle all of the crucial functions included in Livestream’s Producer 3.0 production suite. Studio Surface Go is perfect for producers who need a compact but powerful setup for video switching and control.

Phil saved the best for the last with the impressive Livestream Studio HD550. The HD550 is an all-in-one video production system that includes all of the video and audio I/O you’ll need to handle multiple cameras and video sources. It’s also a self-contained switcher and full production suite that works with Livestream Studio 3.0 software. Check the above link for full details. There’s too much to try and list them all here!