Mevo Is the 4K Live Event Camera

Mevo cameraSometimes the best practice for capturing a live event is to have multiple cameras. But setting up these kinds of shoots can require lots of extra (not to mention costly) equipment. It can also be technically challenging to set up a multi-cam rig, as different manufacturers and models may have their own requirements for audio-video connections that may or not match each other. Could it be possible to deliver a robust multi-angle video presentation that uses only one camera? The new Mevo camera proves that this is indeed possible.

Mevo is a 4K camera that is controlled with an attendant iOS app. The app allows users to select specific sections of a live video and then “cut” to those sections as closeups, creating a multi-cam experience for the viewer. Filming a concert and you’d like to cut between a wide shot of the stage along with closeups of invidicual players? No problem. Just tap on one of the performers in the Mevo iOS app and the camera does the rest for you, switching seamlessly from the wide shot to the closeup.

Mevo makes it easy to cover remote events. The camera can stream over Wi-Fi or LTE internet connections. Mevo can also be connected via USB to a host device such as a laptop computer for further processing. Mevo is compatible with Livestream and Facebook Live right out of the box. Mevo is available for preorder at a special price of $299. That includes a $100 discount that expires once the preorder period ends.