Livestream Announced Updates at NAB 2018

Livestream announced studio software improvements, a brand new hardware product, and their first time in the Vimeo booth at NAB 2018. Visit Livestream, Vimeo, and Mevo at NAB 2018 in booth C3307.

Livestream’s latest version of Studio Software is now available for Mac users (in beta). For now, Studio 5 for Mac is only for subscription users and does not include multi-view, Surface support, or tally lights, and can only be used with an AVI transcorder.

Vimeo customers can now log directly into Studio 5 software, and enable streaming to multiple platforms in the cloud with Vimeo Premium, in addition to the existing ability to stream to multiple RTMP-enabled social destinations. New hardware encoding and decoding features in Studio 5 enable you to produce high-quality, multi-camera live video using consumer-grade computers, including the iMac and MacBook Pro.

Studio 5 updates also include “Simple Mode,” a new user experience for those new to streaming or with simplified workflows.

Studio One is Livestream’s newest encoder with a compact desktop size (an 11-inch Mini-ITX box) that doesn’t spare the horsepower. Stream up to 4K resolution, from two 4K inputs, or four HD inputs (HDMI or SDI).

The Studio One also features two quarter-inch analog audio inputs, an Intel eighth generation 6-core CPU, a high-performance graphics card, and advanced hardware encoding. This new hardware packs a lot of punch in a small package.

Another update involves the power of Vimeo’s over-the-top streaming custom apps. You can now build a Netflix-style OTT app for your live and on-demand video content, and monetize that content with a subscription service. This is good for content creators who want to engage their audiences live as well as on-demand all within the dedicated home of their app or website.