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The upTimer Software has been Updated

Paul Figgiani is the creator of upTimer. He became interested in creating it after seeing an ad for a physical Up Timer, which was designed to track live radio programs and air time).

In 2011, he released a software version of upTimer for the Mac. Now, upTimer 3.0 is available for download. You can download upTimer 3.0 for free from the Produce New Media website (linked above). Paul Figgiani asks that you keep him in mind for expert Podcast Audio Post, audio processing, and consulting. The 3.0 version of upTimer requires OSX 10.10.5 or later.

What’s new in upTimer 3.0:

  • The UI has been redesigned.
  • The application is now 64 bit.
  • The ceiling is somewhat flexible, allowing the user to select either a 60 or 90 minute ceiling.
  • The upTimer font color can be set to blue or yellow. The font color shifts to red when the elapsed time reaches the two minute mark (relative to the defined ceiling).
  • The operation keys are mapped to the arrow keys on a keyboard.
  • The application window checks in at approximately 745 x 340 pixels.
  • It has a running long for Date and Time string above the upTimer. Users can hide it’s visibility if they want to.

It is clear that upTimer is useful for radio and for podcasters. I think streamers could make use of upTimer to quickly check how long they have been live and to remember to take breaks. Musicians can use upTimer to help them make the best use of rented studio time.