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TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik At Summer NAMM 2019

TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik announced that they will exhibit at Summer NAMM 2019, in Nashville, Tennessee. Find them at the Music City Center in booth #443 from July 18-120, 2019.

Stop by the booth to see and listen to the brand new Alchemy Microphone series featuring the TF29 Copperhead, TF39 Copperhead Deluxe, TF47 and TF51. The rest of our product line will be on display including the Diamond, FET and Dynamic series microphones, as well as our Direct Boxes, Vacuum Tubes and Accessories.

The Alchemy Microphone series was designed, hand-built, and tested to strict quality standards in Connecticut, USA. The Alchemy Microphone Series is TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik’s next generation of large diaphragm tube condensers. These new microphone models feature sonic profiles developed from the ground up.

The Diamond Microphone Series includes five microphones. The ELA M 251E is a meticulously accurate reissue of one of the most legendary microphones of all time, featured on countless hits and classic recordings. The ELA M 251 T is based upon the classic ELA M 251T microphone, but with a modern twist: The 251T utilizes Alloy 2213 as the diaphragm membrane material instead of gold.

The TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustic recreation of the iconic U47 is exact in every detail, down to the historically accurate BV8 transformer and M7 capsule. The U48 is a historically accurate recreation of the legendary U47 variant, the U48 features bidirectional capability, as well as cardioid.

Revered for its smooth and airy frequency response, if there were ever a classic microphone that was the epitome of classic, hi-fidelity sound, it would be the C12.

TELEFUNKEN Expands its Stage Series Cable Line

TELEFUNKEN Stage Series Cables SXSWTELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik has expanded its popular Stage Series line of microphone cables. The new cables were introduced at the SXSW Gear Expo (in the Austin Convention Center).

Three new cable lengths are now available, including 1m, 2m, and 5m cables: SGMC-1, SGMC-2, and SGMC-5. These new cables join the previous three cables from the Stage Series line: SMGC-5R, SGMC-10, and SGMC-10R.

TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik’s Stage Series microphone cable has been specially engineered for use on live sound stages, as well as in recording studios. Featuring cable made from 100% Copper wire, Stage Series cable is ideal for lower profile applications around the drum set and percussion rig, as well as on vocals and instruments.

Features of the SGMC Stage Series Cables include:
* 100% copper conductors for excellent signal transfer

* Copper braid shield for maximum RMI and EMI noise rejection

* Low capacitance for detailed, transparent sound quality

* Silver solder joints for maximum conductivity and strength

* TELEFUNKEN cable tie wrap included

* Right Angle Female XLR conductors (5R and 10R only)