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Taylor Guitars has a Fall Giveaway

Taylor Guitars is doing a Fall for Ovangkol Giveaway. Now through November 2, 2018, someone will win a new 414ce acoustic-electric guitar featuring Taylor’s V-Class bracing.

One (1) winner from the U.S. and Canada and one (1) winner from the Netherlands, Germany, France, or the United Kingdom, will each receive a Taylor V-Class 414ce guitar, valued at an approximate retail value (ARV) of $2,399.99 (€2,054.69).

The 400 Series has always offered players reliable, professional-grade guitars with premium features and a workmanlike aesthetic. This year’s 414ce, a Grand Auditorium acoustic-electric guitar, boasts a solid Sitka spruce top over back and sides of solid ovangkol, an African tonewood that is prized by Taylor Guitars for its sonic versatility and balance.

This particular tonewood combination produces a bright response with clear highs and a warm, resonant low end, with enough mid-range presence for a truly balanced sound across the frequency range.

The addition of V-Class bracing transforms the 414ce into a working musician’s dream – the new internal design provides stability along the center axis plus a flexible, orderly top vibration, producing greater volume and unmatched sustain. Even better: the new bracing helps resolve the clashing overtones that cause imperfect intonation in traditionally braced guitars, creating a perfectly tuneful experience all the way down the neck.

Visit the Taylor Guitars website for more details about their Fall Giveaway.

Taylor Guitars has a Summer Song Giveaway

Taylor Guitars has a Summer Song Giveaway where you could win a brand-new Taylor 814ce DLX Grand Auditorium guitar. You must enter by August 31, 2018, to win.

One (1) winner from the USA or Canada, and one (1) winner from France, Germany, the Netherlands, or the United Kingdom, will each receive a V-Class 814ce DLX acoustic-electric guitar, an approximate retail value of $3,999.99 (€3,429.49).

Taylor Guitars’ 800 Series Grand Auditorium has long been one of Taylor Guitars’ most popular models, and the 814ce DLX only adds to that guitar’s legacy. A solid set of East Indian rosewood for the back and sides produces a warm, powerful low end and scooped mids for a delightfully rich sound, while a solid Sitka spruce top adds high-end clarity and sparkle.

The guitar’s finely textured sound reveries a boost from V-Class bracing, a new Taylor innovation that expands the capabilities of the 814ce DLX by adding sustain and volume to this already-powerful guitar. The new bracing design couples beautifully with the natural sonic hues of rosewood and spruce, enhancing these tonewoods’ natural shimmer and overtonal bloom. V-Class bracing also neutralizes the disorderly vibrations that lead to poor intonation, making this a more musical instrument all around.

To enter the Taylor Guitars Summer Song Giveaway, you need to fill out the entry form on the Taylor Guitars website. The latest version of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browser is required.) The form asks for your email address, your country, and asks if you are a guitar owner.