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Skype Announces Skype for Content Creators at NAB 2018

Skype announced something new called Skype for Content Creators. It is their next innovation for Skype and now in Preview.

Skype for Content Creators is designed to open new interactive possibilities for our users all over the world – including leading digital broadcasters, streamers, and vloggers, to record videos, podcasts and live streaming calls without having to invest in expensive studio equipment.

With Skype for Content Creators, Windows 10 and Mac users will be able to select the Content Creators mode to place and record calls directly within NewTek NDI-enabled software such as: Wirecast, Xsplit, and Vmix.

Once the call is recorded, content can be easily imported into apps such as Adobe Premier Pro and Adobe Audition for editing. In addition, users can customize the look and feel of the call – so they can be part of a live show ready for streaming to audiences of all sizes.

You won’t need additional recording or screen capture solutions. Skype will provide clean feeds of all group video call participants to your choice of NewTek NDI-enabled software, dramatically simplifying the process of using Skype for collaborative content.

Skype now unlocks content from within the Skype for Desktop app, making it easier than ever to use the audio and video to create collaborative, engaging content with as little as two steps from setting up the call to livestreaming your call to a platform of your choice.

Skype will be at NAB Show 2018. Visit them April 9-12 at Booth # SL6716.