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McDSP Plugins Now on Avid Marketplace with Special Intro Pricing

6050 Channel StripThere’s one ultimate truth of audio production: You can never have enough plugins. These special pieces of software allow digital audio workstations (DAWs) to reach new levels of creative potential. Most DAWs ship with a handful of built-in plugins to get things started. But there’s a healthy and vibrant community of developers designing all kinds of plugins to be used with modern DAWs.

That’s where McDSP comes in. The company’s founder recently announced that McDSP’s plugins are now available on the Avid Marketplace, giving ProTools users easy access to McDSP’s products:

McDSP has one of the largest collections of AAX plug-ins on the planet. Our products support both the AAX Native and AAX DSP formats (along with AU, VST, and VST3). All McDSP plug-ins use a 64-bit internal data path for maximum audio fidelity, have real-time control smoothing just like analog gear, can operate at signal levels above 0 dB for maximum dynamic range, and support dsp chip sharing for the HDX cards. We also support fancy control surfaces like the Pro Tools | S6 and VENUE | S6L.

Effects included in the McDSP collection:

  • EC-300 Echo Collection
  • AE600 Active EQ
  • ML8000 Mastering Limiter
  • 6050 Ultimate Channel Strip (EQs, compressors, saturators, specialized filters, gates and expanders)

McDSP plugins can be found on Avid’s plugin finder, which includes links for purchasing the plugins.

Line 6 Echo Farm 3.0 Plugin Now Available for ProTools

Echo FarmAudio production professionals can never have enough reverb/echo plugins. These effects can often help turn a good mix into a great one. There are plenty of good free plugins out there for reverb and echo. In fact, most digital audio workstations come preinstalled with decent ‘verb and echo sets of their own. But sometimes, a mix needs more than what the base line can offer. That’s where plugins like Echo Farm from Line 6 come in.

Recently, Line 6 released the latest version of Echo Farm (3.0) for ProTools:

Classic Delay and Echo Effects for Pro Tools Systems Bring the same legendary collection of vintage echo effects back to your studio with Echo FarmTM 3.0—now available as a 64-bit AAX plug-in for Pro Tools 11 and higher. Choose from 12 models based on* vintage hardware units like Maestro® Echoplexes, Roland® RE-101 Space Echo®, Boss® DM-2, Electro-Harmonix® Memory Man and T.C. Electronic® 2290—plus Line 6 originals. Each unit delivers the detailed sonic properties of tubes, tape and vintage electronics—so you can add organic warmth and mojo to your mix without the expense and hassle of bulky outboard gear.

Echo Farm 3.0 for ProTools is currently available for macOS only (Windows version coming soon). The plugin requires iLok authentication as well as a qualified Pro Tools HD or Pro Tools system, software version 11 and higher. Echo Farm 3.0 for ProTools costs $199 for first-time buyers. There’s also a $49 upgrade option available to owners of Echo Farm 2.x versions of the plugin.