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Open Labs Stagelight 4 is Here!

OpenLabs announced that Stagelight 4 is now available. It is the newest version of Stagelight. It brings the power of sampling to everyone. Musicians can make their own universe of sounds quickly and easily.

Stagelight is easy enough for everyone and powerful enough for a pro. Think of it like a beatmaker’s sketchpad for song ideas. With Stagelight 4, you can make beats, sample audio, build loops or even create multi-track songs with drum, instrument, audio and vocal tracks. Start a beat on your phone, build it out on your tablet and finish the song on your computer.

Features of Stagelight 4 include:

Third party plugin software: Scan and run VST, AU and AUV3 plugins

Full-screen Mixer: Mix, pan and filter channels, access track I/O properties, add audio effects and sends

MIDI Learn: Latch and control virtually any on-screen parameter with a MIDI controller

Pro Export Options: Mixdown song, mixdown tracks separately or mixdown to SoundCloud.com

Key Lock: Quickly maintain the key and mode of your composition

Track Freeze: Freeze any instrument or audio track to free up CPU power

Cloud Saving: Save and load songs using Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive

Track Templates: Browse from many included presets, and create your own track templates out of any of your favorite instrument and effect combos

Song Transfer: Transfer songs between mobile, tablet and desktop devices with ease

9 Instruments: Drum Track, SampleVerse, ElectroPulse, ElectroSynth, ElectroBass, ElectroGuitar, ElectroComposer, ElectroKeys and ElectroOrgan

14 Effects: AutoFilter, AutoWah, BitCrusher, Chorus, Compressor, Delay, Drive, Equalizer, Filter, Flanger, Gater, Glitch6, Limiter and Reverb

120 Expansion Packs: Over 9,000 sounds including loops, presets and drum kits.

Do you own Stagelight 3? You can upgrade to Stagelight 4 for a discounted price. First, download and install Stagelight 4. Next, launch and go to the in-app store. Select the features tab. Choose between Platform Unlock V4 or Ultimate Unlock V4.

Open Labs has Launched StorePass

In June, Open Labs unveiled StorePass and revealed some information about it. Now, Open Labs has announced that StorePass has been launched. It can be purchased in the Stagelight in-app store.

Today we’re launching StorePass, an All Access VIP Unlock for all Stagelight Loop and Preset Packs. StorePass not only includes instant access to all 115 packs and 8500+ sounds available today, it also includes a FREE UPDATE to Stagelight 4. Additionally, anyone who picks up StorePass will get all new Loop and Preset Packs we’ll be releasing throughout version 4! Buying all of our current content packs alone would cost over $560 dollars. Starting today, you can get it all for the low price of $149.

StorePass is your VIP ticket into Stagelight 4, which is coming this fall. It will have huge features, including a brand new instrument sampler with a phrase arpeggiator, full MPE support, new automation engine, hundreds of work flow enhancements and iOS support.

To get StorePass in Stagelight, you need to upgrade to the latest version of Stagelight. Next, Launch Stagelight, log in, and tap Store. Find StorePass in the features tab, add it to your cart, and check out.

Open Labs Unveiled StorePass

Open Labs has unveiled StorePass. It will provide a VIP unlock on all $350 worth of content (Loops, Presets, Drums) right in the Stagelight in-app store. It is coming in July of 2018.

Open Labs is ready to unveil StorePass. This new feature unlock will give you an all access VIP pass to all of Stagelight’s in-app content for one simple price. That’s over $350 worth of content and more than 7.5K sounds, loops, and presets ready for you to remix. Want more? StorePass has you covered as it also includes access to new packs released each month with Stagelight 4.

In addition to the unveiling of StorePass, Open Labs has made a second announcement. In Stagelight 4, creators will be able to produce music on a whole new level. This is in response to feedback that was given to Open Labs by creators over the past year.

StorePass will be released in July and anyone who purchases it will get a version 4 upgrade for free. You can download Stagelight on the Open Labs website.

Stagelight is the easiest way to create music on Windows, Android, ChromeOS and MacOS. With Stagelight, you can make beats, mix loops or even create full multi-track songs with drum, instrument, audio and vocal tracks.

Open Labs has a Spring Break Promo

Open Labs creates software and hardware products to inspire, educate, and elevate professional musicians around the world. Open Labs is offering a limited-time Spring Break promo on Stagelight Loops and Presets. Open Labs also posted about it on Facebook and Instagram, and tweeted a link to the post on Instagram.

Take 25% off Stagelight Loops and Presets! Spring into music production this month and create your music with some fresh Stagelight Sounds. Simply update to the latest free version of Stagelight 3.5 HERE Next, launch Stagelight and enter the in-app store.

There is a coupon code you need to use at checkout. The coupon code is SPRING25. It gives you 25% off Loops and Presets. The promo ends on March 31, 2018 at midnight CDT.

Stagelight 3.5 includes dozens of new user presets, drum patterns, and multiple sound effects to choose from. Beginners and hobbyists can quickly build beats by browsing through multiple presets by genre or create their own track templates that include instrument and effect combos.