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SportPod Is a Monopod For Smartphones, Tablets, and GoPros

SportPodWhether it’s for personal use or as part of a large-scale production, getting the right shot is crucial to any video. But if you’re in a situation where set up time is at a minimum, you don’t want to be strapped down with loads of gear that will require a lot of time and energy in the teardown/set up process. What if getting the perfect shot for the next scene was as simple as putting a small pole into the ground, mounting and adjusting your camera, and pressing record? That’s exactly what the SportPod is designed to do.

The inspiration for SportPod is right in the name. SportPod’s inventor wanted to find an easier way to record his own golf swing so he could analyze the footage to make improvements in his game. SportPod could certainly be used for a lot of different sports-related activities. But given its ease of use and adaptability, videographers across the board will likely find plenty of good uses for SportPod.

SportPod is a monopod (as opposed to tripod) that can be adjusted from two to four feet off of the ground. It comes with a ball mount that can be used with smartphones, tablets, GoPros, and most point-and-shoot cameras. This mount offers a 360-degree range of motion, making it easy to get the right shot in the moment. SportPod is easily broken down so it can be moved quickly from one location to the next.

The inventor of SportPod is running a Kickstarter campaign to get the device into production. The campaign is about 30% funded with 22 days left to go. Pledges starting at $35 entitle backers to a SportPod with smartphone attachment. Prices go up from there, depending on what type of SportPod attachments you’d like to use.