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KOMBOS is a Modular Keyboard for Musicians

KOMBOS logoMusicians that need to travel, or would like an easier way to carry their keyboard to the studio, may want to check out the KOMBOS modular keyboard. It is the world’s first fully modular keyboard that lets you bring music anywhere you go. KOMBOS is on Kickstarter and, at the time I am writing this blog, has 32 days to go.

The KOMBOS keyboard was designed to prevent a problem that musicians were facing. They had to choose between a large, bulky, keyboard that was impractical for travel, or a portable keyboard that was unable to deliver the professional quality of the bulkier version.

KOMBOS gives musicians the same quality as a professional set of keys, and also allows them to work with as many sets of keys as they need at any given time. The keyboard literally comes in pieces that can be put together to work in sets of 25, 37, 49, and 61 keys. KOMBOS has a proprietary Easy Lock Mechanism that keeps the pieces together. The audio quality is comparable to professional grade keyboards used in a studio setting.

KOMBOS is bluetooth enabled. This eliminates the problem of having to deal with cords. It has bluetooth 4.0 MIDI capabilities. It is compatible with iOS, Android, and any program that supports MIDI. Mac devices require Yosemite 10.10 or higher, and iPhone and iPad require iOS 8.x or higher.

KOMBOS also offers 8 hours of continuous battery life. It is powered by a lithium battery.