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MESA/BOOGIE Introduces The New Mark VII

MESA/BOOGIE introduces a new Mark VII Series. The New Mark Icon is compact, versatile, and uncompromising. A MAGNUM OPES OF TONE


A greatest-hits collection of the most iconic and recorded Boogie sounds in history, now in one compact, 3 channel, 90-watt Mark Series amplifier. The Mark VII distills Randal Smith’s 50-year career in visionary amp design, innovation, and performance into the simplest, most versatile, and most compact full-powered amplifier ever.

Designed new from the ground up, the Mark VII is a do-it-all Tone machine that delivers the full range of iconic sounds from Mark Series history, plus two new sounds; the throwback yet infamous Mark IIB and a new, modern, high-gain mode full of character and attitude, aptly named Mark VII.

Able to deliver everything from crystal cleans to various modes of crunch to crushing metal sounds, the Mark VII is truly capable of taking on any genre or style. In any venue, too – silent practice, an apartment bedroom, a studio recording session, or on the world’s largest stage. The Mark VII is an amplifier that will undoubtedly provide players with a lifetime of inspiration and great performance.


The Mark VII Head at the original 19” Boogie size gives users all the benefits of the new design and can be paired with any of our Boogie or Rectifier speaker cabinet(s), as well as occupying a small footprint in the Control Room when recording. Use a MESA 1×12 cabinet for portability, or one (or two!) MESA 4×12 cabinets for maximum punch and projection. You can use different cabinets for each gig, depending on your preference and needs – the choice is always yours!


The Mark VII 1×12 Combo is the classic wolf in sheep’s clothing Boogie configuration. It delivers more huge, wide Tone and broad stylistic flexibility than you’ve ever heard coming from even past compact 19” 1×12 Boogie platforms. It can also be paired with external cabinets when even more punch and projection are desired. This is the classic Mark configuration that made MESA/Boogie the world standard in professional amplification.


The Mark VII Rackmount Head has all the Tone, features, and power of both its Mark VII stablemates, along with the cabinet-selection and paring benefits of the Mark VII Head but in a 19” wide rack mount configuration that is ideal for rack mounted rigs, including recording studio installations, as well as rack-based touring rigs.

Gibson Announced Acquisition of Mesa/Boogie

Gibson announced the acquisition of Mesa/Boogie, one of the most respected brands in sound and guitar amplification. Mesa/Boogie – the original “Boutique” amplifier company – was founded 51 years ago by Randy Smith, who is responsible for creating the ground-breaking circuits that drive some of the most influential sounds of our time.

Randy will join Gibson as Master Designer and Pioneer of Mesa/Boogie and beyond. In his new role, Randy will continue his passion for tube technology and his vision for building hand-crafted, high performance amplifiers, that continue to redefine how we experience sound across Mesa/Boogie and Gibson.

Beginning in a converted dog kennel under the redwoods of Northern California, Randy Smith was wrenching amplifiers for all the great San Francisco area bands over 50 years ago when vintage gear was new. Being close to so many great guitar players, from Bloomfield to Santana and The Rolling Stones, Smith learned the virtues and shortcomings of the era’s gear and began a process of innovation that continues today.

Mesa/Boogie, the company Smith founded, was the first boutique amplifier builder and revolutionized amplifier performance in ways that impacted rock music worldwide. Simultaneously respecting and improving the vintage classics he grew up with, Smith, through Mesa/Boogie pioneered the invention of High Gain.

“At Gibson we are all about leveraging our iconic past and leaning into the innovative future, a quest that started over 100 years ago with our founder Orville Gibson,” says James ‘’JC’ Curleigh, President & CEO of Gibson Brands. “Today this quest continues with the addition of Mesa Boogie into the Gibson Brands family, along with the visionary leadership of Randy Smith and his Team who, for the past 50 years, have created an iconic and innovative brand that has stood the test of time. This is a perfect partnership based on our collective professional experiences and passion for sound”.

“I’m 75 years-old and still at work every day,” says Randall Smith founder of Mesa/Boogie. “This is my art and many of our crew have worked along my side for 30 to 40 years. As we witnessed JC and Cesar transform Gibson, we saw kindred spirits sharing common values and a fierce dedication to quality. Today, Gibson’s guitars are the best-ever and when they asked if we’d like to become Gibson’s Custom Shop for Amplifiers, we envisioned a perfect collaboration that would expand our outreach while preserving our legacy beyond my time. Gibson realizes the unique value of what we’ve all built together and this next chapter in the Mesa/Boogie story is a continuation of that dream. I am so fortunate for this partnership with the new Gibson after 50 years of doing what I love. It’s been the ride of my life . . . and it ain’t over yet!”